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In this CreateStudio Review, you will know why this video editing software is great to create animated videos on an easier and simple way.
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CreateStudio Review
CreateStudio Review
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CreateStudio Summary



Recommended for Content Creators

Create the perfect sales video or character explainer to drive your sales forward and brand your business as experts! Keep reading this CreateStudio review to learn its worth.

Price per Value

CreateStudio worth the $67 since you will be able to create text video and character animations really easy. For more features, you will have to acquire the suscription plan, but the base software is really useful.

Ease of Use

CreateStudio is an easy drag and drop video editing software. Although, it has minor limitations as in comparison to After Effects, CreateStudio doesn't require too much techincal knowledge.

Customer Support

CreateStudio has its own Facebook group where you can get community support. As well, CreateStudio keeps updating the software to get improvements.

Characters and Scenes

CreateStudio has more than 30 characters in the base plan, if you are required for more characters and scenes, those will be available by getting the suscription plan. Characters could be better if they have more moves to choose from.


Carlos' Opinion -
CreateStudio review.

I was searching for a good video animation software that could help me to add animated characters to my videos.

I have seen Powtoon and Animaker as some of the video animation software available, but I was not really convinced of those tools, so I kept trying to build my characters with After Effects and some templates of Envato Elements.

But, since I am not an expert character animator, learning from scratch would take for me too much time. 

Therefore, I kept searching until I found CreateStudio.

It seem to be a good tool, and the characters that it showed on its promotional videos where Toy Story style, so probably something not seen in another tool.

Plus, the price was $67 if you buy it through special links, therefore I consider it an affordable video editing software.

I created a video for a customer and they really liked the animation.

I combined After Effects with a character animation.

What probably could have taken me weeks to finish, it took me less than a day to have the animation ready.

I do recommend CreateStudio as a tool to have for all those beginners and intermediate video creators.

In the following part of this CreateStudio review, the team and I will go deeper to explain more about CreateStudio, and why it is a really good video animation software.

What is CreateStudio?

If you’ve been wondering what CreateStudio is, because you’ve heard about it, or a site has recommended it for your projects, you’ve come to the right CreateStudio review to learn all about it.

We’ll talk about what it is, what it can offer you, its strengths and weaknesses, and a couple of other details.

The definition of CreateStudio tells us about a desktop software which was created to carry out animations and cartoon videos as a tool that can bring to all creators, in one place, everything they need to stand out.

This promises to be a completely useful software whether you intend to give movement for your own means, or find a solution to the problem that is creating cartoon videos for some, so you can be sure to complete the task with its tools.

Mainly, what you can expect to get from CreateStudio are characters in two dimensions, that is, 2D among other assets that will serve for you to make your videos in two dimensions in a short amount of time, something that undoubtedly makes it stand out from other tools of similar use.

So far everything we have told you about what CreateStudio is sounds very similar to what you could find in other programs, but everything will start to change for you the moment you learn about its special feature, and that is that it brings with it animation videos in three dimensions, that is to say, 3D.

Undoubtedly, the more we dig into what this program is, the more it may not come to mind others, as is the case of After Effects, which would also help us to promote the thought that CreateStudio would be difficult to use, or expensive, but it is not so.

To make everything simpler this program has built-in templates and assets, so that you already take your first steps in the project. However, that doesn’t mean that creating from scratch is too complicated.

Surely after a couple of minutes browsing through its interface you will already know it perfectly.

What are the system requirements to install CreateStudio?

First of all, let’s talk about the cost of CreateStudio, and is that the front version of this program is sold for about $67, which will not seem like a lot of money when you learn that you will be receiving lifetime updates.

Now, having clarified the above, we can tell you the system requirements to install CreateStudio:

If you are an Apple user you will need a version of macOS 10.10, or later.

If you are a Windows user then you will need Windows 7 or later.

The minimum RAM memory required is 4 GB, but for optimal use it is best to have 8 GB or a little more.

The hard disk space, when it comes to installing the program, will be 4 GB. In case you download all the available assets this will increase.

In relation to graphics, Intel HD Graphics 5000, or later, is recommended. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700, or later. AMD Radeon R5, or later.

If you meet all these requirements you will surely be able to run this program without any problems.

What are the advantages of using CreateStudio?

CreateStudio’s functions give us a very complete program, but there are a couple of specific things that can be highlighted in this CreateStudio review to help prove that it is one of the best video creators today:

Its Pexels library

To put it in context, when we talk about Pexels we are referring to that completely free file media website which can be accessed with the intention of obtaining royalty-free photos and videos for our projects. One of the advantages of CreateStudio is that it has the API of this website, which means that you can import photos directly from this site instead of having to download them first using the browser and then manually add them to your project.

A preview is available at any time.

It is very common that, when we are in a program with a large number of options, it is a bit complicated to choose the right option. With CreateStudio you only have to place the cursor over the character, or the asset, to see a preview.
This is a feature that certainly helps save a bit of time especially when you are getting familiar with all that the software has to offer. If you don't have a preview then you would have to try everything to find the function you really want to apply.

