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Weglot Shopify
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Weglot Review Summary
Recommended for E-Commerce Websites

Weglot allows you to make your website multilingual in minutes and to manage all your translations effortlessly.

Price per Value

Weglot require a monthly or yearly payment to keep running. If you don't pay, you don't keep the translated content.

Ease of Use

Weglot does almost all the translation work and it has a friendly user interface.

Translation Speed

Weglot translate content at the instant.

Automatic Translation Accuracy

Weglot has a high quality and accurate translation.

Fast Website Speed

Weglot has minimum effect on website's speed.

Word Count Limit

Weglot has a word count limit. In order to increase translated words, it is needed a bigger plan.

Carlos' Opinion
Weglot for Shopify App

When it comes to SEO, Shopify is not my favorite e-commerce platform. 

I started to use Shopify, because I needed a quick solution to showcase my furniture products with social media, and that also was connected to my ERP system.

Shopify gave me a fast integration between the platforms that I use. 

Living at the border with the US, also requires to have my website content in english.

I found Translation Lab app, and it seem quite similar to WPML for WordPress, but I was not planning to dedicate time on the translation as I do for my blog.

I needed a good and reliable Shopify translation app that could help me to have some of my content in english.

Therefore, I decided to install Weglot Translate app.

Contrary to Weglot WordPress, in Shopify there is no good competition.

With Weglot Shopify app was really easy and fast to translate the first page content.

Weglot does all the work at the instant, and the translation is very accurate.

If you are aiming to translate to just one or maximum 2 languages, I do recommend Weglot.

As I have mentioned in WPML vs Weglot, Weglot has its advantages and disadvantages.

But since Shopify is a more rigid platform with a lower number of apps in comparison to WordPress, Weglot is mainly the best translation app for Shopify.

WPML is not available for Shopify.

And in terms of content, Shopify is quite limited to be very creative. 

But if you are already using Shopify and need to translate your products, then go for Weglot.

You will save time and get accurate translations.

Do you know what Weglot is?

Want to know what is Weglot, then you may already know that online stores, among other websites, don’t translate themselves and there are tools that can make the process easier.

Learn more about what this translator app can do for you and why it goes hand in hand with platforms like Shopify.

When we talk about Weglot, we are referring to an application that simplifies translations, ensuring that they are accurate, as if they were done manually, as long as it is in sync with the website creator or visual editor used.

This application is based on the thought that translating websites should not be complicated at all and that is why they allow the creation of multilingual spaces in a simple way.

Starting with a simple installation process and a high compatibility with website and CMS technologies.

The proper functioning of Weglot has shown us that it only takes a couple of minutes for all the content we need to translate to be effectively translated into the language we want.

Since we can usually get what we are looking for in less time.

Weglot is compatible with Shopify, as well as for WordPress and also applies to BigCommerce.

This means that, on any of the platforms mentioned above, you won’t need to waste time coding when using this application to translate content.

In any of them, all you will have to do is install the application, or the add-on and configure the necessary settings to start translating.

Keep in mind that Weglot’s reviews are really amazing, so the user’s opinion backs it up.

What are the features of Weglot?

From this all-in-one platform you can expect the administration of each of its translation options to be carried out in a simple way.

You won’t need to jump from one tool to another.

Weglot’s features are as follows:

Weglot Features

In the list of options there are more than 100 languages that you can choose from.

Before it is published you are free to review the content that has been translated to verify that it has been translated correctly.

You are also allowed to edit the text.

In order for the team to function smoothly in the back-end, this platform gives you the opportunity to invite team members and other professionals to work collaboratively on it.

This can be done in the case where a “human” resource is not needed to translate the content.

What the platform will do is automatically detect everything on the website and translate it into the desired language in a matter of minutes.

Best of all, the process to get Weglot usually takes less than 5 minutes.

There are no worries about complex coding.

The language switcher is designed to get you up and running in no time.

Every part of the customer journey can be customized.

This means that even email confirmations, landing pages and any other resources that are part of your process can be translated.

We all want our visitors to see our websites in the right way.

With this platform, the user can be taken to look at pages in their preferred language automatically, without having to ask the site to translate it.

Weglot’s translation services may not currently be 100 percent automated.

However, the platform has a support team that can be consulted any time you need the assistance of a professional translator.

This is a section that is known as Editor in Context.

Basically, what you get from it is the ability to translate site content in relation to context, or intent.

With the help of the visual editor you can also observe how the assembled website will look like.

Is Weglot Shopify doing well with SEO?

Automatic translations can destroy the SEO of our websites if we do not manage to find the right tool to position our content in the languages we are converting them.

With this platform you will not have these problems.

Weglot’s translated content is optimized for SEO, as it complies with the guidelines that improve Google’s practices within what is multilingual SEO.

Weglot subdomains languages are created for Shopify from you main domain, therefore that could be an disadvantage from a SEO perspective.

