How to generate leads in B2B

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Obtaining quality leads or the ideal lead in a marketing or sales company is the primary objective of more than 90% of the professionals in this area.

On one hand you can generate B2B leads which means business/company leads or generate B2C leads where the potential customer is a single consumer. 

To obtain either of the two, you must have an excellent marketing strategy that is adapted to the final objective.

B2B leads or B2B lead generation is the main business to business (B2B) marketing objective and we will see what strategy is used to obtain and generate quality leads. Click to read more about B2B marketing.

How to generate leads in B2B
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Leads, the goal of B2B Marketing

When we talk about leads, we refer to potential customers that can become a consumer and in the near future a regular customer. In the case of B2B leads in B2B Marketing we do not refer to a single person, but to a business or company as a whole.

That is, we do not say that Luis Perez is our potential customer, we say that the cosmetics company RedRose is our potential customer.

In B2B Marketing the main objective is focused on generating a portfolio of consistent and lasting leads, where quality is always more important than quantity. In the case of B2B leads, we already have the contact information, such as email and telephone, within the database, the purpose is to convert them into consumers through marketing strategies.

Converting a portfolio of B2B leads into consumers takes a long way, where good communication between both sides is of utmost importance and the potential customer becomes the target to nurture, care and maintain.

To obtain leads in B2B Marketing you can buy the customer portfolio or generate them from scratch with campaigns and professional strategies such as Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing.

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Content marketing for B2B

Content Marketing completely changes its focus when it is aimed at generating B2B leads, so before starting a Content Marketing strategy, you must take into account the differences between the B2C and B2B approach, as this can give you the basis for a correct campaign and reach the final goal without wasting time and investment.

The objective of Content Marketing for B2B is to achieve, through the creation of important content, the generation of potential leads for future negotiations to buy or nurture the portfolio of customers that the company already has.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the customer’s needs and thus be able to create appropriate content or otherwise use the ideal transmission channel.

The importance of content marketing in B2B lies in the fact that the content generated in the right way, can achieve a good communication between company and company, where the person in charge of the purchase in the target business must be converted into the potential customer and know what he expects and needs from the product or service that the sales company is offering.

Content Marketing for B2B is one of the main strategies to generate B2B leads or nurture the portfolio of potential customers you already have.

If you want to achieve a perfect content marketing strategy, keep in mind the following tips:

Content marketing for B2B is a basic and widely used tool, but there are others like LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Landing page for B2B.

Let’s see what these tools are all about.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We all know LinkedIn as the social network that allows communication between employers and people looking to expand their horizons. Due to the amount of people that can be found on LinkedIn, it can be thought that it can become an excellent B2B lead generator and its creation of Sales Navigator is the confirmation of that.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is defined as the best tool to generate leads and be able to build a portfolio that will improve your company’s sales statistics. Hiring this tool is something similar to buying B2B leads, because you can have everything you need for a correct segmentation of the population and get the right audience.

The benefits of this lead generation tool are many, but we will see the most important ones:

In addition to helping to increase or generate B2B leads that are more likely to be potential customers, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator allows you to nurture a portfolio of B2B leads naturally and easily.

Landing Page for B2B

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A landing page for B2B can be a great challenge if you do not have the right knowledge to create and express what you want.

The landing page has the purpose of expressing from the home page of your company, the value, objective and essence of the business, so it is important to make a correct creation of it, as it will be the “hook” to get B2B leads or nurture your portfolio of potential customers.

The target or landing pages must have the following characteristics to be considered as doing a good job:

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