5 best websites with After Effects templates

We all know that After Effects templates are a life saver, and the one who is clever enough to use them in an ingenious way doesn’t have to worry about his project looking like another one.

Learn in this article not only what are the best websites with After Effects templates, but also a couple of reasons to use them.

5 best websites with After Effects templates
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Why are After Effects templates useful?

To talk about the usefulness of After Effects templates there is perhaps no better way to make the point clear than by mentioning a couple of what their advantages are, so pay attention. 

They help to have a good enough visual impact to consider a project eye-catching. 

They grant a uniform aesthetic appearance, which does not take away from the subject matter, or the editing that is achieved in the video.
Creates viewer comfort by using colors and structures that are in harmony and with good visuals. 

Increases the level of viewer interaction. 

The importance of using After Effects templates comes from the need to find elements that combine the aestheticism that you want to give to the video, with the technical level of design. 

Understanding then, the uses of After Effects templates are often oriented to the effective and efficient structuring of video editing. With them, uniformity is achieved throughout the project. 

They are also considered to be the perfect tool to achieve a unique formality within the editing process. The finishes you will achieve will be professional, so that any viewer can be hooked to the video without any kind of over-effort on the part of the person who has elaborated it. 

We must understand that After Effects is a software whose popularity has been increasing since the moment of its revelation, so it is no surprise that it is also constantly evidenced an improvement in terms of the quality of its editions, getting to be cataloged as “luxury”, so you have to try them.


Envato Elements


With thousands of resources in one place, you could take Envato Elements as the source you need. Here you can download as many as you want, and as often as you need. The only thing you’ll have to pay is a monthly fee, with no added cost. 

Besides, all the resources you download from it are covered by a single license that will grant you broad commercial rights for the moment you decide to use it in your projects. So, without a doubt, this is every web developer’s dream come true. 

Among the reasons why it is among the best websites with After Effects templates are its premium themes, unlimited downloads. Or its advanced plugins, its unlimited fonts for a more stylish site. Among other points that undoubtedly make it stand out from the rest.


Monsterone Logo

You may have heard of Template Monster before, and it is a website that is recognized for offering quality templates for different types of projects, or to be used at different times of the same, and in the case of editing with After Effects this could not be different. 

Template Monster has Monster One for After Effects, a section where you can find different types of templates that can be used within this program without any problems or limitations at the time of creation and development of your projects.

That’s why, if you are thinking about the best websites with After Effects templates you can’t take your eyes off this one. Besides, its interface is so user-friendly that it won’t take you a minute to figure out what to do to get the template you want for your project.



Storyblocks should be recognized as another of the many sites that help you download photos and images for free. However, in this case it will be necessary for you to always keep an eye on the copyright, so it is a very good solution that you can’t pass up. 

So, this is presented as the stock audio, images and videos service that is subscription based. 

It might sound a bit familiar to you, as previously the same was known as Videoblocks, but its name has already been officially changed. 

It is one of the best websites with After Effects templates that you can use as long as you are willing to belong to their affiliate database. Stop by and you’ll be so enamored with their content that you’ll want to try them out on a project almost immediately.

Motion Array

motion array

Motion Array presents itself as an unlimited download website that is based on memberships offering subscribers a lot of products as well as tools and tutorials that will help people involved in the post-production world. 

It is a marketplace with over 80,000 premium quality templates, as well as video and music files that will help make your projects much better. 

So you will also be able to finish them in a shorter time without compromising on originality and the ability to deliver something out of this world.



When Videohvbe is mentioned it refers to a very interesting videostock portal that offers users not only the typical backgrounds they are tired of seeing, but also animated logos, and, for what is on this top, their complete After Effects projects to take as a template. 

Of course, everything you find on this website is ready to be customized by you, so that it is unrecognizable and incomparable with any other project that has also used it. It is ideal for people who do not have enough time to innovate, but still want a professional result.

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