Weglot WordPress Plugin, a very efficient Translation

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Weglot WordPress Plugin, a very efficient translation
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Carlos' Opinion - Weglot WordPress Plugin Review

Early 2020 I wanted to improve my blogs translation, so that I could have a faster translation in multiple languages.

I decided to give it a try to Weglot, although at first I considered it a high price for just a blogger.

I bought the Pro version, since I wanted my website in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and Italian. 

Installing it was really easy and simple. I was amazed of how accurate was the translation.

It was fast and accurate, so in that side I was happy with Weglot.

The first challenges I encountered were that since I had around more than 50,000 words, at the beginning Weglot has a limit, and will slowly translate your content.

You have to contact their Support Service to have a faster outcome with the translation limits. They do this to prevent their servers working a lot. Something like that.

In terms of SEO, it was compatible with RankMath, so your Metadata is translated. And also your HREf Canonical Tags are properly set up.

Another issue I found was that sometimes the URL control is not really accurate. It might translate URL that you don’t want, and even if you set it on the translation blacklist, it will translate it, and consider it into the words. So you will have to ask for their support.

Also, if you are focusing your website in too many text content, their word count would result stressfull, since there is no really good control on how much text is translated.

I recommend Weglot if you are basically looking for a fast solution, accurate translation, and if you don’t have time for translation.

If you have the budget, go for it, you will save up time. 

If you are on a lower budget like me, and want to save some money, and also to have a more control on the words, then go for WPML. 

If you are a website owner and want to reach more people, reach a larger audience, expand the horizons of your website, you should know the advantages that Weglot’s multi-language plugin offers you.

There are several ways to translate the content of a page, one of them is the manual form, but this is one of the most cumbersome and slow.

Weglot’s multi-language plugin helps us to speed up the translation process of a content and is compatible with WordPress and other tools.

Weglot is a weapon that will help you translate all your web page content in a few minutes while respecting what the original content says.

What should a WordPress multi-language plugin have?

First of all, you must know how to choose the plugin that covers each and every one of our needs. What we want is to be able to translate without the content being affected.

Therefore, we need to know what to look for in a good plugin.

Each plugin has particular characteristics for each need. So, you must analyze what your needs are so that you can choose one.

  • Find the one that suits you best: There are some plugins that must be translated by humans, but there are others that do translations automatically.
  • Take into account the plans and rates offered by each plugin.
  • Check that they respect the SEO rules of your web content.

The multi-language Weglot WordPress plugin

It is one of the best plugins, which serves as a tool for performing multilingual translations.

It is already used by more than 20 thousand web portals, and has been rated with 5 stars by their users.

It heads the preference lists, because its interface is very easy to use and has a diversity of functions, which further improve its translation service.

It has a list of more than 60 languages and with each update they increase this list of languages more and more.
It allows you to do the translations manually or automatically.

The automatic translations, you can also review them and adjust them to your needs.

Also, it works with SEO standards, which will create that your contents are in the list of search engines in any language.

Weglot multi-language plugin features

Weglot’s multi-language plugin has become a favorite when it comes to translating web content. It has several peculiarities, which have captivated its users all over the world.

It's compatible with almost all WordPress themes, so you won't have any problems.

Its interface is quite intuitive and simple to perform translations.

Its translation is almost instantaneous and in a few minutes you have the information ready.

On your paid plan, you can use the Weglot multi-language plugin on more than one website.

The list of languages continues to grow and you can have access to an unlimited list of languages.

It allows you to translate up to 5 million words in a short time, but be aware that you have to ask for the set up for such amount, otherwise servers will block it.

If you want to further improve your translations, you can request help from human translation online.

It is easy to install. The configuration will allow you to start using it fast even if you are a beginner in these plugins.

It is compatible with WooCommerce, a plugin that handles online sales.

It supports SEO standards, in any of its languages. So, you won't have to worry about search results.

Why download and purchase the Weglot WordPress plugin?

If you have the budget, Weglot’s multi-language plugin, gives you an improvement in your website in some ways:

  • Your visitors will be able to browse your website in their native language.
  • Your content will appear in search engines, no matter the language or country
  • It does not require much maintenance, as the Weglot multi-language plugin is compatible with WordPress plugins.
  • Your updates are on the same server as the Weglot Multi-Language Plugin.
  • You can allow collaborators to include information on a limited basis, which can be very helpful to clients.
weglot languages
It is high cost,
but most accurate and fast,
WordPress translation Plugin.

How to configure the Weglot WordPress plugin?

Step 1

Create an account in Weglot where you will get a password and login.

Go to the website you want to translate and install the Weglot WordPress Plugin and activate it. Get your API Key and paste it. 

Step 1 weglot
Step 2

Then you will have to choose between: Original language or target languages. Once this process is finished, you will choose to save the changes so that your website will now be multi-lingual and the Weglot multi-language plugin will start interacting in the different languages with the consumers.

Step 3

Set the language switch. Weglot WordPress plugin has a floating switch, which you can choose how you want it to look and what its location will be. You can place it as a menu item, a widget, a shortcut or as a font in a theme.

step 2 weglot
step 3 weglot
Step 4

Start managing the translations in the control panel of the Weglot multi-language plugin. This can be done from your web page in the control panel. This will allow you to synchronize live changes and avoid unnecessary time loss.

Carlos recommendations is to check out that the URL structure on Weglot’s Dashboard is not as simple and it might get messy. So be aware of it, and is something Weglot should improve.

Step 5

If you want to edit some content, just click on the dashboard language area and search for the term. You can also see it in a preview, or even change the text on the front end.

If you have several languages, you can switch between the different translations from the projects section.

Although it is a very versatile platform, it is somewhat expensive. Be also aware that there is not so much total control on the translated words, so this will affect your word count. But, all the benefits it brings make it worth the investment in terms of time savings.

Weglot Pricing

Having a well translated website is very important for all those who offer their products, services and content over the Internet. That’s why Weglot’s multi-language plugin helps you solve that problem.

Here is the Weglot Pricing list. 



/ Monthly
  • 1 Translated Language
  • 10,000 Words


/ Monthly
  • 3 Translated Language
  • 50,000 Words


/ Monthly
  • 5 Translated Language
  • 200,000 Words


/ Monthly
  • 10 Translated Language
  • 1,000,000 Words


/ Yearly
  • Custom Translated Languages and Words
  • Service with Account Manager