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WPML vs Polylang
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WPML and Polylang enable to translate your entire website. 

In this comparison between WPML vs Polylang you will get more insights about them such as that both are compatible with most WordPress themes, but one has a better area to translate your content from the backend like WPML.

If you are aiming to have a WordPress website in different languages, find out more about two multilingual WordPress plugins, WPML vs Polylang.

Polylang Rating
Recommended for Small Websites
Price per Value
Ease of Use
Translation Speed
Automatic Translation Accuracy
Fast Website Speed
Word Count Limit
WPML Rating
Recommended for Content Websites
Price per Value
Ease of Use
Translation Speed
Automatic Translation Accuracy
Fast Website Speed
Word Count Limit

Carlos' Opinion -
WPML vs Polylang.

Among the multilingual plugins available out there, I had to give it a try to Polylang.

For my website I use WPML, but for a dummy website I installed Polylang.

The big advantage that I saw on Polylang was that it is free, although for extra features you have to buy extra add-ons.

So for sure, this would be recommended for all those small WordPress Websites that have just a few pages.

You don’t have to spend a cent at the beginning, you just have to spend time installing it.

At first it was a bit confusing, since it users experience at the beginning seem a little bit to old, in comparison on the User Interface that plugins such as WPML or Weglot have.

Polylang also offers an automatic translation, but for this you have to install Lingotek.

You can have up to 100,000 characters for free, but you could also do a manual translation.

As I have mentioned in other articles such as WPML Review or WPML vs Weglot, WPML is a great plugin when it we are talking about WordPress websites that have plenty of text.

WPML doesn’t have any word count limitation, and you can easily add or remove languages.

Polylang didn’t have a direct widget for Elementor, and in contrast WPML does have one.

WPML has recently added Deepl to its automatic translation, therefore it has a better automatic translation.

But also, you will have to buy some credits to be able to use this automatic translation.

WPML Polylang is not a difficult comparison, since each attend different segments to translate content.

So as said, Polylang is recommended for small websites with low content, and WPML is recommended for websites who aim to have no word count limit, have multiple languages, and also who has a better compatibility also with SEO Plugins such as Rank Math or Yoast.

What is WPML Multilingual Plugin?

wpml logo

When talking about WordPress Multilingual Plugin , or simply WPML , we refer to that WordPress plugin that is responsible for transforming a monolingual website, or blog, into a multilingual platform. Something that is more than necessary in recent times.

The WPML is one of the most popular multilingual plugin WordPress that supports easily to manually translate content or to add automatic machine translation.

This is a very popular tool because it allows the user to translate the content of their domain into more than 40 languages with the benefit that the SEO work is not impaired at all.

Apart from being characterized by being intuitive, and having more than one resource that makes the entire translation process easier.

With this plugin, not only manual translation is achieved , but also automatic translation , where both can be worked in parallel, so that the user can ensure that a good job has been done with their content.

When it comes to multilanguage plugins, we must recognize WPML as the one that is most used around the world, since it is a tool that was born a lot of years ago, and updates continue to be periodically maintained to ensure that we offer you only the best to user.

In order to access the use of WPML, it is necessary to buy a license, and this is done through the brand’s platform. After purchasing it, you can install it in WordPress. The price of this tool starts at USD 39, and the renewal, after one year, is fixed at USD 21.

The plans are WPML Blog, WPML CMS and WPML Agency.

Many users who already have a multilingual website assure that this is one of those plugins that cannot be missing in their repertoire, so it is better not to leave it out and test if its advantages and benefits are also adapted to your domain.

WPML support can be contacted through the main website.

WPML Features

For anyone, structuring a multilingual website can be a headache.

However, the features of WPML are responsible for making the task much easier, since there are many functionalities and advantages that these give to the tool in general.

This WordPress translation plugin eases the process to get translated content manually or automatically.

As well it can add language switcher WordPress in header or even in footer.

In this WPML Review, here we state some of the advantages and disadvantages.

WPML Advantages

Allows SEO optimization.

The structure of the website after being translated is still in collaboration with what is technical SEO. Besides, if you feel that this is not enough, you have complete control of your content so that you can optimize any other details you have in mind.

Its compatibility with themes is high.

We all know that one of the strengths of WordPress is that it has a wide range of themes, and that it never stops increasing. The compatibility of WPML is very wide, so you will go perfectly with the vast majority of these.

Also high compatibility with plugins.

