8 Best platforms to create and sell online courses in 2022

Best platforms to create and sell online courses

Written by Do you consider the best online platforms to sell? To create online courses is a simple and practical way that will allow you to generate income independently thanks to your knowledge and skills. You will be able to transmit them to other people and teach them with your own techniques and tools, because […]

Coinbase Global – Buy and sell Bitcoin, Etherum and Crypto Wallet

Coinbase header

Written by Coinbase, a platform founded by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong, was born in 2012. This platform was created with the exclusive purpose of allowing future cryptocurrency investors to buy Bitcoin through bank transfers. What today is considered a simple transaction, for that year was a feat, as it opened the doors to thousands […]

Oyster HR, Global Human Resources Platform for Companies  

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Written by When it comes to human capital valuation, using the Oyster HR platform is one of the most viable alternatives in the business market. Oyster HR is one of the best human resources software for small business. As is well known, telecommuting is a fact that many companies worldwide are already implementing anywhere. However, […]

5 Reasons for digital invoicing in your business transformation

Reasons for digital invoicing in your business transformation

Written by There are many reasons businesses are undergoing digital transformation. For one, the internet has made it easier for businesses to connect with customers and partners around the world. With the right tools, businesses can also track customer data, manage inventory, and create custom marketing campaigns. Additionally, businesses can now conduct business in a […]

What is a Payment Gateway?

what is a payment gateway

Written by With the rise of digital entrepreneurs and online businesses, the need of a payment gateway has also increased as they are an important factor that make payments possible. Digital entrepreneurs might think that opening an online business can be done just by buying a domain and hosting, but there are also more things […]

5 Basic SaaS for Small Business

Basic SaaS for Small Business

Small businesses can benefit from software as a service (SaaS) because it offers a variety of features that can be helpful for running a business. For example, SaaS can help businesses manage their finances, keep track of customer data, and create marketing campaigns. Additionally, SaaS can help businesses save time by providing them with software […]

5 Reasons to start your business digital transformation

Reasons to start your business digital transformation

The digital transformation is the process of transforming an organization from a primarily paper-based system to a more digital system. Digital transformation is important because it allows businesses to improve their customer experience, increase efficiency and reduce costs. By digitizing their processes, businesses can improve the speed and accuracy of their operations. They can also […]

5 Reasons to become a Digital Entrepreneur based in Spain

Reasons to become a Digital Entrepreneur based in Spain

Spain has a very diverse economy, with a number of industries that can support an entrepreneurial ecosystem. These include technology, telecommunications infrastructure, tourism and financial services with a tax and accounting platform. Spain’s legal system is also favorable to the development of remote businesses, as it is easy to form companies and contracts. Additionally, Spain’s […]

5 Inspirational Ideas for Digital Entrepreneurs To Start an Online Business

inspirational ideas for digital entrepreneurs

Written by The desire to start a new business is inside every entrepreneur. But one of the problems that early entrepreneurs have is to decide what should I start. An entrepreneur has the ability to detect opportunities to serve the market, and what it defines them as entrepreneur is to move from idea to action. […]

5 Advantages of CRM for Entrepreneurs

Advantages of CRM for Entrepreneurs

Written by A customer relationship management, CRM system, is important for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. It helps you track the interactions your customers have with your company, and it can help you better understand your customers and their needs. CRM systems help businesses manage their customer relationships by automating the process of capturing […]