8 Best Chatbot Software for Websites

Nowadays the best software for Chatbots are sought after by all types of companies with an online presence with the intention of not only offering a good customer service, but also to gain the loyalty of more and more of their users.

Read on to learn about the advantages of using Chatbots, and which software you should consider to have one.

Best Chatbot Software
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Advantages of using Chatbots

Chat support platforms, including Hiver alternatives, are in-demand because many people prefer to use them as a self-service option. Chat support saves more time than email or phone calls, allowing you to get accurate answers in real-time. With artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, chatbots have become a critical aspect of business communications.  

Chatbots software are considered the new generation of assistants, so it is increasingly common to find them on different platforms, even with the famous Siri or Alexa.

Some of their main advantages are:

Respond to frequently asked questions immediately

With the use of one of these softwares you have the possibility of automating each of the answers to most of the frequently asked questions, solving your customers' doubts about your product or service immediately, improving the interaction between the user and the brand.

Help you obtain customer data and use it in an objective manner

These softwares will allow you to obtain the data of your clientele in a friendly way. In addition, the information you collect in the conversation is also used to train your robot so that the company is able to identify the profile of the target customer, and the products or services that are most in demand and successful. Chatbots can initiate customer conversations to build interest in your products and services. Hence, using the customer data it collects and generates, you can use a program to generate more leads or prospects for your business. This technology allows you to implement conversational marketing and other effective marketing strategies.

Improve the company's image

One of the most important advantages of using Chatbots is that they offer 24-hour customer support, which automatically translates into better customer service. In addition, because it is fast, simple, and operational, Chatbot software can make the customer feel completely satisfied with the service they are receiving. Live chatbots can help improve your business reputation because of the accurate information the software program provides. You can program or set rules depending on policy changes and newly fed information for your chatbot software. That way, your customers remain updated with your products, services, and policies, boosting long-term loyalty and retention.

Offer a sense of closeness

By giving you the ability to personalize your messages, these softwares are able to create a closeness with customers, as well as help in building a community. You can change and personalize chatbot greetings depending on the source or channel the user came from, such as from your social media page to your business website and vice versa. Moreover, chatbots can use the user's registration information to personalize messages. For instance, the chatbot can address the person on a first-name basis or recognize that the user is one of your social media followers or loyal customers.

Lower costs

Another advantage of using Chatbots is the reduction of personnel costs, since you have an automated system capable of responding automatically to your customers, so it is not necessary to have a staff or team dedicated to it.

What are the best software for Chatbots?

Chatbot builder by SendPulse

SendPulse is a go-to platform when it comes to marketing automation. Essentially, it’s a cloud based software that helps small and midzised businesses build a firm communication process with their customers by means of incorporating an omnichannel approach: Chatbots, Email and SMS marketing backed up by a handy CRM. 

SendPulse’s chatbot builder is very versatile tool as users can choose to build a chatbot for their preferred social media platform or messenger. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram you name it. Intuitive and easy to understand dashboard makes it easy to create your first chatbot, no coding required. 

The best part about this platform is that SendPulse gives you more than just a chatbot. The user data that your chatbot collects from your customers is stored within a CRM. Businesses can use this data to design promotional campaigns incorporating other channels like email or SMS marketing.

Conversiobot is a messenger that resembles AI Chatbot that is cloud-based and can be installed on websites with the help of a plugin or script. It has the main intention of helping the user to increase the number of conversations that are had on their website.

It is one of the most popular chat bot software. In fact, many affiliates report that it helped them generate more than 6000 sales in a period of 6 months, so it is a good motivation to try it.

Among the pros are that it is inexpensive and one-time payment, very easy to use, has many integrations, is multilingual, offers ready-to-use templates, and is designed for unlimited websites and bots if you order the right package.

Landbot presents itself as a cloud-based solution that is able to help small and medium-sized businesses with the creation of conventional websites, landing pages, surveys and, the protagonists of this article, lead generation chatbots for interaction.

