5 tips for a global Website strategy

The start of a website is usually done locally, in the language that you and your potential customers speak, but the best way to grow your website is to make it international and be able to provide the same experience of service, products and information to people outside your local site. 

If your idea is to internationalize your Website, it is important that you follow the 5 tips for a global Website strategy, with which you can get more visits, both from your local site, as well as internationally, obtaining a wide growth of the web portal.

5 tips for a global Website strategy
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Why internationalize my website?

No matter what the content of your website is aimed at, from the moment that people from other countries, whether English-speaking or multilingual, can enter the portal and find the information they are looking for, it is a complete gain. 

Whether it is an online store, a blog with general topics or a specific services company, the importance of internationalizing your website lies in the reach you want to have.

Normally the decision to internationalize a website is taken due to the success it may be having in its country of origin, so it is sought to gradually reach the bordering countries. 

Another reason to make an international website is to obtain positioning within other markets of interest.

Many times the growth of a business in a web page, stops or does not arise in a correct way, due to the little demand that the service or product offered may have, in the country of origin.

Internationalizing your website can be the ideal solution to grow your business quickly and safely.

The simple idea of internationalizing a website, gives the assurance that the content presented there may be known by a greater number of people, which can generate more visits, turn into a wider customer base, and sales growth can skyrocket.

When making the decision to create an international website, it is important that you know what the global strategies for your website can be and put them into practice, since creating an international website does not ensure its immediate success, you must work on the objectives and future plans while the web portal is improved.

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Create your international website with these 5 tips.

Whether the website is already created or you want to create it from scratch in an international way, it is important that you take into account different tips or advices of a global Website strategy with the idea of achieving an expansion, growth or reaching the objectives set from the internationalization of your web portal. 

International SEO strategies play a very important role in each of the steps or tips to follow, so do not hesitate to get all the necessary information about SEO strategies for web positioning. 

Let’s see the first 5 tips for a global strategy for your website and how to achieve each of them.

Having a multilingual website

Creating a multilingual or multilingual website is the main objective to succeed in having an international website.

Having a multilingual website means that the content found on the portal is in two or more languages, ensuring a better experience to users internationally and greater reach to your content. 

For many website builders, such as WordPress and Shopify, there are plugins that help with the website translation, such as we have mentioned in the Weglot vs WPML post. 

To have a successful international site, it is important to implement this tip in a professional way, it is not only to activate the possibility of translation of the web page, it is to have customized content both in language and culture for the country concerned.

Multilanguage sites bring the following benefits to your internationalization process.

Adding Hreflangs

When working with international websites, that is to say that international SEO strategies are used, and different languages are handled, it is very important to know what are the html Hreflangs or how to generate them to keep your website international. 

The Hreflangs or alternating tags, are those that are used to specify the language or geographic area that is relevant to a web page, thus achieving that search engines guide the user directly to your website by adding the necessary Hreflangs.

When should Hreflangs be used?

Domain and Keyword localization by country or language.

Being able to quickly localize the content you need from the desired country or a specific language is what allows the success of an international website.

This is where the web structure and SEO strategies take on greater importance, since the structure of the domain must be chosen. 

That is, to achieve keyword localization by country or language, the website must have a domain by language, subdomain by language or directories by language. Each has a different advantage that the web creator should consider:

International backlinks

Link building

The most important thing to create an international web page is to increase traffic within the website and this is done thanks to one of the most important factors of SEO positioning which are called international backlinks for this case. 

Backlinks or inbound links are those links from other web pages that point to your website, that is, external pages that are not part of your domain have inbound links that will guide the user to your international website. It is a kind of recommendation given by one website for you to visit a different one. 

With international backlinks, you can get:

Multilingual customer support

Female Customer Support Operator

When having an international website, one of the global strategies to implement is a multilingual customer service area that can satisfy the customer’s search needs in the language of their choice.

Being able to make purchases, ask questions, clarify doubts and issue complaints in their native language will always be more convenient for customers. 

Having a multilingual or multilingual customer service area ensures that the customer always has the help and support needed to make a purchase and complement the information that has been found on the international website.

What do you get with Multilingual Customer Service?

Global business and communications

Start your Global Website Strategy!

By following the 5 tips for a global website strategy, you guarantee to be able to position your international website quickly, get more traffic inside the website, a portfolio of potential customers or users, more sales and good numbers in Google analytics, ensuring the success of internationalizing your website.

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