Top 10 Video Editing Software.

One of the skills that are being on demand for digital marketing is the use of Software for video editing. Learn more about some tools that can help for video.
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Top 10 Software for Video Editing

Carlos' Opinion -
Software for Video Editing.

One of the skills that are being on demand for digital marketing is the use of software for video editing.

There are advanced Premiere Pro, After Effects, Davinci, Final Cut pro users that are really good at it, and also there are other people like me, that are built up by practice.

As more and more videos are created, the experience is learned to create videos.

From the pre-production, to production and post-production, the creator must visualize the end results of his or her creation.

When I started my path on the different programs of Adobe, I started learning about animations with the use of Flash.

That was nearly 16 years ago, so it sounds like far away, and it is!

OMG, I am getting older.

Back then, there were no much options to create videos, or even smartphones and apps for making videos.

You had to be more creative with the software that you had.

But as the different software have improved, there are better quality videos, and they could be easily created.

In this article, there are some software for video editing that could be helpful for your content creation.

Why is Video Important?

When it comes to innovate and show it to society, the best option to take into account is to make a video, since with this material, you can reach many more people.

A video is capable of achieving everything that an image cannot do, such as explaining the message you want to give, and showing everything that should be shown to the viewer.

The problem is that not everyone has an exact knowledge of how to create or edit a video, but fortunately, today there are several programs for creating and editing videos that can be very useful.

In marketing, the main strategy is to capture the public’s attention from the first moment it connects with the brand, an image can do this, but… with a video, advertising becomes much more dynamic.

In a video advertisement, the same care is required as when creating a flyer, it must be clear, concise and direct.

It has been proven that the best way to advertise is through video. 

In the music industry, videos play a fundamental role, since they are the ones that give recognition to an artist, and show the artist’s performance.

Besides, apart from promoting the artist, you can also make money with it. 

Now that we have an idea of the importance that a video can have, it is necessary to know which programs we can use to create and edit videos. 


10 programs for video editing.

1. Premiere Pro.

This software belongs to the Adobe family.

It is a tool for editing videos in different formats, and it is also part of Adobe Create Cloud.

This is the successor of Adobe Premier, what makes them different is that this latest version has much more advanced options, so it is oriented to professional video editing.

This editor is intended for both student and professional use, but in both uses, it is preferable that it is used as an investment method.

There have been several universities in various parts of the world that have employed its use, mostly oriented to visual art, speech, and so on.

This editor has been used in several well-known films, and many filmmakers have recommended it over the years.

What characterizes this magnificent editor is its customizable interface, where you can work under different timelines.

It has functions such as color, sound, effects and titles. By installing plugins, you can extend its library of effects, and these can be used for multiple benefits, including color correction.

It is available in all languages, including Spanish, and its latest version was released on November 4, 2019.

Along with the package comes integrated a server that allows you to save files in the cloud, to facilitate teamwork, and that several members can be part of the visual project.

2. Final Cut Pro.

Developed by the Apple Macromedia platform, Final Cut Pro is a non-linear editing editor, that is to say, in this system it is possible to reduce and enlarge the sequences of the montage without damaging the subsequent frames.

This video editor speeds up the production and post-production processes, so that they can be finished in an even shorter period of time.

Besides, it comes with a set of advanced options that will help you in your day-to-day work.

You can cut hours of video in a matter of minutes, create highlight titles, add audio, place effects and many other options. This software is usually used for long feature films.

3. OpenShot.

OpenShot is a cross-platform editing tool, which is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.
The video effects are amazing, so you can count on high quality editing, you can adjust brightness, change colors, adjust saturation, and so on.

You can add audios in the time you want, and without any limit. You can even upload your own sound effects.

Among its most outstanding options, there is 3D animation.

You can create sparkles, rain, snow, and even tides.

It also works with titles, and you can even make a complete footage using this technique.

Slow motion effects are also an important part to mention, as you can manipulate the timing of the video according to the preference of the person editing.

This can also be applied to the animations made.

4. Davinci.

Here is another non-linear editing software, this release is called DaVinci Resolve and was developed by Blackmagic Desing.

With this editor you can work with videos of any format.

It has a large number of editing tools, so it is necessary to differentiate between tools for editing, color correction and exporting.

This editor has the capacity to support several videos and audios at the same time.

It also has a free version from which you can get a lot of usefulness.

In the project manager you can see all your creations, archive them, export them and even delete them.

And in the part that says “Project without name” you press it to create a new project, so when you click on it, it will take you directly to the interface.

