Weglot edit translations manually and in visual editor

Weglot is known to have a really accurate automatic WordPress translation, but certainly some people will prefer to have perfection and that Weglot edit translations.

It is possible to edit translations manually in two ways to give that optimization to the content.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can edit translations in Weglot from the dashboard and the visual editor.

Weglot Edit Translations Manually and Visual Editor
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Weglot edit translations from dashboard

In the Wegot Review, we have talked about how great is this plugin. 

It can be considered among the best WordPress translation plugins, because using Weglot is like having a big team of translators on your side in just few clicks.

Installing Weglot it is super eays, thanks to the integration that is done to WordPress through an API key.

Once Weglot is installed in your WordPress Website, the multilingual plugin will start to automatically translate your content.

In difference between Weglot vs Google Translator, is that Weglot integrates other translation engines on their platform, improving the quality of their translations.

We all probably have known that even though Google Translator has improved, its translations are not really top quality.

Here it is where the difference  and big advantage begins of Weglot.

Weglot quality is really high in terms of translation, compared with other translation engines.

But of course, there will be moments, where the web owner or content manager will prefer to optimize the content, or even localize the content.

Weglot has conveniently two ways to manual edit translations.

One of it, is by going to the main dashboard and select the desired language that is prefered to be edited. 

In the translation editor of Weglot, there will be two columns.

On the left side, the text strings of the original language will appear, and on the right side the destination languages.

Just by searching the text that is desired to be translated, Weglot will filter the strings and the user can manually edit the translation.

Weglot edit translation by Page URL

Another way of doing the manual edition of the translations is by filtering out by URL.

There are also two ways to filter the Page URL content, either in the dashboard section Translations – URLs or from the left side column of the translation editor. 

By going this way, the strings that will appear on the columns will be the only ones corresponding to the Page content.

It will filter out the text. But there is an easier way in Weglot to edit the translations manually, the Visual Editor.

Weglot edit translation with the Visual Editor

To open the visual editor you can go to Weglot Dashboard then Translations, and then select Visual Editor.

Then Weglot will show a button to start editing.

Weglot Visual Editor is one of the best ways to manually edit translations in your website.

With the Visual Editor, you can directly see which words, sentences or phrases can be translated.

This way, you know exactly where the content is.

Weglot will show a pencil next to the text, and just by clicking it, it will appear a box of the original language text string, and the destination language.

In this box, the user can also do the manual edition of the translations in Weglot.

weglot languages

What is Weglot?

If we have to tell you clearly what is Weglot in a few words, and that you understand its operation and popularity, then we will say that it is an online platform that gives you the ability to translate a website into different languages, in a very short time, through your plugin.

Weglot vs Google Translate is no comparison at all, since this plugin has a better artificial intelligence translation.

The truth is that the use of Weglot is not limited only to WordPress, which we know is one of the most popular CMS today.

Weglot plugin can also be used without any problem in other platforms such as Shopify, Joomla, among others.

What stands out the most about this multilingual plugin is that, in just a couple of minutes, you will have the flags working perfectly with the respective translations.

And, from there, you can edit what you need so easily that even a child could do it successfully.

It has a free trial that lasts up to 10 days, which is more than enough to test all the features it offers, and to decide whether or not you want to pay for the subscription.

The best thing is that you can do this test without sharing any payment information.

Once your free trial has finished, you can decide if you subscribe to Weglot, and there are different plans, which are paid monthly, so you can only cancel when you need to.

You will not have to spend more money for services that really exceed what are the needs of your site.

As I have mentioned in my WPML Review, I recommend it specially for content websites. And in the Weglot Review, I recommend it for E-commerce website.

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