How to become an influencer

How to Become an Influencer

While many kids used to wonder how to be an astronaut, a doctor, or a lawyer, today a new interest has grown, and that is how to become an influencer. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a natural evolution. Read on to understand all the details of a business that many still think is […]

6 steps to do the perfect social media marketing plan

6 steps to do the perfect social media marketing plan

A social media marketing plan is relevant to reach the objective that you are aiming for in the social platforms.  The social media marketing plan will help you to create the necesarry guidelines to improve you business digital presence. Keep reading to learns 6 steps to do the perfect social media plan. Written by This […]

The importance of market segmentation in digital marketing

The importance of market segmentation in digital marketing

Know your customer! It is a phrase that you will hear often, because every company depends on its customers and therefore the importance of market segmentation in digital marketing as the main strategy that will help determine the niches you want to reach. Learning to perform a correct segmentation of digital marketing, will give you […]

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

The battle of digital marketing vs traditional marketing never seems to end, and more and more people are wondering which is the most appropriate medium for their brand’s advertisement. Read on to learn not only when to use digital or traditional marketing, but also many more points of relevance about these titans. Written by This […]

Content Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Content marketing vs social media marketing

If you talk about content marketing vs. social media marketing as if it were a confrontation and you should stick to one of them, we recommend that you continue reading this article.  Apart from telling you a bit more about both, we’ll show you what you really need to do to be successful with them. […]

Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages

social media

✅ Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media  5/5 Social networks wherever and at any time. We wake up, we watch our smartphone to check notifications of social networks, then we continue with our daily activities in the morning, and within a few minutes we return to check again our social networks. At work, at […]

What are Social Ads in Marketing?

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What are Social Ads in Marketing? With more than a decade of the appearance of social media in our lives, an important tool for digital marketing also arrived. The different social media platforms that exist offered different types of advertisement opportunities for businesses since many eyes are always on these platforms. This type of marketing […]

⭐️ 13 Best Social Advertising Examples [Videos & Images]

Banner Showing Advertising with Bike Icon

Best Examples of Social Advertising Among the different forms that exist to try to give a message, one of them is through the examples of social advertising. Totally a different from a online advertising made by any small business. The use of different technologies have made over time that different social messages reach to a greater number […]

💸 How to get free online advertising for my small business


How to get free online advertising Many entrepreneurs wish free advertising on any platform. However, it is very difficult to find something that is free and less if we are talking about advertising. Reaching as many people of the target audience is ideal to have a greater chance of new and frequent customers. This step […]

How to create a Linkedin Business Account

How to create a linkedin page

How to create a Linkedin Business Page for Free Linkedin has become the social network for professionals by default. If we want to show the world our professional face, what we do is to add our profile about our work on Linkedin.  Undoubtedly, this network has helped many people to build relationships and find employment.  […]