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Either for Stock Images, Videos or Audio, the Shutterstock Alternatives will help you to find more assets for your digital project.
Shutterstock Alternatives
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Shutterstock is a website that allows you to download images, vectors, GIFs, videos and other resources that can facilitate the creation and editing of visual content.

Its goal is to help professionals and non-professionals alike obtain resources to create quality material.

As for the material it offers, it has a wide quality and a huge number in stock available. Its images stand out for being in HD, without watermark or copyright, also avoiding problems in the future, regarding the material to be created.

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Why choose between the Shutterstock Alternatives?

Shutterstock is known for having high quality stock images and videos.

If you are going to get some sotck footage from this website, is mainly because you just found the perfect asset that will fulfill your full project.

Their prices make that the Shutterstock alternatives look like a better option, since now with the subscription models that some websites are using to offer digital assets, make them a better option.

There are several Shutterstock alternatives like Envato Elements or MonsterONE that also offer some WordPress Templates and even more different types of files for less than $200 per year.

And in comparison with Shutterstock, some 4K footage costs that, so for the same price you are getting more assets.

Shutterstock Alternatives

Adobe Stock

adobe stock logo

When we talk about this platform, we refer to one of the pioneers of this type of tools.

It is recommended by many graphic design professionals, not to mention that there are already several professional photographers who collaborate in Adobe Stock.

The fact is that Adobe Stock is part of the list of digital resource tools with the highest prices, this due to its efficient quality, and that it is part of a group of tools that are just as good.

To use Adobe Stock, you must enter the Adobe Stock page, and then go to the registration part.

Once you confirm your email, you must access your credit card, and choose which of the plans you want to buy, depending on the cost of plans, is where you will see how many resources are allowed to download.

With Adobe Stock you have a guaranteed quality, and in a considerable time.

Besides that, it is estimated that the amount of resources it offers are close to 40 million, each one classified by its themes, by its time in the platform, and by its author.


Monsterone Logo

MonsterOne is an online platform launched by TemplateMonster.

Its goal is to help people design web pages and content so that they can get a look based on the creator’s wishes, and in turn, position themselves in the user’s search.

This is how it is growing day by day. 

The site is mostly visited by people living in the United States, and at the same time, this is the country where most of its customers are located.

Translation is also available, and payments can be made through a credit or debit card

It offers different website templates such as WordPress and Shopify themes.

At the same time it offers plans in different prices that bring benefits for just content creation or also website creation.

MonsterOne offers hundreds of digital assets that can support to the content creation such as Images, Graphic designs and Stock Video.

MonsterOne also includes different resources like plugins.



Freepik is an online platform, which allows you to download material for the design of images, documents and all kinds of visual projects.

The platform works both for free and paid, although of course with its Premium version the benefits can be much greater.

What is most striking about Freepik is the immense amount of vectors that can be used for projects being carried out in any software or application.

That is to say that when downloading any type of resources, we can use it in our software of our preference.

An important fact, is that Freepik is highly praised by people who are starting to study graphic design or advertising, since they take their first steps in creating flyers with the enormous amount of free resources offered by this page.

Freepik keeps the color navy blue together with white as the design, and a circular logo that looks like a robot.

Its simple design has helped many people to quickly identify this page.

That is, its simplicity and the various benefits it offers have made it the first choice when it comes to obtaining resources for the creation of the material.

Something that is also very important to mention, is that Freepik allows users to sell their creations, whether they are vectors, illustrations or any other type of creation.

Freepik has a system that facilitates this process, and supports those who are dedicated to this, thus helping professionals in the field, while improving its catalog and increasing its quality.

It should even be mentioned, that several people begin to use Freepik to do the projects they are assigned in their design classes, and later return to sell their creations.

They say that quality is an important part of a successful proposal, and luckily Freepik is able to maintain quality and simplicity at the same time.


Storyblocks is a website where all kinds of resources are hosted such as images, audios, videos, GIFs, vectors and so on.

Its images are between standard quality and professional quality.

In it are located several vectors that can be placed as elements in the creations to be made.

There is also a diversity of videos, which are used for promotional and/or personal projects.

The videos also have a medium and advanced quality, come in HD, and the full license can be purchased.

The platform is in English but its translation is available in several languages, which means that it is used in different parts of the world, and has helped countless people to improve their creativity and to better design their projects.

Storyblocks helps to give life to creations with the different resources it offers, it has helped in many ways.

Some define it as an image bank, or as a video mine, and some just prefer to refer to it as a digital platform that fulfills its purpose to the letter.

The fact is that some people have already implemented this tool at its base to take material that will be used, and have left completely grateful.

If you are just starting to get into this subject, you are probably asking yourself “What is the need for visual material? Well, in this article, you will be told why this is in such high demand.

Envato Elements


Envato Elements is a subscription to access 1,000,000+ of digital assets such as stock video, stock images, wordpress plugins, graphics, logo & business cards templates, after effects templates, motion graphics, music, sound effects and more.

The monthly price is of 14.5€ plus local taxes.  

The honest thing, is that not most of digital marketers or creative people have the enough resources to be spending money on those kind of assets, therefore I find Envato Elements as a great alternative where you can find stock images, stock video, after effects templates, music and sound effects free of copyright, graphic, graphic templates, fonts, wordpress and cms templates as well as plugins.

Creativity doesn’t have a limit, and I amazed of how easy can be to create content with the digital assets that Envato Elements offer for such a cheap subscription.

Motion Array

motion array

Another platform that also stands out in the creation of design projects is Motion Array.

This website  has left speechless those interested in improving skills and get design alternatives, so in this article, we will focus on comparing Envato Elements vs Motion Array, so you can choose the alternative that best suits you.

The online tool called Motion Array, has been catalogued as a fantastic website of which is based on memberships that focuses on offering users the services for the creation of visual and audiovisual material.

It is highly demanded among large corporations, since it has a big marketplace. 

Like many other tools that are paid to use, Motion Array offers a free alternative where users can access some media library of files, plus have access to multiple downloads (only the free of charge).

In addition, the user can have a whole month to try all these services offered by the free version.

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