Features keyframe, or custom animation

In case you already know about video editing, you will know what a keyframe is. But, if not, it is used to move the position of objects, change their size, among other actions, while the video is being played.
Among the advantages of CreateStudio in this regard we see that you only need to set the initial and final values. You can also get a prefabricated movement in case things only appear from the bottom, right, left or top.

Your predesigned templates

You can start a project from scratch, or you can already have a head start if you opt to take advantage of any of its predesigned templates. The front-end version of this program comes with a total of 40, so you will have plenty to choose from.
The manufacturer's intention with the implementation of these templates is to help you, as a user, in creating video ads that are credible, or to interact with your social followers on different platforms. However, with a little more creativity you can use them for anything you want.

And so there are many other aspects that can be highlighted!

We have specified a couple of advantages of CreateStudio, but we want you to know that they were not the only ones we found while using them.

For example, we could also refer to the great possibility of customizing our characters where we change from the skin tone to the clothes.

Or the custom fonts, as they allow importing within the program.

Also the case that the updates are continuous and free.

It all depends on the perspective of each person, but there is no denying that it is a very beneficial software.

What are CreatStudio's limitations?

Of course, not everything about the program could be perfect, and that is why we have decided to open a space to name a couple of CreateStudio’s limitations that become a bit quite evident when you start using it.

Does not give the option to synchronize lips

We have all seen those works of art where animated videos feature characters that move their lips according to the audio.

The end result of this action makes us believe that the character is actually speaking to us.
One of the main disadvantages of CreateStudio is the fact that the feature, at least for now, is not available for use.

No voice recording button

All of us who have used it at some point have not noticed what could be considered a major flaw, and that is that, for voice lovers, how a recording button is missing. As we have already spoiled you, unfortunately it does not exist in its interface. The only solution for now is to record the audio with some other tool and then incorporate it into the project.

Not as flexible as After Effects

Since many of the movement animations of the characters are predefined, you will have to adjust to movements that are set. It is limited to have many different movements.

Don't let this be something that discourages you!

If you compare the advantages and disadvantages of CreateStudio you will notice that it is still a very complete program, which, in case you want to experiment with new tools, is definitely worth it.

And we also invite you to remember the fact that we are talking about free and constant updates.

Some of the options that make it more complete today were not there a couple of updates ago, so we like to believe that your team is working to add more and more of those little details that are missing.

Final thoughts of Create Studio as a Video Animation Software: Yes, Createstudio Worth it

Overall the Createstudio software is designed to be easy to use when it comes to animated 2D characters and 3D characters video creation.

It offers a one-time payment, which in contrast with other tools, you have to keep a monthly subscription to keep using the best video creation Software.

Create Studio Pro, is really intuitive to use with its drag-and-drop interface, which makes the work really simple to beginners and even more advanced freelancers.

It is really practicar to import images and videos to set out on their library carousel.

Create Studio doesn’t have anything to ask to some other CreateStudio alternatives like Vyond or Animaker and so on, as it has a big library of characters, special effects, backgrounds and even a text-to-speech feature that can be used to develop any type of project for Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Youtube videos.

Their pre-made assets and animation presets enable you to create professional high-quality videos in less time, which this is a great value of this types of fun video creation and animation software as they usually take too much time to be done.

Inside Create Studio you can find training videos tat can help you on learning how to use the tool.

If you are in a low budget, and are looking for easy-to-use software that can help you to create doodles like Toonly and Doodly, but also to create amazing scroll stoppers videos using an intuitive interface and video editor, then CreateStudio is a great option, as their special offer gives you a lifetime access to the Createstudio platform, and in case you require additional features, you can alway upgrade to the version of CreateStudio Pro, which is also worth paying.

And in case yoy are not happy with it, you can get a full refund during 30 days.

If you’re looking for software that is a user friendly platform, then Create Studio offers all what you need.

We invite you to try it out and draw your own conclusions!

Now that you have read this CreateStudio review, know what CreateStudio is, its strengths and weaknesses, and a little bit more, we invite you to go beyond our review and try out its features on a project so that you can really know if it suits your needs as a creator.

In case you are interested, you can always visit them on their website to get a little more information, and to know what you should do to purchase this software.

Frequently Asked Questions CreateStudio

Certainly, CreateStudio worth the $67 for the video animation software that you are getting.

You can fast and easily create animated videos with a drag and drop style.

Even non designers or video creators can learn fast how to use CreateStudio.

CreateStudio costs $67 for the basic software. For more templates and characters, you can subscribe for $37 per month or $297 per year.

Definitely, CreateStudio is good for animation, because you can easily use the animated characters and start building your videos with the scenes and templates.

Of course! You can start creating your awesome videos with CreateStudio and post them on Instagram. 

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