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When it comes to human capital valuation, using the Oyster HR platform is one of the most viable alternatives in the business market.

Oyster HR is one of the best human resources software for small business.

As is well known, telecommuting is a fact that many companies worldwide are already implementing anywhere.

However, even though most of them have devised structures and work models that allow for a smooth working day, human capital management is still an employment challenge.

For this reason, Oyster HR software has been designed the mission to partner and support companies in the task of hiring the right person for each position, without distance being an obstacle or impediment for growth.

What is Oyster HR Platform?

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To understand what Oyster HR is, it is necessary to have witnessed the natural process of Human Resources management when it comes to finding and connecting the most suitable people to fill a position within a company.

While this is important, it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to human capital management.

From the moment a person joins a company, he or she enters a file and, in addition, begins to form part of the processes that, as a company profile, must be applied so that the rights and duties of the employee in question are fulfilled.

Among the tools that Oyster HR makes available to organizations are:


Once the company in question has a clear idea of the profile it wishes to place for a vacant position, this is entered into the Oyster HR tool, which will begin to filter by request which candidates will be called.

The evaluation of potential candidates varies according to the profile being sought.


Once the selection process is completed, Oyster HR makes sure to collect all the information of the candidate chosen to fill the position.

With all the documentation and information that is required, the software creates a virtual file that will contain, from the employee’s date of entry, all the documents that are required to evaluate his or her profile and that are generated from the same labor relationship.

Payroll payment

With the total number of active employees, through the Oyster HR Software you can manage the payment of the salary of all workers.

This function is given thanks to the data collected from the moment of the incorporation of the new worker.

Regardless of where the employee is located, with Oyster HR he/she will be paid on the agreed date, guaranteeing the employee punctuality and commitment.


On the other hand, the benefits that the company may decide to grant spontaneously or that are legally required benefits, can be additionally uploaded to the platform, thus ensuring their payment on the agreed date.

Salary scales and payment of benefits by percentage or commission can also be set in advance within the system, thus avoiding errors in the corresponding payment date.

Salary management services

Everything related to the payment of a worker’s salary can be managed from this platform, as long as the information is correctly recorded at the time of entry.

Likewise, contractors can also be entered into the system, under which they will be governed by parameters similar to those of human capital management.

How much does Oyster HR cost?

Hiring Oyster HR can be one of the best investments that a company can make when it comes to personnel management, but it is also necessary that the invested capital is used to the maximum, that is to say, that the hiring company can take advantage of all the benefits that this tool offers.

The cost of this software is offered in packages. Basically, these are distributed as follows:

  • For contractors who will provide services for one month for the company, the cost per person of the software management is $29.
  • For hiring full-time permanent employees, the price for management with Oyster HR is $399.

However, the tool provides the possibility to choose from other packages that better fit the need of the company that is in search of remote staffing.

Hire Global Talent for Distributed Team Members around the World

The function of Oyster HR is, as we have announced, to fulfill the role of personnel manager, where the tool is virtual and all the processes are compiled in a single application and where the personnel that is managed is also done through virtual means.

Generally, companies, and in particular, the Human Resources department, carry out personnel management with separate processes, i.e., to hire personnel, they rely on search tools, however, when this task is completed, this tool is no longer important.

Once the required personnel is hired, the department activates another process where the worker’s information will be collected.

Generally, creating the file of a new employee is carried out physically, where the documentation required by the company will be stored and then archived.

Then, the inclusion of the knowledge workers in the system is also usually done in another application, which only admits information that manages everything related to the payment of payroll and other benefits.

In the end, if you look at the big picture, all of a company’s personnel management processes are handled by separate tools that interact with each other, requiring the department to manage several processes at the same time.

With Oyster HR, companies skip all of these aforementioned steps, since from step one, all personnel information is collected, stored and managed from the same software.

Taking into account that this tool is designed precisely to manage human capital that is not present in the company, the result is an optimization in time and processes, ensuring a more organized and easier management.

The Oyster HR platform aimed at distributed workforces, fully remote and diverse teams supports the employees around the world to carry on the companies vision as soon as they start.

As tech startups are working more and more with this HR model, it becomes easier to have a global talent pool that can help the company to grow.

Employees can still be on their home country, and be collaborating for companies that are globally distributed.

The work of the future is requiring cross-border communication without limits, and Oyster HR understands how developed economies and emerging economies can benefit from this exchange.

What differentiates Oyster HR from other tools?

To understand how Oyster HR differs when compared to other human capital management tools, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of what those alternatives may be.

Mainly, search tools for new personnel selection are those where a large amount of information can be collected on a person and those where large amounts of applications are collected and then evaluated by the human resources department of the company that has the need for personnel.

The main disadvantage of these pages is that they do not allow you to apply such a precise filter among the candidates that apply, being the interview the means through which they are discarded or selected.

Social networks are one of the channels that are currently providing great support to companies when it comes to looking for new personnel, however, they only serve as a search site, but not as a recipient of subsequent information, nor to follow up on the recruitment and selection processes.

The difference between Oyster HR and other tools lies precisely in the fact that the company hires a software that will then execute all the work involved in managing an employee workforce.

This software provides a complete and constant follow-up of the employee’s evolution from day one, without discarding any of the processes that, as a human resources area, must exist in order to legally and faithfully comply with the rights and benefits of a worker.

For its part, the main advantage of Oyster HR is that it is designed to manage workforces of workers who are not physically in the company’s facilities, so its job is to control and manage each of the processes that must be applied to these people, making them practical.

Oyster HR Company grew in 2020

Basically, Oyster HR software is a platform that is considered inclusive, so any organization can hire it and take full advantage of the benefits it offers.

Due to the lack of talent that many companies have experienced in their locality or region, it is necessary to expand the search plan to other latitudes.

With this tool, more and more companies are benefiting from working from home. In addition, employees who work remotely say that, since the work no longer requires their physical presence in an office, their performance and motivation have increased.

In general, any company can opt for a human capital management software in order to reduce the workforce and, above all, the logistical burden on the human resources department, since a large part of the work of recruiting, selecting and hiring will be achieved by simply introducing a search algorithm into the platform.

Since the pandemic warning in 2020, Oyster HR as a human capital management platform has been on the rise, as millions of companies worldwide have found in this tool the opportunity to continue their operations without breaching established biosecurity standards.

The company managed by CEO Tony Jamous announced a $50 million Funding B series round.

Oyster operates as a hybrid EOR.

What that means is Oyster operate in most countries as a distributed HR consulting company, and Oyster formally employ team members (employees and contractors) around the world to provide services for customers who are looking to expand and diversify their teams.

Oyster is responsible for all aspects of those team members’ employment, including registrations, payroll, insurance, pensions, employment contracts, remote work agreements, bonuses, vacations, separations, and severance; in short, the whole employee lifecycle.

Oyster serves 90+ countries where you can hire, pay and take care of full-time employees. You can see the complete list of countries here.

It depends on the country, but a typical time to hire ranges from just one day to 2-3 weeks. You can find out more by reaching Oyster support team.

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