What is a buyer persona and why should it be defined?

If you don’t know what a buyer persona is, and you are setting up a digital marketing strategy, don’t waste any more time.

Read this article to learn what should be a priority. 

Also, learn a little more about what Inbound Marketing is, and what its purpose is.

What is a buyer persona and why should it be defined
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What is Inbound Marketing?

When we talk about Inbound Marketing we are referring to that methodology in which non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques are combined. 

This is done with the purpose of being able to contact the user at the moment he/she has started the purchase process, having the opportunity to accompany him/her until the final transaction has been concluded. 

The purpose of Inbound Marketing is, then, to be able to reach the user at the first moment, so that he/she has the product or service in mind, from the moment he/she feels that he/she must start a process by which he/she is going to acquire it, separating him/herself from others. 

The way in which the customer is accompanied from that moment is through the creation of appropriate content not only for each of the phases that will be experienced within the purchase, but taking into account what is the profile that this specific customer has within the market. 

It should be noted that the concept of using non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques is of utmost importance, since in this case what is sought is to generate friendly content that our customer can relate to. This also gives the benefit that, later on, they will be loyal. 

It should be understood that Inbound Marketing goes far beyond digital marketing, and the advantages it provides can be evident, especially in the long term. This has been evidenced by all the companies that have already put it into practice.

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What is a buyer persona?

The definition of buyer persona is very clear, since it refers to a fictitious representation of your ideal customer.

So it is something that can vary always taking into account the standards of the company, its vision, among other things. 

However, you must take into account the need to base it based on real data with the behavior and demographic characteristics that our customers have. In the same way, you should mix a creation of their personal stories, objectives, motivations, their challenges, and also what their concerns are. 

If you are wondering how to define my buyer persona, you should know that to do it in the right way you have to go through the contact of your target audience, so that you can carry out an analysis that serves to identify what are the common characteristics. 

If you already have a customer base, you have an advantage, since this will be the right place to start doing your research. Even if you observe that they have different profiles, some of them will tend to be what you are really looking for. 

It is important for you to know that, in order to define the buyer persona, you have to focus on both the customers you have managed to satisfy and those who may not have had a very good experience of their interaction with you. We should not only try to look at the side that favors us. 

When you take into account both cases, you gain the opportunity to learn much more about the perception of your product, and also the challenges that customers are facing at the time of purchasing it. So the analysis will be much more complete, yielding better results for you.

Why should I define a buyer persona in my digital marketing strategy?

When you decide to create a buyer persona you are taking a fundamental step in what will be your digital marketing strategy, as this can make the results you get from it even better than they were stipulated within the possible scopes when you designed it. 

The intention of creating it is very simple, and is that the only thing we want in any digital marketing strategy is that the message we send is the right one, and not only this, but also that it reaches the right individuals, so that the chances of success that is generated are even greater. 

The consequences of not having a defined buyer persona go directly to the fact that, in some cases (if not all), the strategy you are putting together will be lost in its entirety. It’s like trying to speak Spanish to someone who only understands Arabic. 

In other words, imagine that you intend to promote cuts of meat, and the strategy you have put together is really good (meaning the message you want to give), but it is worthless if your message reaches people who are not willing to proceed with the purchase. 

And, in order for you to understand a little more about why to define a buyer persona, we have designed a couple of points that you may find interesting and beneficial, so that you can think about how relevant this process is for you and the campaign you are building:

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