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Translate your WordPress site with ConveyThis is very easy and simple if you know how, especially if you know all its functions and what it can offer you. 

Conveythis is ideal since it is a platform that allows you to translate quickly, if you are looking to translate in a matter of minutes your favorite pages like Spotify, WordPress, JavaScript and many more.

Conveythis review
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Conveythis review

Conveythis is a website translation software that gives us the one of the best automatic translation on the market.

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  • Cheaper than competitors.
  • Automatic website translation.
  • Integration with multiple website platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Wix.


  • Still needs platform improvement.
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Conveythis a great automatic translation plugin

Conveythis is a website translation software that gives us the one of the best automatic translation on the market.

Launched in 2018, Conveythis becomes a solution to translate more than five languages such as Spanish, English, French, Russian, Arabic and German in a very easy and best of all economical way.

They use encryption, backups and auditing at enterprise level to guarantee the activity of their servers and have a better care of their language services.

So far more than thirty thousand websites use Conveythis to accelerate their expansion an ideal alternative.

It is great for bringing translation experiences to the masses to help small businesses reach a wider audience easily and increase their sales.

If you want to increase international traffic to your websites, Conveythis is a very good option, since its level of HTML/JavaScript analysis is the tightest that no competing add-on can reach the almost no need of users to review or edit their translations.

Conveythis vs Weglot

If what we are looking for is saving economy, Conveythis vs Weglot has a clear answer. 

Conveythis in its free plan you get up to 25% more in words, in its STARTER plan you save up to 58%, and in another plan such as BUSINESS allows you to save 20%.

Weglot has four plans ranging from $12 per month to $224, but in Conveythis have ten subscription plans prices are quite varied from $5 per month this would be a Starter plan to $1000 for the wonderful Extreme plan.

It’s much wider plans makes it an incredible solution and more affordable for multilingual websites.

Weglot has a more developed User Interface, where Conveythis has similar Interface and still has further development to be done on the Front-end translations.

Weglot has the feature to translate URL Slug on their Advanced plan, where Conveythis doesn’t has its option as subfolder, but it does as subdomain.

In terms of quality translation, both offer high quality automatic translations.

Conveythis WordPress Plugin

If you integrate it into your WordPress website with ConveyThis Plugin you can translate it in ninety-two languages so you can increase the ROI and online sales of the WooCommerce Store.

Its easy handling is a way to facilitate your work, in a matter of minutes you can translate web pages in the language you want, with a free plan that allows you to test their services.

To install it in your WordPress is very easy just go to your WordPress control panel click on “Plugins” and “Add new”, then type “Conveythis” in the search panel so easy then just click on “Install now” and “Activate”.

When the page refreshes you will see that it is activated but not configured, but configuring it is very easy just click on configure page for this you will need to create an account on their website which is

After confirming your registration you will consult the panel and copy the API key and you will return to your configuration page followed by copying your API key in the place indicated, select the source language and the target language and click on save configuration.

Conveythis optimized translation

woman asian software

Conveythis, in order to make your website much more attractive to various search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing translates the meta tags such as Title, Keyword and Description so that search engines find it fast.

They also added the hreflang tag, this makes search engines understand that your website has translated pages.

They gradually manage to climb in the competition becoming the best alternative for your translations and is that they seek to offer better SEO results every day, they presented a subdomain url structure, in which your translated version may seem

Building a highly reliable server structure, your translations are stored securely and are not transmitted to third parties, they took simplicity to another level, their website does not require hard coding, they do not use exchanges with language providers (LSP).

All your information is managed in a secure location, this is a marvel, in ten minutes you can translate complete pages.

Conveythis Pricing

Free Plan
$ 0 Free
  • 1 Language
  • 2500 Words to Translate
$ 5 Monthly
  • 1 Language
  • 10,000 Words to Translate
$ 15 Monthly
  • 3 Languages
  • 50,000 Words to Translate
$ 50 Monthly
  • 5 Languages
  • 50,000 Words to Translate

Conveythis Review


Let’s talk about the experience with Conveythis, although it is true that nowadays more and more websites and translation applications are appearing, not all of them are satisfactory, some can be complicated to use and others are expensive.

Nowadays we look for simplicity either for a company or to do your job, imagine being able to do your job in a few minutes and without having to check what you translated. Conveythis offers this in a very simple and affordable way.

You can try their free plan, it gives you more word limits than other websites, I assure you that when you try it you will not hesitate to subscribe, if you have a business plan and want to translate your website in order to reach a wider audience is ideal.

The digital promises today and for the future, small and large traders are betting on the digital to reach all the masses, in my opinion they must have Conveythis offers security, more than ninety-two languages, easy to use and in a short time, their prices are affordable and compared to the competition they have much more to offer, it has never been so easy to understand websites or blogs.

Also their blog Conveythis offers a great variety of tips to help you improve many aspects of your business, not only in translation but also in localization and even optimizing marketing strategies for your business to achieve better results, online stores are the future and Conveythis is your best ally.

The goal of Conveythis is that not only big companies have a high level, but also new companies, those people who are starting a new business.

We have already talked in the WPML vs Weglot, or WPML vs Polylang, or Best WordPress Translation Plugins about the differences and comparison between the multiple plugins that exist.

This website uses WPML since it is focused con multiple languages and content creation.

Hence, we also recommend Weglot if the website is going to be focused on E-commerce and the website needs speed and accuracy of the translations.

But now that Conveythis is improving, it is an affordable solution that combines speed and accurate translations.

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