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Social Advertising examples
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Among the different forms that exist to try to give a message, one of them is through the examples of social advertising. Totally a different from a online advertising made by any small business. The use of different technologies have made over time that different social messages reach to a greater number of viewers.

What is Social Advertising?

To describe this type of advertising, I added the definition that María Alvarado from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid wrote on her phd thesis Social Advertising: An Emergent Model of Communication.

Social Advertising is the communication acitivity with a persuasive, paid, intentional and interested characteristic that serves social interest causes. Through media, it has non commercial objectives looking forward for effects that contibute in the short and long run to social and human development. It might or might not be part of change programs and social conscience.

Summarized, this type of advertisement:

  • Help social interest causes.
  • Non commercial objectives.
  • Looks forward for social development.

In another article from the same university, the author Anton Alvarez mentioned that for an social advertisement campaign to change the sensitivity of people, you can not go completely against the tide of social preferences. It has to rely on some preferably on one of those calls “emerging trends” to grow with it and try, somehow, to shape it, leading social public sensitivity to the interests or objectives of the campaign. Discovering these trends and applying them to rely on the best strategy is the hard work of social marketing strategists.

With social advertising examples in this post, I show that companies are also jumping on the global trend on issues such as the rights of women,  and now disconnect from mobile devices. Social Advertisement tries to make a call to the eventual need of humanity to the adverse conditions in which there is a group of people or all mankind. The call not only implies to some trends that must be resolved, but those problems that have plagued humanity as care for the environment, the fight for poverty reduction and health care.

Social Advertising Principal Promoters

As well in the article of Alvarez, it is mentioned three principal agents that are the promoters of social advertising.

  1. Historically, the first were the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), associations and groups of people affected by marginalization: Red Cross, Cáritas…
  2. Subsequently, the policies through three estates cited government: central government, autonomous regions and municipalities, which joined the first advertising concurrence of the 1980s
  3. Finally, one who have also come into play are commercial entities and other private institutions operating in the social field, such as banks and savings banks, companies in the energy sector, foundations, etc., who have found that with this they are provided with social image and improve their reputation with the public

Within the mentioned definition, social advertising is not used for commercial purposes, but it is clear that the sum of the companies to the activities of Social Responsibility has helped transmit social messages. Such examples of social advertising become relevant to both causes, as well as generating a brand positioning and show their consents to global needs.

Video examples of social advertising

A campaign to stop the excessive use of mobile devices was created by Durex. It’s interesting how global brands can create productions that do not speak about the product itself, so it’s an interesting mix of social advertising and brand positioning.

In the Nordic country, they created the Swedish number, which is intended to dial any number that is within Sweden. The purpose with this campaign is celebrate the efforts of communication in the country.

The rights of women have taken a stronger role in recent years, and thus the organization United State of Women released the following video that continues to promote the fight for their important role in society.

In Ukraine, the Institute Respublica video note the social power that can be achieved by showing the citizen collaborative work.

War Child Holland is a NGO aiming to invest in a peaceful future for the childern. The Batman video have been seen in social media creating conscious about children reality in war. 

Edeka roll out a couple years ago a video to sensibilize families during Christmas time. 

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