What is brand awareness and how can it be positioned?

If you don’t know what brand awareness is yet, and you have a product or service on the market, we tell you that you may be walking in the wrong direction without even noticing it.

Read on to learn what it is, why it’s important, and how to achieve brand awareness.

What is brand Awareness and how can it be positioned
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Why are brands important?

The importance of brands begins at the moment that the business intends to leave a mark, which, if we are honest, is what we should all be betting on. 

It should be taken into account that, once the products or the service have been consumed, the only thing that remains in the customer’s mind is the brand that has left him satisfied, so it could be considered as the most important intangible of any company. 

Keep in mind that, once you leave your mark based on the brand, it will be unmistakable, something that will last in the memory of your consumers, and that will give them the possibility of coming back to you thanks to the differentiation you achieve with respect to your competitors. 

We must take into account that we live in a world where the commercial offer, whether of products or services, is enormous. And the vast majority of these, whether you want them to or not, will end up being similar. So having the power to differentiate yourself from the crowd is a huge benefit. 

And yes, we know that part of the decision to buy a certain product, or hire a service, has to do with its features, and also with the way it looks, but we don’t always base our choice on that alone. 

If you are still wondering why brands are important, you should know that for us the reputation, opinions, what we believe, all this is directly associated with the brand of the product, being able to better evaluate and help us make a clearer decision of what we really want.

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What is brand awareness?

When we talk specifically about brand awareness, we are referring to the ability to identify a brand or company without necessarily knowing or seeing its exact name. It could also be said that it is the ability to associate it by the experiences we have had. 

Taking the above into account, it is accurate to say that only some aspect, either verbal or visual, such as the slogan, the corporate colors, the logo, the tone of voice used, and even the messages it conveys, is necessary for us to know what brand is being talked about. 

Brand awareness, although many do not consider it at first, is something vital when you want to add value to the brand, since what you are actually achieving is to create an imprint in the user’s memory that makes an important differential value in the market. 

So, although it sounds a bit harsh, if your company has not managed to reach this point with its consumers, your strategy is probably failing, and at any moment, when your competitors achieve it, you will go on to do something good that they tried once, but they no longer remember where it was, and they will look for alternatives.

How can I position my brand?

To explain how to position a brand, we will talk about those key factors when creating a strategy that successfully reaches the consumer, so that the positioning goes hand in hand with the successful awareness of the brand.

Find out what are the needs and preferences of your consumers

If you want to successfully position yourself in what you consider your market segment, it will be necessary to find out exactly what the consumers who are part of this segment want and what they are really looking for. 

Among the strategies you can employ are surveys, focus groups and interviews. This will give you access to knowledge.

If you have a presence in social networks you can generate information in a practical way with interactive content, stimulating your user not only to click, but also to answer questions and give opinions.

Analyze your competition

Nowadays, the most convenient thing is that this analysis is focused on the digital plane, since this is the scenario where the battle is currently being fought, and where everyone wants to achieve the best brand positioning. 

Having said that, what you can do is a solid and rigorous audit of the digital presence that your competitors are having, where you will have to identify what they are doing, and also the perception that the audience has of such actions to know what can be positive in your market segment.

Connect with the values, perceptions and thoughts of your audience.

If you want to promote the positioning of a brand in the right way, you should take some time to adjust the value proposition to the current reality, always taking into account what may be coming. 

Quality and good price in this case are not everything, you must think about what stimulates and motivates the public, and align messages and commercial processes to those impressions.

In this way, the relationships you establish will be solid, you will gain ambassadors, and brand awareness will be much easier.

Connect with your users on a human level

This is a point that reinforces the previous one.

You no longer have to sell at all costs, today it is about strengthening relationships so that you can always be in the minds of your consumers and never cease to be an attractive proposition, and a friendly commercial alternative.

Add value

You can always use content that educates, captivates and informs your users.

With this, what you will be demonstrating is that they are important to you, building a community that revolves around your brand.

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