7 Best Explainer Video Templates for After Effects

Video has a lot of sales potential as we have seen in the video marketing statistics. Businesses that rely on video have more probability to have conversions.

One video type that helps in this process are explainer videos, which mainly can be screen recording videos, or the most popular animated videos.

Either way, to create explainer videos is not as hard as some might think, it does require creativity from the creators, but certainly having an explainer video template give a head start in the process.

Best Explainer Video Templates for After Effects
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Explainer Video Templates for After Effects

Following up, we share some explainer video templates for After Effects that can help you to speed up the process of video creation.

1. Web Design Animated Explainer

This explainer video template for After Effects helps to explain to your clients that you design websites the right way!

This project already includes voice overs in English, German and Spanish.

This template can help you with the animated explainer video production since it can be adapted to 6 Pre-made color templates where you can also define your own corporate colors using user-friendly color-pickers.

If you are an intermediate to pro After Effects user you can easily build up the animated video.

You can add your logo, web address and you are all set to start selling web design services.

2. Online Marketing Explainer

With this animation explainer video, you can show the services you offer about Internet Marketing.

The animation covers the following marketing topics: Internet marketing, online marketing, marketing strategy, web design, web development, responsive design, SEO, PPC campaigns & social media.

3. SEO Explainer

This template is predefined for SEO agencies who offer their services and want to showcase them to potential customers.

The advantage of a video marketing template is that since some services are similar among agencies, there are some activities that can be included already in a template video.

What will make the difference is a video animation that includes what is special about the agency such as the proof of results.

4. Small Business Marketing Explainer Video

This After Effects template can help small businesses to attract more customers by demonstrating what they are offering.

An animation video that includes cartoons can generate video experiences like if someone was already in a small store.

5. Email Marketing Explainer Video

If you have an Email Marketing business and want to show how the process of your software works, then the use of animated explainer video templates will ease the work for you so that your customers can understand the workflow that you are offering.

With this modern animated explainer video design users can understand the concept of  the SaaS product in an easy and understandable way.

6. E-Commerce (Web) Design Explainer

This is as well an animated explainer video designed using Adobe After Effects.

This animation can speed up the process of an E-commerce store to create the video with the use of different media, such as photos, illustrations, and video footage.

The key elements are animated with After effects to create this perfect 2D look for your logo or brand image.

This is another great example of an animated explainer video design using After Effects . A very professional looking animation that can be used as a promotional tool for any E-commerce store.

7. Explainer Video | We are online.

Any E-commerce Business can start building their animated video with this After Effects animation template.

This template is suitable for any type of online business. It can be used to create animated videos for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms.

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What is a video explainer?

A video explainer is a short, simple video that explains a complex topic. Video explainers are commonly used on TV commercials and infomercials to help viewers understand what the product does or how it works. They take advantage of the power of visuals to create an engaging experience for people who are unfamiliar with what they’re watching or learning about.

The main purpose of a video explainer is to convert the message as simple as possible so that the product or service can be easily understood.

An animated explainer is commonly used for video marketing campaigns or education purposes.

Most SaaS businesses use video explainers because it simplifies the process of showing how the software really works.

Explainer videos are typically used to create awareness and attract new customers, but they can also be used as part of an SEO strategy.

How to create explainer videos?

Since explainer videos are short animated videos that explain a product or service, a beginner can also start creating them with the use of explainer video software.

We can tell you from experience that it really helps to have an eye for design when creating explainer videos.

It’s important to give viewers clear information on the screen without distractions.

Also, the video should be interesting enough so people want to watch it all the way through.

And last but not least, if you want to make your explainer video viral, then add some humor in there – it will definitely help!

They’re great for grabbing the attention of potential customers and giving them a better understanding of what your business is about.

Creating explainer videos can be a fun and creative project.

In order to make sure you understand the concepts and are doing everything correctly, it’s important to have some basic tools in place.

One of those is audio recording software, which allows you to record your voice explaining what your video is about.

As an alternative you can use a text to speech software if you don’t want to use your own voice, and prefer to create a neural voice improved with artificial intelligence.

Another tool that can help is a video editing program like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X to set up the base structure of the video. These programs will allow you to trim down the length of your video before sharing it with others.

You can use After Effects or Adobe Character Animator Puppets to include the motion graphics and cartoons. 

If Adobe software is complicated for you to use, then there already exist the best animation software to facilitate the process. Programs like CreateStudio, Vyond, Animaker, Animoto, Invideo and Renderforest are helping creators to use their video script templates to work faster.

For beginners, the use of explainer video software is the best way to start up to create amazing video experiences. 

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Which explainer video length is perfect?

It is the standard rule that an explainer video length is between 60-90 seconds, but of course it will also depend on exactly the topic that is covered.

A video created with the purpose to explain should go straight to the point, otherwise longer videos can get confusing for the audience.

Unless you are creating an animated movie, there is a reason to make it longer than an hour, but videos that are oriented in marketing or educational purposes, the retention span is way lower.

After all, a well written story that can captivate the audience, can even last longer than the average time.

How much does an explainer video cost?

The cost of an explainer video will vary according to different variables such as the length and complexity of the video.

On average, a 2-minute explainer video can range from $200-$300.

A 4-minute video will cost you between $400-$500. If you need more than 8 minutes to tell your story, then expect to pay at least $1,000 for that project.

If you choose a video production company that has years working with video animation it can deliver different video experiences with high quality that eventually will be translated to a higher video cost.

It will also depend on where are you hiring a video production company, if it is a video agency in Munich or in Los Angeles or in Mexico City or New Delhi. And honestly, the location won’t directly mean that the quality will be higher, but since the cost of living is higher in European countries and the US than in Latin America or Asia, that will mark more the difference of animation costs. As well as taking into consideration the language that the Video production company speaks.

As well, there are freelancers in Fiverr that offer their services to create an animated video for a lower cost than a video production company.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that it is important to find the best Fiverr animation creators to give a project where you can expect that it will be high quality. For that it is important to check the Fiverr reviews and the work samples.

The good thing about animation video, since the work is visual, one can easily judge if the end product is of your expectation.

How explainer videos help businesses?

Well, for a start, explainer videos are very effective in attracting customers to your business. And once you have them on your website, they’ll be there for life – so it’s important that you make the most of every minute of their time.

But explainer videos can also help businesses with customer support and marketing campaigns too.

For example: when someone calls your business and gets put through to a human being (versus an automated voicemail), they’re almost always more likely to remain interested if they see how friendly the person is who answers!

That’s because people are naturally predisposed to respond well to happy-looking faces.

So if you want more calls from potential customers, think about incorporating a short video into your call center – even if it is just an animated welcome message or something similar!

This way you can make sure that each caller sees an attractive face before they get connected with one of your agents as an example.

The uses will depend on the creativity of each business, and that is one of the advantages of the digital world, that videos can be tested and tested until finding which one will fit the best for the brand.

We also like the fact that they have a clear call to action at the end of their video, asking people to sign up for their newsletter, sign up for free or get a discount.

This is something that I think all companies should do when making a new video and not just any company but one with a customer centric focus and mission.

Many times marketers are so focused on the content in their videos that they forget about the most important part: getting leads and converting them!

One thing we would change about this video is how it’s set up as an example of what your business can do for others.

While this does show you as an example of what others can do, I think your title could be changed from “What Your Business Can Do For Others” to “How Your Business Can Help Others!”

Animated explainer videos that show the solution, and not only the product or service itself, will be more likely to really have an impact on the Call to Action that is desired. 

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