Weglot Elementor, translate fast and easy

The ease of use both Weglot Elementor plugins in conjunction make them really easy to translate a WordPress website.

If you know how to translate Elementor, then you have the opportunity to get readers from all over the world. Apart from having already experienced how easy it is to do so. 

In this article we will not only tell you how you can do it, but we will give you a step by step guide to accomplish translating your Elementor WordPress Website in just a couple of minutes.

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Carlos' Opinion - How to translate Elementor with Weglot

As you may know, Elementor is a really helpful plugin for non web designers.

With Elementor it is really easy to drag and drop widgets to build a website.

I learned about Elementor during my working student times.

One of the challenges that the team had was to work on the translation of the website.

We had to work with Elementor and WPML, and honestly, it was a monotonous work due to the tons of Copy-Paste that we had to do.

WPML at the moment, didn’t have a proper automatic translation offer, plus we received the proper native translation in Word documents.

It was time consuming.

Eventually as well, while I was using Elementor on my WordPress Website, I tested Weglot as a new translation plugin.

Weglot did most of the translation work, but I must mention that Weglot doesn’t translate the full website at the instant, it slowly rolls out the translated content. 

Since I wanted to have more control on the translation word count, and the number of languages, I decided to come back to WPML. Plus it has started to roll out a better automatic translation with the Deepl Integration. And it has been a simple way of translating Elementor as well.

As I have mentioned in my WPML Review, I recommend it specially for content websites. And in the Weglot Review, I recommend it for E-commerce website.

If you are looking for a fast translation and accurte solution, then I recommend Weglot, which will work fine as well with Elementor. Just consider what are your needs.

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Weglot, a WordPress plugin that will give you a multilingual site

WordPress Plugins can be completely powerful especially for those users who have a WordPress site built with Elementor. They become best friends in every sense of the word.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that we tell you that the best way to translate with Weglot Elementor will be by taking advantage of the benefits that a dedicated Plugin has to offer.

After all, they have been created to give us facilities especially to those of us who are not programmers or developers.

Why should we use a WordPress Plugin to translate an Elementor website, it is very simple.

This is a process that becomes much more efficient, you also get the result in less time, and it is much easier than trying to build a multilingual site manually. 

The truth is that the catalog of plugins that can offer you a similar functionality to the one we are talking about is very wide, but the fact that we are focusing on Weglot comes from the fact that, chosen by the users themselves, it is the best one to perform the task fast and accurate, that explains their premium price in comparison to other plugins.

What are the main characteristics of Weglot?

The first thing you should know is that this plugin will give you the ability to automatically update the content you have on your website to more than one different language, and all in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Now, these are the features of Weglot that you should know:

However, one of the most important points we can mention about translating an Elementor website with this plugin is that it will give you the possibility to do everything.

The headers, footers, and content added by other plugins.

Something that very few achieve.

To give you an idea of what Weglot can do for your website is, that they have a free trial version available where you can translate up to 2000 words. This will be enough for you to make sure it is really what you want before you take a chance and go for that license.

If we focus then on its premium version, the license plans offers are varied.

This is why the payment is made according to the amount of languages, and words, that your website needs specifically.

Step by step to translate an Elementor website with the Weglot plugin

Now that you know all the basics about to translate Elementor with Weglot, it’s time to get down to business.

In the next three steps you will learn the process:

1. Install and configure the Weglot plugin

The first thing you will have to do is install, and activate, Weglot. It doesn’t matter if it’s the free or the premium version.

After installing the plugin, go to the tab of the plugin to make the initial configuration of it.

weglot elementor

You will need a unique API key which you can get from the Weglot website when you register for free.

weglot elementor 2

Copy and paste it in the space provided for it.

Then choose the current language of your site, and the one you would like to translate.

Save these settings and you are ready to continue.

weglot elementor 3

2. Set Weglot options

As a technicality, at this point you already have a multilingual site.

In the drop-down menu choose the secondary language, automatically all the content of your site will change to it.

At this point we are not only talking about the interior of your site, and the articles that are found there, but also everything that has ever been added with Elementor.

This is a point where you can rest, but there are a couple of other details that you can fine-tune so that you can define the behavior that Weglot will have.

For example, you can customize the behavior of the language button, i.e. decide where it will be displayed, what it will look like, and so on. If you configure “Translation Exclusion” you will have complete autonomy to choose those complete pages, or elements, which you do not want the plugin to translate at all.

3. Manage your translations

There is a lot you can do to manage your Weglot translations. And these are options that you can access only from your account on the plugin page.

Weglot Arabic - 4

At this point you will be able to obtain basic information regarding your site and your account. With the “Translations List” icon you will see the original and translated version of all the content of the site.

weglot elementor 5

You will be able to generate changes to any of the content that has been translated, which makes you able to review the automatic translation and evaluate whether or not the plugin has done a good job.

Now you know!

Now that you learned to translate with Weglot Elementor in a couple of minutes, all you have to do is get started to enjoy the benefits of this type of plugin as soon as possible.

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