What is Video Marketing?

Every day more and more companies are joining the digital media and enjoying its virtual presence and all it has to offer.

 Discover in this post what video marketing is, why use it as a strategy and the advantages it offers, so you can take advantage of it for the benefit of your business.

What is video marketing
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What is video marketing?

Nowadays, thousands of users prefer to use this media for multiple purposes instead of traditional text or images, so companies can make use of this advantage and leverage it.

Video marketing is a digital tool that is used online through audiovisual media with the intention of achieving various beneficial objectives for the company.

However, it is not an independent action, but it works by adding audiovisuals to the content marketing that is usually generated on a website.

In addition to this, it is essential to mention the term “social video”, which is a particular type of audiovisual that is presented in a specific format to be shared on social networks.

Undoubtedly, video marketing is the future of digital strategies in online media so that, although developing quality audiovisual content requires time, effort and money, it is well worth investing in it to take advantage of the benefits it offers.

There are tons of different types of videos that can integrate a proper video marketing strategy such as interview videos, screen record videos, text videos, doodle videos and also animated explainer videos that are easily created with an animated video maker

Camera recording a video for a DIY blogger
A group of people creating content for social media while making a video

Statistics supporting the popularity of video marketing

The clarity with which video marketing points to digital success can be summarized in 3 basic statistics:

Why should video be used in a digital marketing strategy?

In principle, the most important reason to use video marketing as a strategy is the marked trend that has reflected its use on the Internet.

In addition, the relevance that has acquired the use of video marketing in conjunction with the added content in the form of text is overwhelming and has prompted many companies to base their strategies on these audiovisual resources.

On the other hand, the use of video marketing within business strategies is fundamental, thanks to the undeniable advantages it offers, not only to businesses but also to the users themselves.

Currently, the giants of the industry have created departments in their companies specially focused on the development and dissemination of audiovisual material, both for their website and their social networks, even often have technical staff trained for it.

All this in order to position your site among the top of the search engine, increase traffic by attracting users and enhance the visibility of the company.

In this sense, if video marketing has worked for the giants of the industry, this means that this is the way forward.

Advantages of Video Marketing

Young woman making a corporate demonstration video

Video marketing offers several advantages that can benefit the company, such as the following:

Therefore, when accessing videos or audiovisual material that generates positive impact and pleases the user, this translates into the permanence of the brand image for much longer than if it were only text, for example.

In this sense, it is enough to have a video camera, either professional or telephone, some light, creativity and editing applications to start production.

Some of the best video editors are even free and can be included within the same platforms where they are shared and disseminated, so that the facility is within the reach of any budget.

Finally, it is fair to say that the advantages offered by the use of video marketing combined with the quality content published on websites, has made companies focus their efforts and direct them to generate creative, interesting and attractive videos for users.

These videos created correctly and then shared on the right platform can go viral and achieve brand recognition, ensuring aspects such as increased traffic to the site, building customer loyalty and helping to achieve more sales.

Remember that staying at the forefront of current marketing trends can ensure the survival of a company and more importantly, boost corporate growth.

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