Its interface, despite being extensive, is not complicated to understand.

The only thing to take into account is that DaVinci is very different from the rest of the editors.

5. Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora is a video editor, which like the ones mentioned above in this top, works in a non-linear way.

This tool is one of the simplest that you can have, and it is usually used for personal projects, but you can still pay for a license to make a commercial use.

It can be used to make short videos, but it is also used for those that last for a long period of time.

This makes Filmora the most dynamic editor, since it can be used regardless of the purpose of those who are using it.

This is the most used editors by YouTube content creators, since they highlight its trimming options, plus they can join several videos, record audios, and add dynamic and fun titles.

Filmora is mainly oriented to beginners in the field, so its interface is not complicated.

It also has several plans ranging from € 39.00 per year with its basic plan, up to € 99.78 the Premium plan.

A difficulty that usually bothers many users is that it does not support virtual reality, nor does it work with multi-camera editing.

It is available for Windows and Mac.

Of all the editors in this top, Filmora is the simplest, and the most adapted to any type of professional.

6. Magisto.

Magisto is a program that allows you to edit videos and audiovisual content, which has been presenting many improvements in terms of its configurations, which will allow you to create the best ads and posts either to increase your business or to advertise in social networks.

If you are one of those people who ever wanted to design a video to share with your friends, or in your social networks but did not have the experience or knowledge necessary to do so, this video editor was designed for you, because one of the advantages that Magisto presents is that when creating a video, it takes care of doing most of the work for you.

To start creating your content, the first thing you must do is choose the material that will make up your movie, which can be photos or video fragments that can be in the gallery of your cell phone or you can download them from the web.

Then you must choose the style you want, you can choose from 42 different styles, however, it should be noted that at least 17 of them are exclusive to Magisto for Business which have a value of €19.99.

Once this step is completed, you only have to select your favorite soundtrack, give it a title and the duration you prefer and that’s it, you have your finished video.

Once the elaboration of the movie is finished, it will be uploaded to Magisto servers where it will be processed to give the final product, this process will not be longer than 20 seconds, although depending on the quality and quantity of content that conforms it could be more or less.

7. Viddyoze.

Viddyoze is a video editing tool that allows people to create content with a professional finish, as well as design templates, create and add watermarks, among many other options.

This program is aimed at all companies both physical and digital that seek to optimize the dissemination of their services through social media, offering floating animation options, custom animation, team accounts among many more.

Among its functions are those of sharing the content created in social networks, 3D video editing, tools for sound editing, text overlay, among others.

It should be noted that Viddyoze is not available for free and its access does not allow the free version, so if you want to use this tool you must opt for the paid version, which has a cost of $97.00.


InVideo is an easy-to-use website dedicated to elaborate videos, which helps to give a personalized touch to our contents.

This tool is specially designed to help users who are not so expert in this field, since its video editor comes under two modes which are beginner and advanced.

InVideo not only includes the common options of any editor, but also allows the creation of advertising posts directly from our social networks, which saves time in terms of creating audiovisual content online.

Likewise, no previous training is required for its use, since when logging in you only have to follow the free tutorials.

Among the advantages of this tool for editing and creating videos, there is a great variety of templates, time and money saving, constant and massive publication of content, simple application of effects and animations, easy to use tools and fast uploading of content.

This software offers a free version and a paid version which has several plans. It is worth mentioning that the free version has fewer features and a poorer quality in terms of image resolution, so if we want a more professional finish, the ideal would be to opt for the paid version.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that InVideo is a great support for freelancers, designers, bloggers and influencers when it comes to creating innovative and attractive videos in a short time.

9. Animoto

Animoto is an online video generator for the creation and traffic of audiovisual material through social networks, whether for advertising, marketing or virtual views.

Among the functions it offers are broadcasting through social media, customizable branding, adding voice over, text and video editing, among others.

This editor offers a free trial, however it does not have a free version, so if you want to access all its functions you will have to pay a cost of $8.00 per month.

10. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a video creator that has all the editing functions that are necessary to elaborate any audiovisual project.

Among the functions it has available are cutting, trimming, rotation, speed management, text editing, soundtrack and image, filters, colors, among others. It is useful when producing movies using your own stored material.

It also includes a tool that allows you to design Facebook posts easily and quickly without the need to register or pay for it.

To conclude, there is an extensive amount of programs to create videos, each with different objectives and purposes, what a person can do, is to get informed about all the relevant data of the tools before putting them into practice.

And precisely, the aim of this article is that the readers get well informed so that they can get the program to edit videos that can meet all their expectations.

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