New versions of this plugin are approved frequently so that there are no differences when using themes. But, another strong point is the fact that it is completely compatible with the most used plugins. As is the case of Rankmath, Yoast, Woo commerce , Contact Form 7, among others.

Provides optimal management in terms of translations.

This is achieved thanks to the fact that it is one of those translation plugins in which the user does not have to be left solely with automatic translation as an additional cost , and can actively participate from a manual mechanism to refine details.

The tool gives you access to a network of translators.

In case you do not have the right professionals to carry out your translations, the same tool offers you a network where you can find qualified translators to help you with the work on your website. This is ideal if you are one of those who are so jealous of their project that they do not place it in the hands of just anyone. The fact that the catalog of options is granted by the tool tells us that they will not only know the language, but also how WPML works.

WPML Disadvantages

Slows down your Website.

It can make slower administration of the WordPress website, because it creates extra tables in the database, but they are improving their performance.

Manual Translation can take time.

Translating the content by yourself can take you time. Although they are adding automatic translation with Deepl, but still it will require some time.

It might mess up your WordPress if you uninstall.

If by some reason, you have to deactivate or uninstall WPML plugin, there might be some duplicated pages or posts in your WordPress environment.

WPML Pricing

WPML Pricing is based on an annual plan.

Here you can find WPML Pricing plans.

Multilingual Blog
/ Yearly
  • Translate posts, pages and custom types
  • Translate tags, categories and custom taxonomy
  • Translate WordPress menus
  • 1 Website you can register
  • One year of free updates
Multilingual CMS
/ Yearly
  • Multilingual Blog Features
  • Translate widgets
  • Translate texts in theme and plugins admin
  • Manage attachments in different languages
  • 3 Websites you can register
  • One year of free updates
Multilingual Agency
/ Yearly
  • Multilingual CMS Features
  • Unlimited Websites you can register
  • One year of free updates
  • Renewal per year $119

To use or not to use WPML?

As recommendation in this WPML Review, WPML should be used in the case that you have plenty of wordpress content to translate.

The advantage now that WPML has Deepl, is that you can translate faster and with better quality.

But as well, it is recommended that if you have a WordPress website that focuses more on the commercial side with WooCommerce, then Weglot could be a better option, since it would reduce the risks of having bugs in between.

As reminder here are some WPML key aspects to consider:

As many translation plugins, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but as established in about WPML, if you are aiming for high volume content translation, go for it.

Give it a try.

What is Polylang WordPress Translation Plugin?


If you are looking for an alternative that offers you a free user and the possibility of accessing a paid version when you can see income on your website, then Polylang is your ideal translator plugin.

Polylang has over 100 different target languages, all of which have to be translated manually or automatically, and you can add the Lingotek service to Polylang to help you with many professional translators.

Because the Polylang plugin is used with a human translation, you can control all the content you want to translate on the website, as well as translate the functions and text of the system. There are basic features of Polylang for free, as well as its premium feature.

The WordPress translation plugin free version of Polylang has the advantage of being ready to use and start to translate content as soon as it is installed, and later it can be upgraded to Polylang Pro.

With the pro version you have the possibility to duplicate entries or pages and translate them into the language you prefer, you can deactivate and activate languages as you like, better functions.

And of course, you have premium quality technical support where you will be attended to as soon as possible, for only 99 euros for a single domain.

With Polylang is easy to start by just downloading the plugin directly from WordPress Plugins dashboard.

Polylang Features.

When you succeed in installing Polylang you will notice that the translations of your website will be complete.

All the texts that the website has, such as the buttons, tabs and menu will be easily translated.

You will be able to program the URLs of the website to your preference for each of the languages you want.

If you get the service of an experienced developer you can make the images to be positioned for the different languages that there are.

You will also be able to achieve automated translations, but they are not always accurate.

And the translations that are manual only, you have to create the necessary entries for all languages and then adjust  in the language selector.

We believe that many features are missing, but to avoid make it even longer, you can visit their website for more information at WordPress Polylang.

Polylang Pro is an extended package that helps to translate URL and to be able to able and disable additional language files.

Polylang Advantages.

It has many options.

Polylang is one of the most complete plugins made for WordPress. As well as there is not much difference with other plugins that are paid and have the same characteristics.

Easy to use.

Installation is easy and its configuration is very intuitive.

Saves time.

We can do chain translations with less time.

