What is Mindfulness and how to practice it?

Everyday life is often a bit hectic for many people, as they find themselves in a spiral of thoughts, problems, solutions from which sometimes it can be difficult to get out.

Psychology and different professions that deal with mental health recommend Mindfulness, but what is Mindfulness and how to practice it?

If you are one of those people who are constantly with the mind working, even when you go to bed and want to rest, Mindfulness may be the solution to your problem and help you get some rest.

Find out what this concept is about, how to practice Mindfulness and its most effective techniques.

What is Mindfulness and how to practice it
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What is Mindfulness?

How can Mindfulness help us to keep our attention in the present and be as focused as possible on what is important in the moment.

It is a concept that comes from Eastern meditation practices, especially Buddhism and Vipassana meditation, where they basically take Mindfulness as a meditation technique that allows people to concentrate on the present or pay attention with intention.

Despite being a meditation technique that dates back more than 2,500 years, currently it is still used by many therapists, health professionals both physically and psychologically.

What is the purpose of Mindfulness?

Regardless of the professional point of view from which it is approached, Mindfulness seeks that whoever practices it can have the basic ability to concentrate and live fully in the present.

We already know that it is a meditation technique, but what is meditation? It is known as a way to train the mind and find tranquility in the midst of chaos. So Mindfulness is a meditation technique that allows you to train your mind to focus on the present and be able to maintain a good concentration when needed.

Do you want to know how to practice Mindfulness? Read on and learn how to train your mind.

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How to practice Mindfulness?

Despite being a Buddhist practice, Mindfulness is currently taken as a meditation technique without an exact body position to perform it or following any religious belief.

Due to the adoption of Mindfulness within psychology, this practice can be performed in a more fluid and focused way on the problem that the person may have at that moment.

Therefore, Mindfulness does not have a specific body position, it seeks that the person is as comfortable as possible with himself, his body and the space where he is practicing meditation.

With this clear, it is important to consider the following elements to start practicing Mindfulness.

Data that will help you to start practicing Mindfulness and not give up in the early days. Follow them and trust in your abilities, be patient and set your own limits.

Start practicing Mindfulness

To begin the practice of Mindfulness it is only a matter of following the following steps as steadily as possible and at a pace you can maintain.

With this, you can start the Mindfulness exercises and techniques from the most basic to the most complex. To practice Mindfulness is to follow the 9 steps above in the following exercises that we will see below.

Mindfulness Techniques

The psychology of the mind concept

As mentioned above, Mindfulness serves as a meditation technique in any area of your life, so it can be practiced formally, or informally within your daily and everyday actions.

Some of the most commonly used techniques in informal Mindfulness and that you can use to get started in this practice are the following:

By following these Mindfulness exercises consistently, on a daily basis, you are more likely to initiate formal Mindfulness and practice it correctly.

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