Hashimoto How to heal the autoimmune disorder

Hashimoto is an etiquette given to people who are showing a higher level of antibodies in the TPO and TGAB test.

Healing hashimoto is actually easier than what doctors or the big medical website state, but certainly it requires more then what they say.

There are things I which I have known years ago when I was given that label of Hashimoto.

Keep reading to learn more about Hashimoto how to heal the autoimmune disorder.

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Finding the root cause of Hashimoto Autoimmune disorder

When one is treated by a conventional doctor, what is most probable is that the doctor will ask for the normal thyroid tests, which are to measure TSH, T3 and T4.

But some doctors at the beginning will lack to test the Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO) and Thyroglobulin autoantibodies (TGAB). 

It is crucial for someone to be tested the earlier the better to know if there is an autoimmune disorder that can be related to Hashimoto, and in this way to start a better Hashimoto treatment.

But again, a conventional doctor, by only checking those lab test, it won’t really keep seeking for the root cause of the Hashimoto autoimmune disorder.

What it is important to make clear is that Hashimoto is not a thyroid disease, the problem of the autoimmune disorder comes some steps back. It could come from a leaky gut that was damaged by the use of antibiotiocs, a toxic environment, high stress levels, or some other issues.

The question to be searching for answers, is, what caused the Hashimoto autoimmune disorder that eventually developed in having different symptoms such as weight gain, high colesterol, bad sleep, feeling cold, slow heart rate, brain fog, hair loss, goiter, sore muscles and joints to name some.

The conventional medical treatment goes like this. I have X symptom, than I require X pill to solve the problem. And this is not how to heal hashimoto.

Endocrinologists are basing their treatment in just giving the levothyroxine pill in the according dosage respectively to your weight and age, and that will heal hashimoto. That is a wrong way of treatment.


What lab tests should I do if I have Hashimoto?

So first, once we have found that there are some high levels of antibodies, then let’s search for the root causes.

Food sensibilities are one of the important test to be done, in order to find root causes for a Hashimoto autoimmune disorder. Some labs run tests that can check out which foods can trigger antibodies, and this way the person can know which foods to avoid with Hashimoto and which foods to eat.

Nutritional deficiencies are another marker to be found. An adequate Hashimoto Diet is key on how to heal Hashimoto. Key vitamins and minerals need to be checked such as Vitamind D, B, Zinc, Iodine and Selenium.

What about Cortisol, the stress hormone? Yeap, that as well is useful to be known. I have done a test where you have to spit in tubes so that the saliba can be tested in labs to check the cortisol levels. Other related test I was checked for was Pregnenolone, which is a precursor hormone that helps build other hormones, included cortisol.

Small steps to heal Hashimoto

Once we have found our TSH, T3, T4, TPO, TGAB, food sensibilities, nutritional deficiencies, and stress levels, we can start dedicating time to properly heal Hashimoto.

Build your routine

It makes it easier for your body and mind to build up a weekly routine with the food, suplements, tasks, resting and sleeping times.

Remember that there were activities, foods, or environments that took you to that sick or bad moment.

It is time to now create a turning point and aim to a higher and better self with a body that is recovered and healed.

The Hashimoto healing path requires time, commitment and dedication, otherwise, any small step that you do, it will be in vain.

Similar to a person who start to build a muscle body at the gym, it is the same process to heal the different areas of the body so that the healthy balance is restored.

Hashimoto Diet

In a Hashimoto diet is important to remove al gluten.

It is the most common food that triggers any autoimmune reaction.

Why has gluten become the devil? Well, it is not like that, it is because the gut has become weaker due to several factors, that when gliadine, a protein in gluten, filters to the bloodstream, the body will attack the gliadin protein. Since gliadin is similar to the Thyroid tissue, it will be confused and also decide to attack the thyroid.

This will cause the most common hypothyroid symptoms.

Mentioning right now which foods to ead and which ones to avoid in Hashimoto can be just guessing for you.

As mentioned, the best way to do it is through a food sensitivity test, which marks which one you can and which one you can’t eat if you have Hashimoto.