It is one of the best software for Chatbots for its functions, which can be highlighted the development without code, on-screen chats, bots already configured, conversation analytics, as well as the monitoring and optimization of the data that as the different chats are obtained.

This platform gives the opportunity to create conversational Chatbots in different formats, such as pop-ups, live chats, widgets, among others. They can be in landing pages, business applications, or even placed in WhatsApp for the user’s convenience.

Chatbot was introduced to us as an all-in-one platform that allows the creation and launch of Chatbots without coding. They can be used on websites as well as Slack, Messenger, Facebook, among many others.

You don’t need to be an expert in Chatbots software because when you start using it you will be given a quick tour of what the product is, explaining what its flow generator is. Once this is finished then you can start using it to create the chatbot you want from its visual flow generator.

Following the thread of the first chatbot created, before you launch it you can test it on the same platform so you can detect any errors that have been generated, so you can be sure that it is not only simple to use, but also safe to offer efficiency to the user and end up making them loyal.


ManyChat is considered a tool that will allow you to create a bot for your Facebook page… best of all, it’s completely free. So you will be able to simulate a human conversation with the intention of offering information and offers, to problem solving and more to your customers.

It is one of the best software for Chatbots due to the fact that it focuses on Messenger (from Facebook), which is one of the most popular apps worldwide. It is also very simple to use, achieving what you need without programming codes, or basic knowledge, in just a couple of minutes. 

If you are looking to automate and customize messages, as well as sequences of possible questions and answers, this is the right software for you. With it you will convert users into subscribers every time they start a chat conversation with you.


Freshworks is considered to be an AI-powered software (specifically Freddy AI) with the purpose of discovering the best leads, increasing lead engagement, driving sales closure, and also nurturing existing customers with intelligent and comprehensive solutions.

Like other Chatbots software this one will give you everything you need to win your customers for life, attracting more and more visitors. It will offer you AI Chatbots so that you can talk in real time with each of your visitors to bring them closer to you.

Besides, you will get other benefits such as the creation of web forms to collect information from your customers, it will help you to adapt email campaigns, you will have a comprehensive view of your customers, you can set welcome messages, among many other aspects that lead the user to become a customer.


MobileMonkey is known as a conversational marketing solution that was designed with the intention of helping real estate companies, restaurants, e-commerce and automotive businesses, among other sectors, with the creation of Chatbots so that they could communicate in real time with their customers.

One of the best software for Chatbots because the platform allows administrators to get in touch with potential customers, conduct drip campaigns, schedule messages, as well as share links and gain visibility into audience engagement analytics.

In addition, as other highlights, it enables companies to automate their lead tracking and routing processes so that they can optimize customer service operations. MobileMonkey can be deployed in the cloud, SaaS and on the web.


BotsCrew defines itself as an intelligent Chatbot, which can be integrated into the software you are already using, with the intention of automating both pre-sales and post-sales customer service requests, so it can be seen as an add-on.

This Chatbots software will give you the opportunity to create, update, train and analyze the results of Chatbots on the fly thanks to a simple interface. You will be able to send broadcast messages to your customers and measure their results with detailed statistics that are generated with just a couple of clicks.

In addition, it also gives you the ability to add a fully customizable live widget to offer your visitors help whenever they need it. It can be employed by any company that is looking for a way to efficiently automate first level support requests.


NotifyVisitors can be considered among the best marketing automation software due to the ease of use to create and improve the marketing processes.

As well, thanks to its artificial intelligence and machine learning, it can help to build a chatbot to improve customer engagement.

The customer journey is critical to be highly efficient to increase conversion rates, and NotifyVisitors understands these, because thanks to its tool it can build up and design properly the journey so that the customer is contacted in the important communication points. 

As well, NotifyVisitors as one of the best chatbot software can personalize the communication, which it is relevant to keep a closer connection with users.

NotifyVisitors can be integrated with the most used e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal and more.

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