Polylang Disadvantages.

You have a problem integrating.

Polylang is not 100% compatible with most plugins and themes that have been developed for WordPress.

To use or not to use Polylang?

If you have a small website and have to translate just a few pages, then it could be worthwile to just have a plugin such as Polylang.

With Polylang the translation is simple.

But if you are aiming for more features to be translated inside your WordPress Website, then you should but the extra add-ons.

Use it if you have a small website.

As previously mentioned, WPML is recommended if you have a website that is content oriented.

Polylang or even Gtranslate are plugins for small websites.

And if you have a Woocommerce store, then you should consider Weglot.

Face to Face.

WPML vs Polylang price comparison.

WPML Polylang are two WordPress translation plugins that have similar pricing plans.

Now that we have seen more about WPML vs Polylang, here is a price comparison to have it in a graphical comparison.

Prices of WPML are in $ USD, and Polylang in € Euro.

It is worth mentioning that Polylang pricing is for just 1 Website, if you want more website licenses, you should pay a higher plan.

In the case of WPML as you increase your plan, you have more websites.

Multilingual Blog is for 1 Website, CMS is for 3 Websites and Agency is for unlimited websites.

Therefore, in that case, long run or even by number of websites, WPML is cheaper than Polylang.

If we divide the 3 Websites of the Multilingual CMS plan of WPML by the full price, then the price per a year license for a website is of $26.33.

WPML Polylang is not a difficult decision to be done in terms of WordPress translation Plugins if you have a budget WPML plugin is the one to be chosen. 

WPML translation with DeepL is now more accurate, making it among the best automatic machine translation options available for translated content.

WPML vs Polylang for Woocommerce.

In this case, as we have talked in the WPML vs Weglot, or even in the Conveythis Review, for a Woocommerce translation, then it is better to not select neither WPML Polylang.

As in an online store the most important part is to focus on the store and not in the translation, Weglot vs Conveythis will be better option for Woocomerce.

Woocommerce WordPress translation should be focused on performance and speed, and these other two WordPress Translation plugins are better options in these case.

WPML WordPress is great for blogs, newspapers, magazines, but it certainly will have an impact on the website speed, but doing the correct optimization, it can have loading times below 800ms.

WPML plugin and Polylang add more code to a WordPress website, but in the case of Weglot ot Conveythis, these are connected via API key, which means that the WordPress translation data is stored on their servers, making your server less bulky.

Weglot and Conveythis are WordPress translation plugin free options, and if you want to focus on more on your store, then these are better WPML Polylang alternatives

Choose WPML plugins to translate your website when...

WPML has been a wonderful tool to translate this website.

In the past it can be considered a lot of manual work to do the proper translation, hence we changed from WPML to Weglot.

But as WPML as improved over the last years, it is now easier to use the automatic translation services from DeepL and the advanced translation management.

WPML doesn’t have a free machine translation, but WPML comes with a budget control for the credits to be used.

WPML lets create a multilingual website where you can have almost total control of every single word that must be translated.

In the case that you are creating a website for international news, magazines, blogs or related to plenty of content, then we recommend to install WPML as it allows you to translate without any limit on the word count and in general its use from the WordPress Dashboard is quite simple to use.

WPML and Polylang are popular plugins to translate your site, but from our perspective, WPML is the best option for blogs and content sites.

For us, WPML is the winner multilingual WordPress plugin over a free multilingual plugin. 

Our International SEO results with WPML

I’ve been using WPML for quite a while now, and as you can see in the images, our international traffic is growing and we are obtaining visitors from every corner of the world.

WPML makes International SEO easy since it adds automatically the Hreflangs which are required for crawlers to understand that the piece of content is available in other language.

WPML also integrates easily with Rank Math, therefore when it comes to create the Sitemap, the respective URL are set automatically and there is no additional work to be done on the Google Search Console.

As easy to install and activate WPML, create and translate content, and start aiming to rank for international search engines.


WPML has been a more developed multilingual wordpress plugin. 

Now with the new fueature of automatic translation form Deepl, and the Translate Everything button, WPML is giving steps to convert into the best wordpress multilingual plugin.

Now with the new fueature of automatic translation form Deepl, and the Translate Everything button, WPML is giving steps to convert into the best wordpress multilingual plugin.

Although, it still has some bugs to be fixed, and it is still slower to translate, in comparison to Weglot or Linguise.

More about Multilingual WordPress.