Sometimes diary is not recommended at all for Hashimoto, but in my case, diary was a food that I could eat, and when I eat it, I don’t feel any flare up.

Therefore, it is important to stick to what your body and your labs say to you. Any other website recommending the “Best X food for Hashimoto” might not be the best for you.


Juice Therapy

Along of knowing by yourself which food to avoid for Hashimoto according to the food sensitivities and autoimmune reaction, you can build up as well a routine of juice therapy.

Juicing is one of the most natural ways to heal Hashimoto and your body in general.

Finding the best natural foods that your body needs to restore your nutritional deficiencies is important.

You can try a recipe of a Green Juice, or Carrots with Beets and Apples in extract juices.

As well, if your body can accept milk, then trying milk shakes with no sugar added and just some organic cacao powder, banana, coconut, cinammon powder and  walnuts.

Juicing in the morning is a great way to give a nutrient dense drink that your body will be helped within time.

Hashimoto Supplements

The nutritional deficiencies that foods can not support or are taking longer than expected to recover, then taking some supplements for Hashimoto can be useful.

There are multiple brands online that offer supplements Thyroid Support which also help Hashimoto.

Talk with your functional medicine doctor of which could be the best brand for you. 

Taking supplements for just the sake of taking supplements is not the only answer.

The Hashimoto supplements should be quality, and preferably include those vitamins and minerals that will give you the support.

In my opinion, healing Hashimoto comes first with foods and lifestyle, then add the needed supplements and at last any medicine that support thyroid.

In some cases, just with the first, foods, lifestyle and thyroid supplements, people can live without taking levothyroxine.

Excercise, but don't over do it

As a sports person, I always enjoyed doing outdoor sports, going to the gym and activities that were related to excercise.

But the thing is that we are learning more about our body, over excercising could not be the best for our Thyroid.

The body needs to rest and cool down from the excercise and needs to build up.

It requires energy to do so, and also it requires energy to keep the hormonal balances.

If we over excercise, we are also needing more cortisol on the body to respond to the energy that we need.

Keep it low, dont’t push your body too much to the physical limits.

Yes, we all prefer and want an excelent body, but over excercising can have a negative impact on restoring our balance.

Recovering good sleep

It is important to remark, that what might affect me, might not be the same for you, and so for what it helps me.

Some of the things that affected my sleep quality was the levothyroxine pill brand that I was taking. Merck’s brand Eutirox, for me was not the best pill to take, and levothyroxine makes me feel awful.

But for years, by being on Eutorix, my sleep was about just 4 hours, and then trying to sleep again and sometimes I had success and sleep 4 hours more. That sleep rythm became normal, but it wasn’t. 

I decided to drop out levothyroxine, and the days afterwards my sleep quality was improving, even sleeping the 8 hours straight. But winter came, and I was having Raynaud’s phenomena, where my fingers where getting blue purple colored.

My functional medicine doctor recommended me to take back again levothyroxine but just a low dose.

My nights came back again to be 4 hour sleep. But one night I had a strong chest paing and it was even taking a low dose of Levothyroxine (25mg), so there must be something in the pill that affects me. Years before, I also had some chest pains, which I can relate to Eutorix.

I decided to go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for other brand. I was given Karet, and since then, I have not gotten a horrible chest pain as I had several times with Eutirox.

Couple days after, my sleep started to be restored to the full 8 hours.

Therefore, I do recommend to check with your doctor the brands of medication. It might be it, or the foods what is causing your sleep issues.

Another recommendation is to get used to wake up early in the morning without any alarm at the same hour. If you are an early bird, it is recommended to sleep earlier, thant trying to push your sleep. Or if you are a night owl, make sure that your room is dark in the early morning, so that you have more resting hours.

Keep your cycardian rythms in balance. Good quality sleep is key to heal hashimoto.


I hope that this tips on Hashimoto how to heal an autoimmune disorder helps you.

For me it has been a long way, but certainly, I am sure that I am now on the right way of healing Hashimoto and forgetting all of its symptoms.

It does require patience. Healing is not linear and one day we might feel like again in the top of the world, and the very next day feeling back low.

Remember to stay on track and for sure with time, you can be back to your full potential.

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