7 Best Business Planning Software for Entrepreneurs

To start a business it is very important to take into account several things, the main idea, a good planning, financial management and set short and long term goals to make this easier the software to create business plan are ideal.

Without further ado, discover below all about the best business planning software for entrepreneurs.

Best software to create business plans for entrepreneurs
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Advantages of using software to create a business plan.

The advantages are many, as we all know, entrepreneurship has its requirements for the business to be fruitful.

How does a business plan software help us?

For new entrepreneurs it is ideal, creating a business takes time and as we already know in order to obtain long term profits you must follow an endless number of steps, such as a cost structure, a good investment plan, etc.

The business plan software facilitates many of these steps, in them we will find example schemes and formulations. The assistants that these software provide us with are of great help since they guide us step by step in all this process.

With them you can create a clear business plan, step by step and best of all without forgetting important aspects.

Best Business Plan Software


IdeaBuddy is a very innovative and best business plan software for startups where you will find a great list of tools that will be of great help such as planning, business modeling, business concept validation and a solid business plan.

IdeaBuddy is one of the newest business planning tools really complete.

This Business Builder Software is easy to use and includes a guide that explains the steps to follow with solid and relevant examples.

It is ideal for new entrepreneurs and for small businesses such as schools, business universities, accounting agencies, etc.

This platform allows us to recreate and consolidate the idea of our business in an easy way, it gives us interesting ideas, and the people who belong to this community can give their points of view.
Their prices are affordable and can vary.


This Business Builder Software presents you with the strategies to follow for your business and the financial repercussions that your business can have over three years.

They help you with the figures and explain what will be the strategic execution of your business to potential investors or banks.
It is ideal to acquire in the third stage of creating your business, after creating the product or service you want to market. Its prices are quite affordable.

Bplans are basically to explain to people outside the business, how it contributes to commercial actions, the hiring that can be foreseen in the future and the marketing strategy to be followed.

For a financial support it is essential to know that they must take into account several arguments and this is where this Software to create business plan helps us some of the arguments to consider are the following:

  • The ability of the business to generate profits.
  • The estimated time in which they will recover their interest and repay the loans.
  • The actions that can add value.

What are the steps to follow?

This Business Plan Software will help you to make a good writing and presentation, a marketing plan and a good management of your finances.

Here I will explain how to make a business plan in 8 easy steps.

  1. Introduce your company and your management team.
  2. State your products and services to offer.
  3. Prove that you have a potential market and customer profiles.
  4. Identify the competitive environments of the company.
  5. Determining the business model to follow.
  6. The projection of the marketing plan.
  7. Applying for financing.
  8. The risks (evaluations)

This is another Business Plan Software that will simplify your business planning and track your company’s performance.

Liveplan business plan will help you set your goals and compare your performance with some industry benchmarks, it will also take into account the forecasts to follow for your good performance.

Its costs are affordable and can range up to less than $20 per month and its average user ratings are 4.5 out of 5.

With it you can access from anywhere and in a quick and easy way, with the corresponding guide where they explain the steps to follow.

Including hundreds of templates and counting with an assistant will help your business documents are well prepared and have the necessary information.

This business plan software also has unlimited access which will help several people can work on the business plan, and not charge additional costs in their plans is a great help for everything financially in your venture.


A business plan program that will help you with the installation and administration of sales systems, as well as a good follow-up of your growth.

Among its functions are the forecast and the accounting balance of the company with a complete profit and loss statement.
Cuttles can be implemented in Cloud, SaaS and Web.

Its prices are quite affordable 19 euros per month.

Available in several countries such as Germany, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria and 26 other countries. Several languages such as Spanish, English, French, Danish, German and others.


This business plan software is recommended for small businesses offering them a modern business plan that will give them the necessary tools for growth.

Its guided builder system with many templates will help you create financial projections and alternative fundraising tools in a simple and cost effective way.

What tools does it give us?

The best business plan software like Bizplan will allow you to track finances all from one place which is centralized such as salary forecasts, balance sheets etc.

Here I will tell you some of their best tools:

  • Their courses which are guided and will talk about financing.
  • You will have experts who will advise you and give you access to talk to them live.
  • Good designs, which will help you add them to your business plan.
  • A plan that will allow you to see how close you are to achieving your business goals.
  • You will be able to log in from anywhere.

What are your costs?

Bizplan offers its users three cost plans, namely:

  • The monthly with a cost of $29.
  • The annual with a cost of $20.75.
  • The unlimited which will give you lifetime access with a single payment which is $349.

All of its plans offer the use of all its functions, access to self-guided courses, more than 650 videos of classes and more than 1000 guides, among others.


Business plan software this option is one of the best regarding the writing of your automatic plans, this means that this business plan software is responsible for writing your plans and evaluate the potential that may have.

Enloop has an amazing tool which provides automatic synchronization of your financial data to create a specially customized business plan for you.

Enloop is a business planning software free to test and start writing.

What are its main characteristics?

  • Enloop will generate detailed reports.
  • Certificates of approval.
  • Real-time scoring of your business.
  • Currency formatting for your country.
  • Financial ratio generator.
Upmetrics Co

This business plan software is cloud based, you can write your business plans with customizable templates, it gives you the option to have business plans with projections for your investors.

