What is B2B marketing?

B2B marketing is quite serious and very specialized as the team in charge of designing and implementing campaigns to attract and retain customers.

B2B brand-oriented marketing requires experts, whether internal, external, agencies or consultants. They must have experience, sensitivity and also technical knowledge to be able to design cost-effective advertising campaigns.

So, let’s learn a little more about B2B marketing, its relevance, and tips to improve B2B marketing.

what is B2B marketing
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What is B2B marketing?

The so-called B2B marketing, is that marketing that is based on the sale that is made between companies, as opposed to the sale that exists between company and customer. This type of marketing brings together the entire market that is usually carried out between companies that are dedicated to selling their services and products to other companies or companies and these in turn can bring something to their customers.

The term B2B refers to the Business to Business. Larger companies often resort to this marketing model to be able to function and thus achieve more profitability.

But, this is a type of marketing that is not exempt from analysis, competition studies and obviously a deepening in all the demand. Its main difference with traditional marketing is that, in this type of marketing, the target is not a domestic consumer but a company that is going to take advantage of everything it buys and then sell it to its customers.

It may be a little more difficult than marketing that is oriented to domestic consumers because some companies tend to buy out of necessity more than anything else, either to survive or to continue to feed the business model they have.

Even so, B2B marketing is still profitable, you can continue to feed your business by taking advantage of this marketing, in fact many companies have achieved higher growth than others that are domestic oriented.

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What is the relevance of B2B marketing?

The importance of B2B marketing lies in everything that this type of marketing makes possible. From the possibility of creating an excellent product or service, to having a competitive process that allows more reach, to providing greater technology.

B2B marketing helps in the identification, localization, quantification, segmentation and targeting of all the customers that are considered important in the growth of the business.
When business-to-business marketing techniques are used, it becomes easier to achieve the company’s objectives, allowing the company to focus on the performance of each of the marketing channels involved in the process.

The relevance of B2B marketing lies in the fact that it allows to know the marketing channels that include for example service partners, retailers, distributors, retailers, all of these can be monitored and evaluated.

This allows those with weak performance to be eliminated and those that produce results considered favorable or desirable to be focused much better.

B2B marketing allows supplying other companies with all the products and/or services they require to develop their activities. And if we talk about its function in an indirect way then we can say that it allows to satisfy the demand of a domestic customer so that when he approaches a business, the business can provide him with an offer that will be useful and he will not have any problem.

This marketing is a way of satisfying needs that expand to another plane that is very different from the domestic one.

Tips to improve B2B marketing

Selling to other companies is not a simple sale, and if you want to be successful in this type of sales you must apply many different tactics to those you are used to do in direct sales to domestic consumers.

For this reason, we recommend you to follow these tips to improve B2B marketing so you can focus your sales and increase and close many B2B sales.

Direct contact with the decision maker.

Most companies have a person who is the real decision maker, but this person is not very accessible. Don’t waste your time trying to establish contact with these middle people because it won’t do you any good.

Concentrate your efforts and resources on making contact with the people who actually have the power and ability to make the purchase.

Sells forecasts and results.

Companies have no interest in your product or service, what really matters to them are the results and what they can actually achieve with the help you offer.

It is impractical and unfeasible for you to make an effort to make sure your customers know all the features of your products, because B2B marketing is more focused on what they can actually achieve with your product or service.

Explain your value proposition.

Debes tener una forma clara de explicar en qué consiste tu propuesta de valor, debes hacerlo de forma muy concisa.

Algunas de las ventas de marketing B2B no logran concretarse porque los vendedores resultan incapaces para explicar el valor de sus servicios y lo que estos le aportan de verdad a los clientes.

Try to make the sale in person, always.

As you already know, you should focus on getting the sale directly to the person who is truly qualified and authorized to make the purchasing decisions. Now, let’s look at how to sell the product to them.

Whenever possible, you should make the sale in person, and do everything in your power to make it face to face. Sometimes this involves a trip with an investment of money and time.

Always know your customers, in depth.

You should always focus on understanding the needs of the companies you want to sell your services to.

You must ask yourself the following questions, what are their needs, what are the problems that cause them the most concern and what are the consequences if they are not resolved?

When you know these answers then you can begin to make and apply the answers and/or B2B sales strategies to make you successful.

Control your emotions

The best tip is to keep your emotions under control if you want to close a B2B sale, you can’t make a business decision personally, always stay calm and never be intimidated when you are face to face with the customer in case he becomes aggressive.

If you appear scared, or if they see you nervous this could translate into losing the sale.

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