Hashimoto Antibodies | How I am working on lowering them 👊

One of the key indicators to be found when someone is diagnose with hypothyroidism is to also test for the TPO antithyroperoxidase autoantibodies and TGAB thyroglobul antibodies.

Having these markers high means that you are going through Hashimoto and that you should start to make changes in your life. 

Keep reading to learn some tips on how to lower Hashimoto Antibodies, and what not to do to increase them.

Hashimoto Antibodies
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I have Hashimoto Antibodies High, what does it mean?

When someone is going through the several Hypothyroid symptoms that appear, usually one goes with a normal or conventional doctor to say that “I am not feeling ok, I am loosing hair, I am having a belly that bloats, My gut is making lots of noise, I can’t sleep well, I feel low on energy, I feeling depressed, I am getting rashes”. And multiple symptoms that might be appearing, and somehow if you are lucky enough, the doctor will test for your thyroid labs to check if there is a hormonal imbalance.

Thyroid lab tests will be checking mainly the T3, T4 and TSH. If the doctor is only testing this out, you might have missed another important test.

 If your TSH is showing a high range, then it would be probable that doctors will only give you levothyroxine and that will be the only solution.

As I have mentioned in my Hashimoto testimonial, healing Hashimoto or hypothyroidism is more than just taking a pill.

So, as time passes and you just take the levothyroxine, the symptoms might come back and you might ask, why? 

You go back to the doctors, you check again the Thyroid Labs, but oh surprise, my TSH is normal, but I am feeling like shit, WHY?

The doctor, having no clue, might get annoyed by a patient that comes multiple times because he or she doesn’t find the answer, so naturally we look for another doctor who will test for the TPO and TGAB, the Hashimoto Antibodies.

So being labeled as a Hypothyroid, now the person gets the label of Hashimoto.

If you were able to find a functional medicine doctor, or a doctor with more experience with autoimmune disorders, he will explain immediately, but if not, you will still have the question, why?

There are multiple reasons a person can have high Hashimoto antibodies, where the most common is having a leaky gut.

Confused young woman

Hashimoto’s antibodies but normal TSH

When someone has Hashimoto’s antibodies but normal TSH is a clear sign of where the person has to work with in order to heal.

It has been commonly, and mistakenly, blamed on the thyroid about the Hypothyroid symptoms.

The butterfly that lies on our neck has the least amount of fault in this equation.

Our health status is equivalent to what we give to our body and specially to our gut. Literally as it is said, we are what we eat, and if we only give junk food to our body, eventually the body can deliver junk results.

The Thyroid can be working fine, and even with an additional support that can be levothyroxine, or natural desiccated thyroid, that is why the TSH labs could be normal.

The root causes of the symptoms can go beyond just what a lab test says.

So what else can be triggering the symptoms?

We should start seeing the body as a whole, and not as separate entities. We are body, mind and spirit, and the sum of the parts creates the whole equation.

People are used to go to a cardiologist, if it is a heart problem, a nutritionist if the person needs a diet, a psychologist if a person needs therapy, an endocrinologist if there is a thyroid issue, but there must be a change of the mindset and seeing that different areas can be the ones manifesting in other parts of the body.

So this is the change of paradigm that the conventional treatment for Hashimoto should be adapted to what is actually working.

Hashimoto is not a thyroid disease, Hashimoto is an autoimmune disorder and the person should focus on the different areas of the body to restore balance and eventually lower the Hashimoto Antibodies

Tips to lower Hashimoto Antibodies

So after coming back from Germany to Mexico, I focused on finding a “REAL DOCTOR”, who actually can help me.

Unfortunately, the ignorance of some doctors can have a negative impact on the patient’s health, and as I have been investigating for myself of what have helped others to heal Hashimoto, I also decided to seek out for a functional doctor in Mexico.

Functional Medicine is a trend in medicine, but is I don’t really focus on the name, I do consider that a natural approach with an holistic perspective to the solutions will be the one that can actually help a person to heal.

At last, the one who does the healing is the body itself with the mind and the spirit, and not the pills that are being given.

So when I finally found my functional medicine doctor, we focused on several areas, and as well in the Hashimoto Antibodies.

On a test that I did on May 2021, I presented the following high Hashimoto Antibodies.

Hashimoto Antibodies Carlos Barraza 18 May 2021

So during that time, the focus was on recovering the gut with L-glutamine, take back again a low levothyroxine dosage, plus some other suplements for other nutritional deficiencies and for homocysteine, such as Vitamin B and D.

I complemented with my juicing therapy, which has been mainly having a good natural green juice, beets-carrots-apple juice, papaya-coconut milk smoothie, or my organic cacao powder-coconut-walnuts-peacans-cinammon-2% low fat milk.

