7 Best Motion Graphics Templates Websites in 2023

If you are looking for new techniques to reach your target audience and make sure the information stays in their minds, you might be interested in knowing what motion graphics are and why to use them, and which are the best motion graphics templates websites you can visit.

Besides, at the end you will learn some of the advantages of using motion graphics in videos that will surely be useful for your project.

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Motion graphics templates websites


Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a platform that helps you buy digital products.

It includes over 400+ premium components, plugins, and templates. You can build your own website, blog, or online store with the help of these tools.

Envato Elements is a marketplace for developers, content creators and designers.

It allows you to buy motion graphics templates that can be used as the foundation of your own digital product.

The advantage of having Envato Elements as your base website for motion graphics templates is that you can download an unlimited amount of times and use it for different motion graphics videos that you want to create as long as you’re subscribed.

If you unsubscribe from Envato Elements your motion graphics videos will still have the license, but if you want to create motion graphics videos for new customers, then those downloaded motion graphics templates won’t have it.

Envato Elements is cheaper compared with the following motion graphics templates alternatives, therefore it is highly recommended.



Videohive is a video creation tool platform that allows you to use motion graphics templates to create your own video.

It has a lot of options for creating videos, such as video stock footage.

Videohive is a video platform website that focuses on creating high quality videos for businesses.

Videohive is from Envato, and this brings up the question of whether it is better to use the motion graphics templates from it or from Envato Elements, which the answer will be depends.

If you have not found the motion graphics templates on Envato Elements, but you have found it on Videohive and if you only need it for a specific project, then yes, Videohive will be better.

Monsterone Logo


MonsterONE is an online platform that has several digital assets including motion graphics animations mainly for Adobe Premiere Pro effects.

MonsterONE is one direct Envato Elements alternative that offers motion graphic videos that can be easily added to your projects.

The motion graphics elements found at MonsterONE can be complementary to your motion graphics software such After Effects, which can be known as the best one to create motion graphic videos.

motion array

Motion Array

Motion Array is a platform mainly focused for video content creators.

At Motion Array there are different types of templates and not only motion graphics templates, such as templates for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Davinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.

It offers a membership to have access to the animated motion graphics.



Storyblocks is another great platform that has video stock footage, image stock and as well now includes an online video editor to mix up the content that it offers.

Storyblocks include a variety of motion graphics templates that are ready to use.



Videezy is a platform where it is possible to find free motion graphics templates that can be used for social media videos.

It has several motion graphic videos that can be applied as an overlay of the videos.

CreateStudio Logo


Createstudio is a video software that has presets and motion graphics templates that can be easily added to the videos.

Createstudio is focused on creating animation motions with characters, so the look and feel of the videos are mainly for explainer videos.

The advantage of Createstudio is that it is a drag and drop video editing software, so adding motion graphics to the videos is quite easy.

What are motion graphics?

When we talk about what motion graphics elements we are referring to a type of animation, but its purpose becomes different in several ways which is what differentiates it from other types.

It is well known that the term “animation” can refer to the various techniques to make images have movement, as is known thanks to the animated series and movies. This leads us to be able to say that a basic component of animation is the narrative or storytelling.

From there we take base then to say that, properly speaking, animated motion graphics is a design style where movement is applied to certain elements of a composition with the intention of attracting the viewer’s attention only to them.

If we go to history, we can find several antecedents that can give us important moments of animation, where of course we include artifacts such as the flipbook, or folioscope. In the case we want to touch the origin of animated motion graphics we would have to go to the middle of the twentieth century.

John Whitney was an American animator who used computer animation with the intention of creating sequences for both film and television, positioning himself as one of the first to use this term even if he didn’t know it before.

Want to know some of his most notable works, you can find it in the credits sequence of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958), which he created under the direction of Saul Bass, a graphic designer.

Since then it can be said that we have been preparing for what we know today as motion graphic videos. 

What are motion graphics used for in videos?

Thanks to the motion graphics software like After Effects creating animated motion graphics is no longer a job that requires endless amounts of time and effort to get the result in just a second, however, not all of them will be done purely under digital techniques.

Nowadays many contemporary designers incorporate digital and analog techniques to create their art, while others combine digital animation techniques for full effects.

In case you don’t know why to use motion graphics in videos, here are a couple of points that may help you:

A visual language is achieved by integrating multiple effects and sounds in a relatively short time.

Think that, from the start, you can add 2D effects with dynamic wipes and 3D effects with changes of plane that help you create effects of speed and dynamism to attract the attention of the most active audience, for example.

It helps you convey complex ideas and concepts quickly and easily.

With motion graphics animation motions, diagrams will come to life, which makes it easy to incorporate various images in a location or scene that are able to illustrate the explanation.

In addition, transitions will help you separate concepts or products, and messages will be incorporated dynamically with animation just like the images you add to your video product for your website or social media.

It helps you convey complex ideas and concepts quickly and easily.

With motion graphics animation motions, diagrams will come to life, which makes it easy to incorporate various images in a location or scene that are able to illustrate the explanation.

In addition, transitions will help you separate concepts or products, and messages will be incorporated dynamically with animation just like the images you add to your video product for your website or social media.

Its communicative utilities are multiple

The communicative applications that it offers us can be as different as versatile, since you can give both a sample of different products for showcases, as well as achieve the illustration of a waiting room of different products while developing their advantages with videos and graphics motion. 

And in this way you can also make multiple ideas come true at the time of having to carry out a new project.

Advantages of using motion graphics in videos

Now that you know what motion graphics are and why to use them let’s touch on an equally important topic, and that will help us to have a more complete view of them, and are the advantages they can offer to anyone when it comes to carry out your project:

They are able to make the most complex information digestible.

One of the advantages of using motion graphics templates in videos that we must bring to the top is the fact that it is an animation technique whose main benefit is to facilitate the explanation of information that, in general, can be considered as “complex”.

This means that, for the target audience, it will be much easier to understand what you wanted to convey since you should always keep in mind that we, as creators, may be experts on a subject, but those who will receive such information may not.

Synthesize and summarize the important points so that it is easy to retain the information.

While you are passionately telling the camera about your company, product or service, the customer may have in mind what’s for lunch, and it is true that the human mind has the ability to be easily distracted.

It is important that informative or educational videos are didactic, dynamic and concise. If this is not achieved, the information you have to tell, however valuable it may be, will end up getting lost in the minds of customers.

It will give your company a professional look

It is not really known why, but it has been experienced how motion graphics are able to create a good first impression of a company. It is a type of digital animation capable of conveying elegance, which translates into a positive perception.

With motion graphics, you reduce your budget and save time.

Think about how much you would spend hiring a photographer, camera, lighting set, and a professional to take care of the production. Not to mention the time it takes to get out of the office and shoot in different scenarios.

Motion graphics videos can be done from a studio, or office, and look just as good.

Why use motion graphics website templates?

The advantage of having access to the portfolio of customizable motion graphics templates is that you already know where you can rely to obtain assets that will help you to create a better video.

Motion graphics video templates are easy to customize in software such as After Effects, even if you are a beginner and intermediate.

The online subscriptions to these platforms give creative professionals the possibility to have unlimited downloadable assets that are royalty-free and ready to use.

Envato Elements has assets for more types of digital projects than just video, as they also have font files, essential graphics, icons, WordPress templates and more for web design, but some others like Motion Array are mainly focused on video, and you can find better quality content.

So, if you are a video creator that needs to produce several videos, consider in having one of those under your toolkit.

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