📖 4 Entrepreneurial Process Stages [Model]

The Entrepreneurial Process  The entrepreneurial process stages that needs to happen to start a business is not easy for anyone. Many people have reasons to be an entrepreneur, many say the things that should be done, and a few are the ones who really do what is needed to start. It is very common to see […]

🚀 What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship? Definition of Entrepreneurship When translating the term entrepreneur from French, it actually means “go-between” and it has been used since the 12th Century. (Pahuja & Sanjeev, 2015) Centuries later by middle of twentieth Century, Joseph A. Schumpeter was the first economist, to focus on the role of entrepreneurship in economic development through innovations. The economist […]

🚀 What is an entrepreneurial ecosystem?

What is an entrepreneurial ecosystem? Definition of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem The entrepreneurial ecosystem is a set of different individuals who can be potential or existing entrepreneurs, organizations that support entrepreneurship that can be businesses, venture capitalist, business angels and banks, as well as institutions like universities, public sector agencies and the entrepreneurial processes that occur inside the ecosystem […]

🚀 What is entrepreneurial culture?

🚀 What is entrepreneurial culture? Definition of Entrepreneurial Culture Exist several definitions about entrepreneurship culture. To easy explain this complex term, some authors have divided the concept in the two words it is composed, “entrepreneurial” and “culture”. Defined by Wickham (2006 cited in Browson, 2013), the word entrepreneurial is the adjective that is given to describe how the […]

🚀 4 Importantes características del emprendimiento social

🚀 4 Importantes características del emprendimiento social La figura de un empresario puede definirse como líder, dinámico, con capacidad de detectar necesidades, y muchas otras características en las que se le puede catalogar. Dentro de algún momento de la vida de un empresario surgió una chispa que los movió a realizar su negocio. La capacidad […]

4 Características de un Emprendedor Exitoso

4 Características de un Emprendedor Exitoso Sabemos que hay muchas personas que han intentado ser emprendedores, pero en realidad cuántas han tenido tanto éxito. Como he vivido fracasos al iniciar negocios, esos mismos errores ayudarán a desarrollar la fortaleza que permite volver a actuar con más experiencia en el momento de ser un empresario exitoso. […]

📖 Unternehmensgründung Prozess

Der unternehmerische Prozess Die unternehmerischen Prozessphasen, die für die Gründung eines Unternehmens erforderlich sind, sind für niemanden einfach. Viele Menschen haben Gründe, Unternehmer zu sein, viele sagen, was zu tun ist, und einige tun wirklich, was für den Start erforderlich ist. Es ist sehr verbreitet, Leute zu sehen, die denken, aber ein paar, die handeln. […]

💻 Remote Work Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

Remote Work Definition [Advantages & Disadvantages] Remote work has become for some and a lifestyle that allowed different people to have a different job, not as the traditional one. While freelance you own your time, the truth is that the scheduling has to be done perfectly to meet customer expectations. No doubt remote work has brought too […]

Who Needs an Office in the 21st Century?

Contribution by Sally,  freelance writer. The digital age is well and truly here, and more people than ever can perform their jobs from anywhere and everywhere. With the growing popularity of remote working, is the traditional office something that should be consigned to the pages of history? For a growing number of small business entrepreneurs and self-employed […]

Reasons to be an Entrepreneur

In Mexico, different institutions, public and / or private, are driving entrepreneurship, since the creation of new businesses generates different benefits. Not only for the creation of wealth, but also to start a business is a way to solve problems and needs. But more than an impulse that is given by an external agent, which is […]