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Best Translation app for Shopify

In this article, we are going to discuss the best translation app for Shopify, Weglot.

There are other several translation apps for Shopify available in the app store that we will also list here, but having Weglot as the main translation app is worth the investment.

Best translation app for shopify
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How Does Shopify Perform Within International SEO?

First, we are not questioning that Shopify is one of the best tools for creating online stores.

It’s something that the numbers back up and makes it come to such a conclusion almost on its own.

However, there is one weakness that can become detrimental.

And this has to do with international SEO.

Which are all those strategies that can help us reach the audience we want through the proper use of language, content, among other technical factors involved.

The built-up options of this platform in relation to SEO are very limited.

This can make that your online store does not have everything you need to be as successful around the world, because, depending on the area, some things will have to change to attract the public.

We suppose this is why the platform’s app store offers so many tools.

The benefit of these apps is that they can be leveraged to complement all those aspects that are missing by default from our Shopify stores, as long as you can pay for those extra apps.

Why use a Shopify Multi Language app?

One of the biggest challenges is to make your multilingual website SEO-ready as there are many previous actions you must do to avoid problems that can complicate your SEO ranking.

How can I plan an International SEO Strategy? You may ask yourself. 

There are many occasions when adapting a multilingual website can be one of the best options you have if you want to improve results both in your positioning, and for your users in general.

Because your users may have many difficulties in reading or understanding your content if it is not in the language of their preference and can apply to many websites of different topics.

The benefits of making your website multilingual and SEO ready are many, in principle your users will be more comfortable in a website where they can enjoy the content and also refers to it being in their language.

In turn, this will help you get better user retention, which helps Google positioning and in turn gets more traffic.

Shopify language translation apps give that support to work for some areas of international SEO, and certainly gaining international visitors will increase the probabilities of increasing revenue.

Weglot is the best translation app for Shopify.

As we have mentioned before in Weglot Review, simply using Weglot Shopify integration, without looking at it from the point of view of the needs of the platform on which it will be implemented, is very beneficial for positioning websites around the world.

In order for an online store to be correctly read by Google and positioned, it is necessary to create subdomains with each of the languages in which it is expected to be displayed.

And this is something that is done almost automatically with the help of Weglot.

Currently, Weglot can be added from the Shopify app store, offering us a completely free installation, but warning us that with the use of this plugin you can go adding certain charges (which would come to be the plans by which the same offers its services in general).

We don’t want to scare you away.

Shopify alone may not be enough of a platform to properly cross borders.

However, with the help of plugins like this one, you can complement its functions to bring together two titans (in their respective fields) and get the most out of them.


What makes Weglot the best translation app for Shopify?

In contrast to WordPress, where we have directly compared WPML vs Weglot, in Shopify there are very few good alternatives that can be used to translate Shopify.

Since Weglot was launched in 2015, it has only growed and improved tremendously.

Shopify was also one of the platforms where it landed to support users to translate content fast and without any problem.

Translation speed is one of the main advantages of using Weglot. It is like having a translator team that will do the work in just minutes.

Also, another pain point that automatic translation have had is that the translation is not highly accurate, or there are grammar mistakes.

Weglot’s translation makes to forget this issue, since it artificial intelligence translations give an improvement on the texts.

Of course, it is not perfect, but the translations for Shopify will look almost from some native speaker.

More Shopify Translations apps

As mentioned Weglot is the best option as a Shopify translation app, but here is a list of some other apps that are usef for translation in Shopify.

If there is one truly convenient way to translate your website, it must be through ConveyThis!

It is the most translated language plugin in the WordPress directory (over 38 language contributions) and is growing fast. ConveyThis makes it very simple to integrate into WP website and activate as many as 100+ languages.

ConveyThis uses automatic machine translation to translate your entire site, and adds a language switcher button. So within the first couple of minutes, you’ll already have a working, SEO-friendly multilingual site.

It comes with both free and paid plan. Free plan that lets you translate up to 2,500 words into one language, the paid plans use SaaS-style billing, which means you’ll need to continue to pay for as long as you want to use the service.

Paid plans start at €4 a month for one language and up to 10,000 words.



On GTranslate’s own official website, it states that at least 27 percent of pages per WordPress are English-speaking.

It is another wordpress multi language plugin free for use to start with the simple plan, and it offers upgrades for extra cost.

Which not only says a lot about this language, but which language we want to focus on for a multinational website.

The main drawback of this WordPress translator plugin is that it requests a payment for its use, but can give you 15 days where you can enjoy all its features.

You will find statistics, updates that will not affect your website, security, translations in a short time and much more.


Langify Shopify




T Lab


Best Shopify Translation FAQs

Weglot can be considered the best translation app for Shopify, because it has been a more mature plugin that has been developed, and covers several aspects such as SEO translation, Image Translation, and translation accuracy.

Nevertheless, Conveythis is pushing harder to become the best multilingual app for Shopify, and it has lower prices than Weglot.

Weglot artificial intelligence technology gives an improvement to its translation quality, that a Shopify store will note that in its content.

Gtranslate has an option to translate Shopify for free.

Although, its automatic translation can not be edited.

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