9 Best Human Resources Software for Small Businesses

If you’re still wondering why HR automation is important, it’s because you haven’t yet experienced the widespread benefit it can bring to organizations.

Read on to learn more about these advantages, and the best human resources software for small business today.

best human resources software for small businesses
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The Importance of Human Resources Automation

In itself, automation in human resources offers many advantages, among them is to help reduce the costs of printing and physical storage of all the information that is of vital importance to be kept on the people who make up the company, and the company itself.

Different from the best business planning software which aimed to the whole concept of a business a human resources software will focus in the specific human capital management.

Apart from that, with this human resource management software we can find convenient access to the files that are uploaded online at any time we need them. And, perhaps what can be even more attractive, from any place where we are.

Human resources management should be recognized as one of the most important areas of the administration of an organization, since people are the most important resource of any company, so any improvement in this sector means a positive change. 

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Applications of Human Resource Software

We have seen a number of different applications for HR software over the last few years.

For example, one company has built an application that allows their employees to manage and track their medical benefits. Another is using HR software to help monitor performance management reviews and compensation packages.

The automation of this area can help out with overall human capital management, applicant tracking, payroll benefits control, talent management and performance management.

From the whole process that it takes such as the interviews, onboarding processes, and the employee performance in the company.

The use of Human Resource software is becoming more and more common in the HR world.

It’s used to help a company manage their employees and make sure that they are treated fairly with their payroll benefits and rewards by meeting their KPIs.

What are the best human resources software for SMEs?

Bizneo HR is undoubtedly one of the best human resources software. Why? Its technological solutions are adapted to SMEs, medium and large companies and it is constantly updated to offer the most advanced functionalities in the market.

With more than 10 modules, it offers tools to optimize each stage of the employee’s life cycle + automations to facilitate the management and supervision of those in charge. 

Its various programs can be grouped into:

  • Personnel management solutions. They help HR teams to optimize day-to-day management and processes. Empowering employees with self-management through their own portal and functionalities for onboarding and task review, alerts and notifications, complaint mailbox, payroll…
  • Solutions for talent management. They digitize and add value in personnel recruitment, evaluation, training and development.
  • Solutions for managing working time. They control workers’ schedules, manage their work shifts and the distribution of vacations, as well as the communication and administration of absences.

In turn, they integrate with other tools (integration with payroll, psychometric tests, access and presence control, ERPs). In short, the best technology to give a plus to Human Resources management and take maximum care of the greatest value of a company: the employees.

The human resources management software HURMA has just launched its Spanish version and entered the Latin American market.

The software is mainly focused on small and medium-sized IT companies.

The program helps automate most of the routine HR tasks, track employee performance and make business decisions based on analytical data.

The product’s functionality also allows you to fully automate in-house recruiting, covering all of your recruitment in the enterprise, covering all stages of the hiring funnel.

HURMA distinguishes itself by providing high data security, as each client is assigned an individual server with an is assigned an individual server with a simple and user-friendly interface, and the information it contains is encrypted.

HURMA helps to create a culture of high productivity in the company and to improve its indicators.

Oyster started in 2019 with a question, and that is they wanted to know how to facilitate global employment for companies and workers who actually had the talent to fill these positions.

Their mission is to make the process of hiring, applicant tracking, human resources payroll and caring for the talent management of bright employees much simpler especially for those growing companies by being able to build a stellar team that is not limited by borders.

Not only are they one of the best HR software for , but they are also an extraordinary team that has a headquarters in over 60 countries around the world, a number that promises to be expanding as the weeks go by.

Among the things that can be highlighted about Oyster is the fact that it allows employment to be global, apart from incorporating multi-country human resources payroll software (an automated platform that allows employees to be paid on time in their local currency) and many more options that we invite you to discover.

When we talk about Freshworks HRIS, we are referring to a human resource software where the database of the employees that belong to an organization is stored, which is what every small business needs to keep growing comfortably.

The benefit of an Freshworks human resources management software lies in the fact that it is able to help applicant tracking and analyze different information related to employees, such as payroll benefits, the performance management of each employee, the process of their leave, among other basic attributes of both current, former employees and those who apply to join the team. 

The purpose of Freshworks human resource management software is to automate the department workflow allowing for human resources talent management analysis, which is the basis for human resources planning and also for business decision making.

It is on the list of best human resources software for small business because it will provide the opportunity to better plan HR expenses, while saving time and effort on the part of HR staff, managers and employees in general.

Gusto presents itself as a modern human resources platform that is useful for payroll benefits, human capital management and much more. They work on the premise that a well-supported team is the key to a successful business. And empowering employees, while driving the business forward, is Gusto’s job.  

They claim to be a place to keep the team not only happy, but also productive. No matter the size or stage of the business, this platform has the necessary tools to hire, pay and manage the entire team at your fingertips. 

Among the features that have made it one of the best human resources platforms for small business are service, time and attendance payroll benefits, talent management, employee benefits, recruiting and onboarding, and insights and reporting. 

They also have the ability to help you find the plan that best suits your business, so you’re really paying for a service that fits your needs, you won’t have to give for less, let alone more. 

Bambee is another of the most popular human resources software for SMEs, and with the help of the company’s HR team, it will put it on autopilot to streamline its functions and even optimize employee training. 

As of this writing, more than 10,000 companies are already on autopilot with the help of Bambee, meeting their requirements and needs throughout the year by keeping their policies up to date, and the feedback they can provide as customers to improve service. 

Bambee is also known for its human resources audits, where a deep analysis is made with the intention of knowing the gaps that could be present in the department and then help with an action plan to update internal practices with the intention of improving them as much as possible.

Besides, it is one of the human resources software that also cares about keeping the policies updated, while at the same time keeping the staff in compliance and high productivity thanks to the training options it usually offers every time they are needed to achieve an improvement. 

Going out of the ordinary that we have read so far, BambooHR defines itself as an HR software “with heart”, responsible for collecting and organizing all the information that is generated throughout the employee’s activity cycle and then helps to use it for great things.

This is a completely useful human resource management software whether you are hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, talent management or creating culture. It will provide the time and knowledge necessary for companies to stay focused on their most important asset, the people that make them up. 

It is another of the best human resources software for small business, among the tools it has at the hand of every client is the information of the employee’s career, workflow, reporting and analytics, besides that everything can be viewed comfortably from a mobile application. 

In addition, it is also involved in the processes of hiring, induction, compensation, culture, among others, offering specific tools for each of them to make the work much easier and thus optimize time to achieve the highest possible productivity. 


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Eddy is one of those all-in-one human resources software, where you will have the possibility to hire, incorporate, manage, and pay your employees from the same place, and it is also very easy to use. It will definitely not be giving you any headache after joining it.

Among the points that are mainly enhanced are recruitment (it helps you find the most reliable profiles to manage your business), retention through a good corporate culture, and minimizing legal risk (taking care of those cases where lawsuits may occur due to carelessness). 

It is one of the best software for SMEs in human resources because it will give you the best tools for hiring, induction, training, managing your people, taking strength as a team, tracking time and also incorporating payroll to always be up to date with them. 


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When it comes to the most popular small business human resources software we have to make a space for ADP, as at the time of writing this article it already has a portfolio of over 920,000 customers, maintaining an unmatched global HR, payroll and compliance experience. 

The best thing about it is that it offers plans that go according to the number of employees your company has, so when hiring the service you can be sure that you will be paying only for what is going to be applied to your team, and it is not a generalized price. 

Before deciding if you want to work with them you can make a quote (which basically consists of answering a series of questions that have to do with the characteristics of your business) and that way you will know not only the cost of the service, but the plan you need.

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