You can work with your team and all contribute to the company, you can easily download and print all this for your business.
You can implement it in Cloud, SaaS, Web, Mac and Windows. Available in different countries such as Brazil, Canada, United States, Germany, Australia and others.

Its cost is $9 per month, you can work with it in a simple and fast way and it also offers practical and simple guides.

Who is designed for? is designed for small and medium sized companies with which they will be able to shape their plans and achieve their goals, as it is easy to use and helps newbies in entrepreneurship.

Anyway, there are many business plan software, but here we leave you the best 7 to be simple to use, have assistants that help to clear your doubts, step by step guides, custom templates and a host of useful tools.

If you are forming a company and you need business plan software that gives you the best tools and at a reasonable price you can choose among these and you will not regret it, with them you will have an optimal monitoring of your business, a good management of capital and a complete study of your goals in the short and long term.

Day by day technology helps us in many aspects, let’s make the most of it and take advantage of it for our next ventures.

It has never been so easy to create a business plan.

What is a business plan?

It is about capturing in a physical and structured way all the ideas you have in mind for your venture.

Basically, it is a detailed description of what you consider your ideal business in a realistic, dynamic and clear way.

In order to write a business plan, it is essential to consider that it is not enough to write down your ideas, but you must also determine the objectives to be achieved, the way to do it and the time frame in which you intend to achieve them.

Another way to consider it is as a map to follow to consolidate your business, with which you will be able to undertake in an orderly, planned, logical and able to face the eventualities that may arise.

There is no unique and exclusive way to develop a business plan, so it can be adapted to your needs, the essential thing is that it meets certain key criteria, such as having objectives or goals, the steps to achieve them and the period of time in which they are intended to be achieved.

Although there is no strict format to elaborate it, you can write a business plan based on the existing models on the Internet, they are numerous, varied and editable, which will greatly facilitate this task.

Consider that a business plan is a tool that can be the ideal starting point for you and your company, as long as it is done in the right way.

This business plan is not static, it can be modified when the venture requires it, but the idea is to stick to it as much as possible and not to modify it constantly or in a capricious way.

Finally, it is possible to consider the business plan as a formal document that marks the beginning of any venture, large or small.

What is the importance of a business plan?

Based on the above, it is valid to state that writing a business plan is essential to start any enterprise, since it provides a clearer and more concrete picture of the essence of the company and its direction.

Its importance is centered on the fact that it allows transforming simple ideas into an elaborated plan, as a route to follow, thus guiding any company.

The business plan establishes a clear starting point for entrepreneurs, saving them the headaches and digressions that can arise in the presence of a large number of unfinished ideas.

At the beginning, any entrepreneur may be overwhelmed by not knowing how to start and launch his business, and it is there where developing a plan becomes more than an alternative, it becomes a necessity.

Subsequently, having a business plan allows to evaluate the results after the implementation of the business strategies, analyzing their degree of effectiveness and determining if there is a need to modify or maintain them.

It also makes it possible to establish the achievement of objectives in a given period of time and to optimally allocate resources. In general, it offers a clearer picture of the company’s reality, which is of utmost importance in any business, large or small.

In addition, it is necessary when the entrepreneur requires financing or a loan, since it is required as part of the requirements for granting these economic resources.

Valuable tips when writing a business plan

When writing a business plan, it is essential to consider some key aspects that can be very useful.

As mentioned, it can be used cloud based business plan software to start online.

Draw up your business plan by prioritizing the objectives, so that you can accomplish the most important ones first.

For example, you should make sure to give the company a virtual presence before implementing digital marketing strategies.

The idea is that you can put yourself in the shoes of your customers or investors and formulate the potential questions that you will answer through planning.

Try to be as clear as possible, the idea is to create a business plan that is visualized in a concrete way, without leaving empty, unfinished aspects or to the imagination; since in addition to generating confusion, it can lend itself to misinterpretations and eventually become a failure.

The clearer it is, the better, use terms that give precision to your plan.

Be brief, remember that less is more, it is not much use to write a 100-page business plan if nobody is going to read it, including yourself.

Generally, the longest ones can take up to 30 pages and tend to be extremely detailed, so being brief, concise and precise will be the best when writing an effective business plan.

You can include details without exaggerating and avoiding excess of unnecessary information that does not add value to the business plan.

Structure your business plan correctly, remember that it should be easy to read and easy to find the particular aspects you are looking for.

Some of the Business plan pro software that is advanced can help with minor tasks of creating it

In this sense, it is advisable to elaborate it taking as an example the structure we have described in the previous steps, clearly delimiting the points and respecting the inherent content of each one.

The idea is that the text should be easy to read, and to this end it should be written coherently and congruently, so that it can be understood without much effort.

Prepare a document with a formal presentation, without erasures, amendments or erasures, within the margins, preferably printed and with the most orderly structure possible.

The presentation is of utmost importance, it speaks about the image of your company from the beginning and the idea is to transmit an impeccable aspect, much more when it is a requirement to carry out a procedure before financial or similar entities.

Finally, it is essential to mention that writing a business plan is a necessity for any entrepreneur who is considering the possibility of materializing his ideal company.

No ship or airplane embarks on an aimless voyage; everyone has a plan to which they adhere in order to reach their destination safe, sound and successful; the same applies to your business.

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