Fast Content Translation with Weglot

If you need a plugin or app that can help you for a fast content translation, then Weglot will be a perfect solution.

Keep reading to learn more about Weglot the multilingual plugin.

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Why choose a fast content translation plugin?

One of the main pain points of a website internationalization is to translate the content in a proper, accurate and fast way.

If a website did not had a defined strategy to go global since the beginning, there might be things to consider before doing the steps to have an international website.

Quality translation takes time, and either can be done by the website owner, the content team or a team of translators.

Sometimes, organizations have too much content that it will take too much time and effort to translate the content, therefore relying in accurate website translator will be the main option to choose.

Choosing a multilingual WordPress plugin or Shopify app such as Weglot, is one of the best decision to be taken if the main priority is to have a fast content translation.

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What are the benefits of using Weglot besides a fast content translation?

Weglot has several advantages besides bein a fast content translator.

Weglot also supports international SEO, therefore, it can help websites to gain international visitors through search engines. Weglot gets in charge of translating the Metadata and adding the respective canonical tags and hreflangs so that the website can give a sign to crawlers that there is another piece of content in a different language.

Also, Weglot stores the translations on their databaes, meaning that as your website grows or if it already has plenty of content within it, then the translation will not add more data into your servers. This way, the website can remain light and without any complication or issue between some other WordPress plugins or Shopify apps.

Weglot can be used in different types of CMS or E-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Squarespace, Wix, Jimdo, Weebly, Webflow, Bubble, Hubspot, Salesforce, Ghost CMS, Drupal, Zendesk and some more. If we compare WPML vs Weglot, then Weglot has the advantage to be oriented for plenty platforms.

The disadvantages to consider about Weglot is the number of languages to translate your content and the word count limit that they have. Therefore, it is recommended to have maximum 3 languages in the Pro Plan, otherwise the word count limit will be reached pretty soon and changing to higher plans also means higher price.

How to configure the Weglot WordPress plugin?

Step 1

Create an account in Weglot where you will get a password and login. Go to the website you want to translate and install the Weglot WordPress Plugin and activate it. Get your API Key and paste it.

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Step 2

Then you will have to choose between: Original language or target languages. Once this process is finished, you will choose to save the changes so that your website will now be multi-lingual and the Weglot multi-language plugin will start interacting in the different languages with the consumers.

Step 3

step 2 weglot

Set the language switch. Weglot WordPress plugin has a floating switch, which you can choose how you want it to look and what its location will be. You can place it as a menu item, a widget, a shortcut or as a font in a theme.

step 3 weglot

Step 4

Start managing the translations in the control panel of the Weglot multi-language plugin. This can be done from your web page in the control panel. This will allow you to synchronize live changes and avoid unnecessary time loss.

Carlos recommendations is to check out that the URL structure on Weglot’s Dashboard is not as simple and it might get messy. So be aware of it, and is something Weglot should improve.

Step 5

If you want to edit some content, just click on the dashboard language area and search for the term. You can also see it in a preview, or even change the text on the front end.

If you have several languages, you can switch between the different translations from the projects section.

Although it is a very versatile platform, it is somewhat expensive. Be also aware that there is not so much total control on the translated words, so this will affect your word count. But, all the benefits it brings make it worth the investment in terms of time savings.

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