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Carlos' Opinion - WPML vs Weglot Review

In this post created by the external content team and me, we want to share some important characteristics of the WordPress translation plugins, WPML and Weglot.

As I have mentioned in other posts, WPML and Weglot have been two plugins that I have used for my blog.

I have used for 3 years WPML. 

I paid the $79 multilingual plan for every year.

I was fine with WPML, but honestly it took a lot of time to translate the content, since most of the process had to be manually.

So I wanted to give it a try to Weglot.

Weglot seem a very good option, but the price made me doubt.

I do blogging for hobby and for affiliate marketing, so paying around $500 dollars per year for the pro plan, was a bit to high to me.

I wanted to have my blog in 5 languages, Spanish, English, German, Italian and Portuguese, since this are languages that I know.

So I decided to go and test for Weglot.

After installing the plugin, it was really fast and easy setup. 

Weglot startet to roll out the language translations. 

Weglot didn’t translate everything in a second. They have some sort of a lock on the number of words to translate, so that their machines don’t get saturated, or something like that.

I had to send an email and request for support.

They answered pretty fast and the rest of the content continued to be translated. 

But as I had more content, multiplying the word count times the number of languages, made me almost reach the word count really fast.

So that was a limitation, and spending up for another plan was not an option for me.

I decided eventually to go back to the manual process of WPML.

Now WPML has rolled out a Deepl integration, which has improved their automatic translation.

It is not as accurate as Weglot, but it is better than before.

You can control the number of credits that you want to spend, so you can actually decided better what should and shouldn’t be translated.

So if you ask me directly Weglot or WPML?

I would ask you back, do you have budget and have no time, then go for Weglot. If you don’t have the budget, want more control over the translation and you are not really picky with the quality of the translation like me, then go for WPML.


When it comes to WordPress multi- language translator plugin, you will always think about WPML vs Weglot since currently, both lead the table of the best plugins to do it without problem, with little effort and with high quality.

Want to know which one is better between WPML vs WeGlot ? Below you will find advantages, disadvantages opinions and much more below. Find out!

weglot vs wpml

What are WPML and Weglot?

A multilingual translator plugin offers us the great advantage of translating in a very short time, all our WordPress posts and pages as well as other platforms such as Shopify.

As we have said before, according to many experts and the vast majority of those who use SEO in their day to day, WPML and Weglot are the best options for you.

Taking into account its functionalities, good results, ease of use, accessibility, price (in the case of WPML), among other features, they are much superior compared to other plugins to translate texts.

And it is saying a lot, since currently the number of plugins that respond to this same need are many, even Google has its own tool to translate in Wordpress such as Google Translate.

Main differences between Weglot and WPML

In principle, the most important difference between Weglot vs WPML is that the first has a free account for trial and the second, due to its popularity, is requesting a payment from $50 to $130 depending on the plan you require.

WeGlot also has a paid version starting around $120, where it offers you a better service, immediate assistance and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as the possibility of translating up to 15 languages in the same domain, according to a higher plan.

WPML, although it is a paid plugin , offers you a powerful tool where you will also have assistance, the possibility of many languages on the same host and in each update you will have new improvements for the year you hired your plan.

Let’s follow in detail this fight between Weglot vs WPML Who is better?

Advantages of Weglot

It stands out from its competition that it is a freemium plugin, therefore, anyone can install it on their Wordpress whenever they want and will not have restrictions at any time due to non-payment. But it has its big limitations the free plan.

Due to its free version, more people can try and test Weglot.

While it is true that the support may take a while when we do not have the paid version, it is not much of a problem since you will be able to solve it in a very good time.

Speaking of the Premium version, Weglot has a faster configuration and a faster automatic translation that is very accurate. 

Lastly, Weglot is compatible with Shopify , being amazing for the good synergy between the two.

Disadvantages of Weglot

Yes, it is true that it is a freemium plugin , but in this version it only supports 2000 words per month, being very little if you want to build your website in a short time and let it grow on its own.

A big disadvantage of Weglot is that you must pay its cost month by month or the full year or the ownership of the translated content will not be able to be displayed. Which will lead to losing a lot of traffic.

Weglot is considered to be for more advanced websites with real focus on automatic translation that is accurate, and that you are willing to pay for. If you have the budget and don’t really want to lose time on the translations, then Weglot is an option.

It is high cost,
but most accurate and fast,
WordPress translation Plugin.

Advantages of WPML

Continuing with this fight between WPML vs Weglot , WPML translation plugin platform responds with a powerful operation. You can have easy to manage translations, if you want you can also have automatic translation, but with an extra cost.

Another very important advantage is that you have a 30-day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the plugin. 

If you have a WordPress Website with lots of plugins, don’t worry, WPML plugin is compatible with many other plugins such as Woocommerce.

The support WPML is completely another level, where in a few minutes you will have the support you are looking to solve before losing traffic or search rank positions.

Disadvantages of WPML

WPML used to be known for the same thing as WeGlot , namely a multi-translation plugin with amazing features and easy to use.

But, the thing is that it takes time to translate your website, even if you have a team of translator. You either have the option to use the Translation manager, or pay extra for accurate automatic translation. 

Likewise, many experts claim that another of the disadvantages of WPML is that it generates more text boxes, making administration more difficult.

The most reliable,
compatible and easy to manage,
WordPress translation Plugin.

Which is better between WPML and Weglot ?

Taking into account Weglot vs WPML we can see that there is really not one better than another, but one that responds better to different needs than the other tool.

For example, if you have a small budget, but do not need frequent assistance, WPML may be the ideal option for you. If you have a big budget and no time for translation then go for Weglot.

As well, if you are sure of the success of your website, or its need to implement several languages and you will need technical support whenever you need it WPML will be the best option for you, also thanks to its community. WPML has no word restrictions and its cheaper than Weglot. 

We can also highlight that Weglot works better if we want to make it compatible with Shopify, WPML mainly work if you want to use it with other Wordpress or Woocommerce tools.

It would already be a matter of testing which one benefits you the most, we recommend if you are a newbie, use the free tool while you adapt to all the functions and options that are very similar in both cases. 

Recommendations for choosing Weglot vs WPML

Although a tool to translate texts or content may seem like a very easy application to program, the truth is that it is not.

There are many difficulties such as grammar, syntax, spelling among other very important aspects that define a good or bad translator plugin .

Because if this is not done correctly, these plugins will not give us the help we need. 

Which one will you choose between Weglot vs WPML? Both can help you achieve the SEO ranking you are looking for and offer your users the comfort they need.

This blog is using WPML, because of its price and the no restrictions of word count. Although it takes more time, there are less limitations. At the end, the decision is yours.