Are you aiming to have a Multilanguage Website?

Keep reading to find the options you have to translate your WordPress website in multiple languages.

Best ways to have a Multilanguage Website
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How a Multilanguage Website will help you to increase traffic.

A Multilanguage Website will help you on different ways.

Either to expose your information to different international audiences so that they can read it on their native language, or to make online store accesible to those international markets, having a multilanguage website will bring more benefits than disadvantages.

When you have set a proper International SEO strategy, your website can benefit in traffic increase and by consequence it will also see the opportunity to increase revenue.

Setting up your objective of why going global with your multilanguage website, will make it easier to work towards what you are aiming for.

In the following part of this article we will recommend you some WordPress plugins that can help you to convert your site into a mutlanguage website.

Of course, if you have some other platforms such as Shopify, Wix or Weebly, there is mainly some other plugins, but Weglot is a very useful and recommended one to translate your website into english, spanish, german or any other desired language.

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Using WordPress Multilingual Plugins

There are several multilingual WordPress plugins that can easily help you to have your multilanguage website.

Some of them just require to install the plugin directly for Worpdress and they will do the work.

Some other plugins will require a bit more configuration, but don’t worry, most of the multilingual WordPress plugins are really easy to work with.

Following up, there is a list of the most common WordPress translation plugins.

The most recommended in this website are Weglot and WPML.

Weglot is highly recommended for E-Commerce stores, while WPML is recommended for Content Websites.



Weglot is one of the best plugins on the market to make a multilingual site, the reason for this is because its interface is easy to use and all its functions are very useful.

Although you can only choose a target language when it is free and all the additional target languages are only available when you pay for the plugin.

After we activate it, the Weglot machine translation will do all the work, doing the translations of all the words into the language of preference of the reader.

One of the best advantages that Weglot has is that it allows you to generate a URL structure that is designed for SEO.

This will allow your website to appear in all the search engines of the different languages.

To learn more how Weglot work, you can read our Weglot Review.

Weglot Advantages

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wpml logo

WPML today is one of the most downloaded plugins that translators have for WordPress.

This is because it is compatible with many themes and plugins.

It also has a good feature that is that it can be fully integrated into the web.

WPML can be installed in the same way as other WordPress plugins.

Once it is installed, we will activate it and configure it to work according to our needs.

This means that we will activate the base language of our website and also which languages we want to be translated.

Therefore, with it we will be able to create different environments and interfaces for all the languages we use.

To read more about this multilingual WordPress plugin check out the WPML Review.

WPML Advantages

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GTranslate can make all users choose the language of their preference, it contains more than a hundred different language options that can reach 99% of users online.

Luckily for all the people who want to use this plugin is that these target languages are available for free.

Gtranslate Advantages



Polylang has over 100 different target languages, all of which have to be translated manually or automatically, and you can add the Lingotek service to Polylang to help you with many professional translators.

Because the Polylang plugin is used with a human translation, you can control all the content you want to translate on the website, as well as translate the functions and text of the system. There are basic features of Polylang for free, as well as its premium feature.

When you succeed in installing Polylang you will notice that the translations of your website will be complete.

All the texts that the website has, such as the buttons, tabs and menu will be easily translated.

You will be able to program the URLs of the website to your preference for each of the languages you want.

If you get the service of an experienced developer you can make the images to be positioned for the different languages that there are.

You will also be able to achieve automated translations, but they are not always accurate.

And the translations that are manual only, you have to create the necessary entries for all languages and then adjust  in the language selector.

We believe that many features are missing, but to avoid make it even longer, you can visit their website for more information at WordPress Polylang.

Polylang Advantages



TranslatePress is another translation plugins for WordPress.

All we have to do for the translation to be done is to mark the text we want to translate.

While we are translating the text, TranslatePress will take care of the back-end, so this plugin will help us make the translation effective for SEO.

TranslatePress has an automatic translation option in case we think that the normal translation can take a long time to do.

It also gives us good results with machine translation with excellent quality and writing.

Its free version is efficient, but the premium version can release all the power it has, as they are:

Translatepress Advantages

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Grow internationally with a multilanguage Website

As we have seen some of the WordPress multilingual plugins, it will be a matter of just installing them and creating the proper set for your desired language.

In the following videos you can learn more about how to use Weglot and WPML in case that those are the plugins that you prefer to create your multilanguage Website.

It is guaranteed that aiming for a multilanguage Website will help you to reach international traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Multilanguage Website

What is a multilingual website?

A multilingual website is a site that its content in multiple language.

Having a multilingual website will help you to reach international readers and markets and as consequence it will also help you to increase revenue.

How do I create a multi language website?

To create a multilanguage website you must first define which languages are you going to translate your content to.

Once defined it, you can use different multilingual plugins to do the translations.

If you are using WordPress, Shopify or Wix, you can use Weglot to easily translate your content on a fast way.

If you aim for more control WPML can help you as well to create your multilanguage website.

How do I get international traffic on my website?

To get international traffic to your website you must have it on multiple languages.

You can optimize your content for International SEO to start ranking in different languages and countries that will bring you international traffic.

This strategy requires a proper optimization that need international Backlinks, proper content localization and international keyword research.

A faster method for international traffic could be the use of social media aiming to different countries with localized content.

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