Localizing Content Marketing with NMT to Build Brand Awareness

Localizing Content Marketing with NMT to Build Brand Awareness

Written by Think with Google reported that 72% of online shoppers stated that they spend the majority of their time on websites that are in their native language. Due to this, if businesses want to enter a new market and widen their clientele, translating and localizing their content is one of the best ways to […]

How to increase sales with content marketing

How to increase sales with content marketing

Written by All businesses have gone through this stage where you want to increase your sales but you don’t have a dedicated sales team for that. What you can do then is roll your sleeves up and start to deliver content that makes sales. Content that your audience wants from you. In a way that […]

How to create a Conceptual Map with Canva


Written by A conceptual map is a visual representation of the relationships among concepts. It can be used to improve thinking, problem solving, and decision making. A conceptual map can show the relationship betwee different entities within a company or organization. A conceptual map can help to simplify complex information and make it easier to […]

How to create a Comparison Chart with Canva


Written by A comparison chart is a visual representation of data that can be used to compare or contrast two or more items. Comparison charts can be used for a variety of purposes, such as comparing the performance of two products, determining which product is better for a given use case, or helping to choose […]

Speechelo Review | Best Text-to-Speech Software Online

Speechelo Review English

★★★★★ 4.7/5 Written by Table of Contents More videos of other languages on this Speechelo Youtube Playlist.  Speechelo Review Summary Recommended for Video Creators Speechelo is a Text-to-Speech online Software that helps you to create artificial intelligence voice overs in just seconds. Price per Value Speechelo costs $47 dollars, and it is a one time […]

Learnworlds | Integrate online courses to your website


The current power of technology in all areas of human daily life is wide enough to see a fully digitized future, so nowadays you can find online jobs such as selling online courses and providing information services through web pages. Learnworlds seeks to integrate marketing tools for online courses to your website to expand the […]

Thinkific | Create your digital business with online courses


Today, entrepreneurship is a matter of having an idea and the necessary foundations to start a digital business, as well as finding the right platform to create a digital business with online courses. For example, Thinkific, is known as a platform to create online courses and in turn presents all the necessary tools to promote […]

Teachable | Create and sell online courses


Within the management of new technologies and due to social distancing, being able to create your own and sell online courses is a great advantage for not wasting money, time, or knowledge. Teachable is one of the main online platforms for selling online courses, using the best elements and tools to make your online courses […]

What is Fiverr? Recommendation for Buyers and Sellers

what is Fiverr

Fiverr International is an online marketplace where individuals and businesses can hire freelancers to perform tasks for them. Fiverr allows users to create gigs and upload a list of services they are willing to pay for and then browse through the available freelance services who have posted their availability on the site. This article will […]

7 Best Video Transcription Software

Best video transcription software

Transcription, also referred to as recording of a voice and converting it into text, is an important part of any professional transcription service. With the help of video transcription software, you can quickly convert your videos or recordings into perfect transcripts without having to worry about missing out on anything. Written by This post is […]