How to create a multilingual WordPress site for your startup with WPML.

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Multilingual WordPress Website for Startup
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Carlos' Opinion - How to create
Multilingual WordPress For your Startup Website.

If you have decided to turn your online business or startup into a multilingual WordPress website, then I will recommend you WPML, but of course there are some questions to do to you first to really say go for it.

WordPress is one of the most useful content management system to create websites.

There are multiple forms to create websites, and there is no perfect solution to do it.

WordPress is one of the most known and also easy to use, therefore it has been the preferable platform to use.

As a business, we all have endlessly heard, you must have a website or you don’t exist.

And if you are aiming to build up a startup, then a website is just the first milestone.

Once defined that you want to use WordPress, and that you also want to reach international customers, there are multiple multilingual plugins to international customers.

I have a post in my website that I talk about the different multilingual WordPress plugins.

If you are considering to dedicate time to the translation, or have a multinational team of translator, then WPML could be an option as a multilingual plugin.

WPML is an easy to use plugin that has helped me to turn my website into a multilingual WordPress Website.

I focus on content creation, and I have a big word count, therefore that has been the main reason to choose WPML.

If you are a Startup that is going to focus on content, then go for it. Since you might need no limits on your word count.

WPML is improving its automatic translation with Deepl, therefore it is now competing better against the other translation plugin that I also recommend, Weglot.

When to use Weglot, rather than WPML? 

If your startup is a Woocommerce Website, I would recommend better Weglot, since Weglot doesn’t get involved too much with your code.

This reduces the risk of some problems between the plugins.

Although Weglot also has its negative aspects, that you can read more about in my WPML vs Weglot.

How to design a Multilingual site?

When we create our multilingual site with WPML we will be able to choose a lot of themes for our website, since it has a wide compatibility with WordPress Themes.

The first thing to do to choose a good visual design is to find a designer and explain the purpose of the multilingual site and who is the target.

Whatever your idea is there will be many themes that designers can use to design a multilingual site.

This site should essentially have a language switcher so that all visitors to the site can choose the language of their choice to read the information of the site or it gets redirected.

The language switchers are different and you can adjust it by the design of your page, you can install it so that they are visible for the ease of all users and so they see how many languages your site can offer or make it small for them to look more at all the accessories that the multilingual site has.

How will the website content be translated?

Google itself has a tool that allows us to translate any kind of language instantly.

But the translation it has is when you are interested in reading the content there.

When we want to create our multilingual site we will need a person to translate, because the Google machine translation can make the texts are not well ordered, since they were not written in the native language.

WPML will make the translation of our website much easier to do.

When we translate by ourselves, we will be able to make good use of the translation editor that WPML has.

You can also switch to use the automatic translation with Deepl, making it faster to translate the content with more accuracy than Google.

Although if you need help with all the translations there are some services to translate that WPML has.

Who can help me create my multilingual website?

WPML has more than 40,000 developers, so it is easy to find a person who knows how to use WPML plugin efficiently and get an attractive multilingual website for many people who want to use it.

However, the best thing to do is to start learning on your own how this plugin works, its advantages and disadvantages. I promise you that it will not take you long and you would only look for an expert for international seo.

Recommended Compatible tools
for making the site multilingual.

WPML compatible multilingual WordPress themes.

In WPML there are many themes that do not serve to make a multilingual website because they were not designed for that.

But there are many others that are already prepared with good features.

One easy drag and drop page builder is Elementor with its theme Hello.

It is a good option because it has an ease of use and you can translate your website in multiple languages.

Another theme that is good because its design is good quality, is ElegantThemes.

It will help us to translate everything quickly and easily due to its compatibility.

WPML compatible multilingual SEO Plugin.

One important plugin tha tyou must have is a SEO plugin. 

If you are fulfilling your International SEO checklist, you already know that you have to include a multilingual SEO plugin.

Which one is a good one?

Since the launch of Rankmath to the market, it has overcome easily Yoast.

Rankmath offers as well multilingual compatibility with WPML, therefore you don’t have to worry with this issue.

Rankmath as well helps you and supports you with differents aspects of SEO, so it is a plugin that you must consider to add.

WordPress Translation services
specializing in WPML.

When we want to make a multilingual website is to find a good translation site that is very helpful and reliable, or a professional translator who has knowledge of how to use the WPML and knows the website we are making, as well as who it is aimed at and how creative it is.

Nowadays there are two excellent options for the translation of our multilingual website to be professional and can be efficiently integrated to WPML.

With these we will be able to avoid everything related to translating texts in copy and paste.

TextMaster: This option will offer us professional translation services, in addition to a good writing and correction of the texts that are placed, through people who are native in more than 30 languages.

This plugin is free and gives us access to a WPML administration panel with more than 80,000 translators and writers worldwide.

ICanLocalize: Being one of the best services that we will be able to use since it adapts in the best way with the WPML plugin, since it was developed by the same.

There we will be able to have access to the translation budget, as well as to send the content that we want to translate and receive them efficiently to publish them in a good way, well written and translated.

Although we must keep in mind that this option has a monetary value to be able to use it in a good way.

The most reliable,
compatible and easy to manage,
WordPress translation Plugin.
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