Milk has been considered negative for some autoimmune, but as my food sensitivity test have shown, diary has no impact on my autoimmune reaction and I could add it to my Hashimoto Diet.

And during this time, I changed the brand of Levothyroxine. This has been KEY for me to also feel better.

In August 2021, I ran some lab tests again and my Hashimoto Antibodies lowered! I was so happy that I have seen some improvement, but as well I was feeling it. 

After a year back in Mexico, I have been noticing better sleep, better energy and overall better health, although I still had some symptoms such as leg cramps, arm or chest pain, which i considered that there was some tissue damage due to the previous levothyroxine brand which made me feel awful.

Hashimoto Antibodies Carlos Barraza 10 August 2021

So after these results, I had to shift the mindset to also work on stress.

As I also have been showing low pregenolone results, the aim was to be more relaxed, to take some supplements that support the adrenals, spend more time in nature and overall to reduce stress.

But as winter came back, I struggled with the cold weather from my hometown. I didn’t have anymore the blue-purple fingers that is mainly known as Raynaud’s Phenomena, that was a good thing.  This was supported by taking levothyroxine and supported as well with cinammon and ginger teas.

As well, spending time outside was not that much of an option, but I did still aimed to have at least 15 minutes of sun exposure.

As I was feeling ok, I decided to incorporate Eggs and Orange Juice my diet. These were foods that I showed an autoimmune reaction.

So after an another appointment with my doctor in April 2022 I got the following labs.

Hashimoto Antibodies Carlos Barraza 11 April 2022

I was somehow disappointed, because for me it meant steps backwards on my healing.

After talking with the doctor if adding again the egg to my diet could have had an impact, and the anwer not neccesarily.

What the focus should be now is to keep dedicating time to the gut lining healing to decrease the permeability and also the antibodies. 

So far this has helped me and affected me.

Following up I share the tips to lower high Hashimoto Antibodies.

Keep your Hashimoto Diet

Metal spoons of various gluten free flour

As I have mentioned, we are unique in the sense of the body.

We are not the same in matter, we are the same in spirit, but in the physical body what affects or heals me, might not be the same for you.

This is why that rather than recomending what to eat or foods to avoid for Hashimoto, the best way is to do your own personal tests about the food sensitivities and really find out what affects you.

Find out, what foods are your body reacting to and creating Hashimoto antibodies.

But as a general rule, Glutes must be removed from the diet.

Work on your Cortisol - Stress Levels

peaceful river

Well have hear about stress, but stress itself is not negative.

We are meant to have the cortisol hormone and cope with different things that might put us up in a situation of stress.

What it can affect a person is to be in constant stress situation.

It is like accelerating a car, and speeding up the gas until the revolutions can’t more and it explodes.

So it is the body, if we are not able to create a rythm of life that can have high peaks of stress, but also to prolonge the low stress level situations, then also the body will become affected.

Yes, there are stress support supplements, but it is not only what we have to rely on.

It is important to find activities that can help us to cope with stress. It can be yoga, mindulness, reading, time with nature, time with family, low intensity excercise, you name it, but it should bring peaceful moments for you.

Vitamin D

Woman sunbathing on inflatable

Vitamin D has been shown to have an impact in the immune system.

Taking some time to be in the sun is important to recover the Vitamin D levels.

From up to 15 minutes per day is ok, being at the beach would be perfect.

Vitamin D can also help to regulate and decrease the autoimmune antibodies.

It can also be taken as suplement for Hashimoto.

Check with your doctor if you need Levothyroxine or in Natural Form

doctor consulting patient

As for experience, Levothyroxine, or the hormone replacement therapy, has helped the thyroid on doing his work.

As mentioned, check with your doctor what could be the best option for your Hashimoto.

For me, some levothyroxine brands didn’t work, but thanks God I found one that doesn’t generate in me heart palpitations, tremors, sleeping troubles.

The brand is Karet, but as I said, that for me has worked, but probably there might be brands for other persons that are working.

As well, it is recently being promoted back again the use of natural desiccated thyroid where some patients are seing good results.

Depending on the country or availability, this could be an option..

Strenght your Gut

Man in black sportswear running up staircase

Healing is every day, and healing is not linear, that for sure is learned with the time.

The small steps we take today are where we will arrive tomorrow.

Healing the gut takes time as have you seen and probably by yourself.

L-Glutamine, gut support supplements, Bone Broth, Flax Seeds, Kefir, Pre and Pro biotics are some elements that can support healing the gut.

I will see in the future what has helped me even more, so the focus to keep improving now will be to heal the gut.

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