Top 5 apps for making videos on Android.

Since apps and videos are the ones that are moving the digital marketing world, here you will find the top 5 apps to make videos on Android.
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Top 5 apps for making videos on Android

Top 5 apps for making videos on Android

One of the most requested editors to make videos is KineMaster, with a friendly interface, and with multiple options to add, this application promises to help in an efficient way to create and edit.

It adds effects to your videos in a very simple way, since it has a considerable amount of filters that you can add according to the theme of your preference, all this depending on the colors and their tones.

It also includes brightness effects, explosions, humidity, among others.

This will help you to give it a better theme.

Improve the clarity with its saturation and brightness options, this will be very useful in case your phone does not have good resolution, or when recording there is not good lighting.

These options are very necessary when editing.

Lighting is the first thing that people will notice in a video.

If you are are looking for free clips to edit you can find them on Videvo.

With KineMaster you can also add elements such as stickers, text, photos and even videos on top of your video.

When it comes to placing another video, it can be in a small frame, or you can record several shots and join them together with this application, you can also make a collage, and all these techniques can also be applied to the photos you want to add to the project.

One of the biggest problems you have when creating videos with Android apps, is that many times the system stops, this due to the huge weight of content that the apps have to load.

But luckily KineMaster occupies a space of 35MB, becoming a lightweight editor, and making its use easier and avoiding the hassle of having to re-edit in case of losing the work already done.

Among the features that this editor has is that it works with the phone horizontally, this to make its handling even easier.

And when you enter the first thing it offers is the option to choose the size of your video, to answer you must know if you want to upload to YouTube, Facebook, and others, this editor lends itself well to TikTok editions.

KineMaster also has an option to remove the watermark, which costs $3.70 per month, and a Premium version that costs $22.51 per year that allows you to work without ads appearing.

Many people choose to edit videos using their phone with the intention of getting results in less time, so if this is the reason, you should choose wisely which application to use.

Advantages of KineMaster

The application is fast. Its work does not take a lot of time.

It brings the most used options in video editing.

It is easy to use, ideal for beginners.

It takes up little storage space compared to other applications.

It is ideal for creating videos for social networks.

Disadvantages of KineMaster

Its latest update has brought problems to the system.

Watermark in the free option.

High resolution video is not supported.

Vimeo is a platform focused on the creation and promotion of videos.

And being such a popular site, which has made its mark in its category over the last few years, it has launched an application with which you can create high quality videos, either to upload them to its platform, or for other purposes.

This application is Vimeo Create.

Coming from such a recognized name, it is used to edit high resolution videos, mainly professional projects.

The videos usually have a weight above 50MB and are recorded with professional cameras or high-end phones.

These videos are then edited in the application and hosted on different platforms.

Vimeo Create is an application for professionals, as it requires a notorious investment.

However, given the attention that a high quality video can attract, it is a more than favorable investment.

The services of this application cost $24.99 per month, has a weight of 23MB, and has an extremely fast functionality.

The application helps with all kinds of effects, and you can also add sounds, voices and music, in many occasions it has been used to create short films and music videos.

When you enter, the first thing the application asks you is what your video is for, whether it is to promote a business, capture an important memory, create a professional project or others.

What makes Vimeo Create different from other professional editors is that it works perfectly on Android devices.

That is to say that while with other programs, apart from having good video material, you must have a computer with enough storage space, but Vimeo Create helps to edit in a simple way, and that gives a professional touch to our project.

Advantages of Vimeo Create

Helps to create quality material.

It comes from a successful platform dedicated to video broadcasting.

Disadvantages of Vimeo Create

Its use is unlimited if you do not pay the monthly fee.

High cost compared to other publishers.

While Filmora already has a program for Windows and ¡OS that have left their users satisfied, today we have a version for Android that is ready to make our work easier, this presentation is known as FilmoraGo and has all the functions of its PC version, only in a more practical and simple way.

You can cut videos with ease and without noticeable loss in quality, all this in a short period of time, and without the problem of the application stopping or quitting suddenly. It has a very low error rate.

Different types of sounds can be placed.

You can even add music that you have stored on your device.

The sounds that have been placed in the video, are heard in the same way as the player of your device, its quality does not decrease, and your work will not be affected.

Advantages of FilmoraGo

Convenient interface.

Its use aids creations for social networks, including YouTube.

Disadvantages of FilmoraGo

It is not compatible for all Android devices.

Its application leaves much to be desired compared to its Windows version.

Of all the apps mentioned above, InShot steals the title of the most practical editor for Android devices.

Like all the others, you can add effects, stickers and a lot of options, but this time with a simple interface that in turn gives you a tutorial as you use it.

It works for both light and larger videos, it is very suitable for making video tutorials or projects for social networks.

It is mostly known for its watermark, since its free version has too many options that can be used for a person with little knowledge in editing.

And if that wasn’t enough, its watermark can be removed for free by viewing advertisements, but keep in mind that this option is limited, if you want to remove it permanently you have to pay.

But even so, its free version offers options that can be useful.

Advantages of Video Editor InShot.

Easy to use.

Works quickly.

Saves editing time.

You can erase the watermark for free.

Disadvantages of Video Editor InShot.

It does not support high quality videos, so it does not work well for high investment footage.

For only $5.38 per month, PowerDirector invites you to show your creativity to the world, it is an application that works for both novices and professionals, and it is the most complete, since you can make both short and feature films.

It also offers different types of offers, such as paying three months for $10.57 or paying one year for $28.99.

The app is intended to motivate editing novices to keep creating, and professionals to keep willing to keep creating.

It can be used horizontally, and is available for most Android devices.

Learning to use it takes no time at all. You can create and learn at the same time, and it always has different types of offers for when you decide to pay for more professional options.

Advantages of Video Editor InShot.

Intuitive to use.

Improves user experience.

Disadvantages of Video Editor InShot.

Very few free options.

Excess of ads.

Now that we have explored all these wonderful applications, we can see that they are all good in their own way, but that there are many details to consider when choosing an editor.

Remember that the utility you get out of this editor will depend a lot on the project you want to carry out and the effort you put into it.

But being that there are several quality editors out there, you have a high chance of doing an excellent job.

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