2 Useful Woocommerce Translation Plugins for your Business Website

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Carlos' Opinion - Woocommerce Translation Plugin Review

In 2019, I was testing to create a Woocommerce Website, Silvias Boutiques.

I set aside the project due to the lack of time on developing the website, while working at Bechtle.

I share my experience of WPML as a woocommerce translation plugin.

Basically, WPML worked practically the same as for the normal content translation.

WPML gives the easy compatibility with Woocommerce, so there is no so much worries of crashing the website. 

As WPML keeps improving its automatic, it would be easier to manage your Woocommerce Website.

In contrast, Weglot has the advantage of quick and accurate translation, reducing the manual work.

With Weglot, you don’t have to worry too much about translation.

So, if you are looking for speed and accuracy go for Weglot, if you are looking for translation control and no limit on the word count and number of languages go for WPML.

Many people talk about translation plugins in WordPress, but the truth is that very few think specifically about WooCommerce stores and the needs and problems they can create.

That’s why we will give you those WooCommerce translation plugins that can get you out of a jam in a short time, and in a simple way.

Why is it necessary to translate WooCommerce?

If you want to give the best possible service to all those new customers when you start selling internationally, it is best that all your products, such as your variants, categories, fields, and attributes, are translated correctly. 

The great importance of WooCommerce translation plugins is based on the fact that 90% of potential customers only buy a product if the website are on their language. So they can get to know it in detail.

We all know that building an online store is completely difficult, there are many details that need to be fine-tuned for everything to work properly, but in this sense we can tell you that, whenever you use WordPress, with a WooCommerce plugin, you will have everything a little easier.

Best Woocommerce Translation Plugins

We can find many plugins to translate in WordPress, but below you will find those that will work great for WooCommerce. Detailing how they benefit the user, and everyone surfing the website where it has been implemented.


The first Woocommerce translation plugin we will discuss will be Weglot, which is well known by users because of all the benefits that can be obtained from it. Making it also one of the most functional, in general terms, for what online stores are.

We all know that WordPress has the defect of not being multilingual by itself. That’s why we must use this type of plugin. However, there may not be one as accurate as Weglot, which is very easy to implement (you don’t need to be a developer or know how to program). 

It is no surprise that it is the best rated translation plugin in the whole WordPress directory, and with it the WooCommerce store is automatically translated in just a couple of minutes. Just what we all want. 

Best of all, from its control panel (which is very simple) it gives you the ability to manage and customize your translations, you can use a context editor and also invite other team members to your project.

Main Weglot Characteristics Advantages

All the content found on the website is translated perfectly, meaning the products, the categories, the process involved in the purchase, and much more.

With this plugin you will have the opportunity to manage each and every one of your translations from one place.

It has what is known as "multilingual SEO", which means that the new content created from the translation is automatically indexed by Google. This includes the meta-tags, the descriptions, and also the translated dedicated URLs.

It has a fully customizable language selector.

WooCommerce themes and extensions can be a problem when using translation plugins. In this case, Weglot is highly compatible, as it is not limited to just a few. It works well with all of them.

If you have any problem, or need something else, the plugin has a customer service team that will work to provide you with solutions.

It is high cost,
but most accurate and fast,
WordPress translation Plugin.


Before, when we needed to translate the buttons of a WooCommerce we thought about the Codestyling Localization plugin. However, the fact that this has stopped being updated, and has left the official WordPress download directory, has forced us to find other options. 

The truth is that we’ve all had a bad time at times when it comes to WooCommerce titles and buttons that, despite having installed and configured everything necessary for your store, are still not translated. 

WordPress has tried to correct this in its latest updates, making the translation the default. But the truth is that there are still themes (both free and Premium) where these buttons and titles are still in English, even though everything else is in Spanish.

It is important to understand that WPML requires manual work, so it is common to continue appreciating it as a project that continues to be improved over time, since they are now focusing more on the automatic process.

Main WPML Characteristics Advantages

It has a translation editor already built into the WordPress administrator.

It has an extensive language directory so you have the ability to choose the language you want without limit.

You can create, or update, language files directly from the translation manager or from product and page posts.

With WPML you have more control over translations, so translating your Woocommerce online store will be under your control.

The most reliable,
compatible and easy to manage,
WordPress translation Plugin.

How to use the plugins to translate WooCommerce that we have described to you?

If you have been interested in any of the plugins to translate WooCommerce that we have described above, but you think it will be a problem to use them, you should have a little more confidence on them, and in their developers.

The people who designed these plugins also took care of creating graphic tutorials that will help you take the first steps with their plugins, which you can find on each one’s website, respectively.

They are very detailed, and easy to understand, even if you haven’t worked this way before.

Remember, having an online store that changes languages is a better chance of getting international customers.

People buy where everything is easier for them, and with this you will be making sure they understand perfectly what you want to sell them.