Translates all SEO tags, so they will not be lost in the transition from one language to another.

Has the ability to automatically add the href lang tag in the HTML code in order to help Google take into account that there is more than one version of the page available so that they are crawled and indexed.

Automatically creates an optimized multilingual architecture using subfolders. Keep in mind that Google requires us to have a dedicated URL for each version of the page, so by using these subfolders, it is possible to create a URL for each language.

The content is translated on the server side, this makes it possible for Google, as well as other search engines, to be able to see and index the versions that have been translated. This is not the case with JavaScript solutions, for example, as they are only dedicated to client-side translation.

most accurate and fast,
translation Shopify app.

What is Shopify?

Now that we know what Weglot is and the participation of this platform in the creation of multilingual online stores, being fully compatible with different creators, we can move on to talk about what Shopify is and why you should use it.

You see, it is an e-commerce platform which is used for building online stores, regardless of whether or not you have a physical store.

It is a Canadian company that was launched in 2006 and currently has more than 600,000 active online stores.

Their success is based on the fact that they share the idea that WordPress is for bloggers and Shopify is, par excellence, for online stores.

The company has been so lucrative that it has processed over $40 billion in sales.

It has a few attractive offers, such as the free trial subscription that will give you 14 days to test if the platform is really what you are looking for to build your e-commerce space, or not.

Another important point is that it will also allow you to make use of all its applications at no cost, at least until you make your first sale.

From there you can choose one of the Shopify plans that are often used to get started, such as Lite ($9 per month), or Basic ($29 per month).

In case you already have some experience in the administration of this type of business, you will always have more advanced options at hand, such as Shopify Advanced, or Shopify Plus.

Of course, using one or the other will depend on your needs as a company.

Advantages of Shopify

Before we give you a little reality check, let’s talk about the benefits of Shopify when it comes to adopting it as a platform for creating online stores.

Pay attention:

You won't need to pay for themes when building your website, as this platform will allow a free one to be automatically loaded on your online store and you can customize the way you want to get the result, in terms of design and look, that you want.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Shopify is that the website will be in the cloud and not on a server, as these can fail at times, causing losses to be generated during the time the site is down. In the cloud the chances of these failures, or others, are really low.

The platform seems to have designed a pricing plan to suit each prospective customer. You can find those that go with tight budgets, or contract services with a good level of exclusivity. Or you can go from one to the other as time goes on.

Shopify's app store has just about an app for everything. You'll find countdown timers, product sourcing apps, background image removers, and more. Of course, some will come at a cost and some will be completely free for your use.

On this platform you can feel the support in the air, either from their blog (where you can expect experts sharing their experiences) or Shopify Academy, with completely free courses for you to learn and become a pro at your own pace, which is much better than catching up with others.

How does Shopify perform within
international SEO?

First, we are not questioning that Shopify is one of the best tools for creating online stores.

It’s something that the numbers back up and makes it come to such a conclusion almost on its own.

However, there is one weakness that can become detrimental.

And this has to do with international SEO.

Which are all those strategies that can help us reach the audience we want through the proper use of language, content, among other technical factors involved.

The built-up options of this platform in relation to SEO are very limited.

This can make that your online store does not have everything you need to be as successful around the world, because, depending on the area, some things will have to change to attract the public.

We suppose this is why the platform’s app store offers so many tools.

The benefit of these apps is that they can be leveraged to complement all those aspects that are missing by default from our Shopify stores, as long as you can pay for those extra apps.

Weglot is the best choice for translation and international SEO within Shopify.

As we have mentioned before, simply using Weglot Shopify integration, without looking at it from the point of view of the needs of the platform on which it will be implemented, is very beneficial for positioning websites around the world.

In order for an online store to be correctly read by Google and positioned, it is necessary to create subdomains with each of the languages in which it is expected to be displayed.

And this is something that is done almost automatically with the help of Weglot.

Currently, Weglot can be added from the Shopify app store, offering us a completely free installation, but warning us that with the use of this plugin you can go adding certain charges (which would come to be the plans by which the same offers its services in general).

We don’t want to scare you away.

Shopify alone may not be enough of a platform to properly cross borders.

However, with the help of plugins like this one, you can complement its functions to bring together two titans (in their respective fields) and get the most out of them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Weglot is the fastest traslation plugin in the market. Weglot’s automatic translation is very accurate and human like.

Weglot is recommended for site owners, freelancers and E-commerce businesses who want to save time on their translation.

Weglot is free for up to 2,000 Words and 1 language. For more words, Weglot pricing plans start from 9.9€ per month.

Weglot is good for SEO, and is compatible with the most used SEO Plugins, Yoast and Rank Math.

Weglot also creates subfolders URL structure and on Weglot Advanced Plan you can translate URL slugs.

Weglot also adds the respective canonical tag and language of the page.

Installing Weglot from the Shopify App store is the easiest way to start translating your online store.

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