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If you’ve heard about it, and now you’re wondering what corporate identity is, you’ve come to the right article, as we’ll talk about everything you need to know to start looking at a brand’s image in a different way.

Besides, we will give you a couple of examples that have influenced us all our lives and we didn’t even know it was all intentional.

Corporate identity
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What is corporate identity?

The definition of creative identity refers to the group of values that make up a company’s vision of the world.

Among all these are its endomarketing actions, the posture it adopts in different situations and also the image it wants to cultivate of itself. Brand personality is also important.

However, we must see the corporate identity of a company as something that goes far beyond simply the appearance of the business, since it is related to both cultural and organizational issues that are of vital importance to itself.

Among the different names given to this concept we have corporate identity, also referred to as corporate identity, and it is of great popularity since it is a fundamental aspect for companies regardless of their size or segments.

The identity, apart from being relevant to the relationship with employees and customers, helps to clearly represent what it is, what its values are, and the way in which it can relate to the rest, and give a clue to their behavior.

That is why the elements that make up the corporate identity are clearly a mixture of the essential and visual aspects that each company must work on.

When any of these fails then it could be said that the identity will be in questionable moments.

Now, let us briefly talk about what is not corporate identity, since many people believe that the logo is the one who represents the essential characteristics of a company.

The truth is that it is not, this is only one of the aspects of identity, but it is not the whole concept.

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Why is corporate identity important?

Long before a company is launched to the market, the importance of the corporate identity must already be valued, since it is in this first phase of any company where it must be created.

This will have a direct influence on everything that the company is expected to achieve.

It should also be taken into account that the objectives of the corporate identity are the following:

Create a sense of belonging on the part of the workforce and customers.

Ensure that you make a difference to the competition.

Promote the preference of new products.

Ensure that the service is optimal.

Generate a favorable opinion from the public.

The Value of Corporate Identity

The value of the corporate identity serves to make up for the gaps and shortcomings that the business may have, and will also give rise to be able to enhance, or magnify, all those virtues it possesses.

From here you start to believe in the importance of it.

If what you want is to make your identity something favorable, it is important that in the creation process you take into account the need to be creative, the ability to make the ordinary something that, in the eyes of others, always seems extraordinary.

Within this theme, it is also important to emphasize the decoration of the premises, to make the most of the spaces, and also to renew the furniture whenever it is considered necessary.

Since, in general terms, we are talking about providing a service that is completely different from the rest.

Summarizing, then, the importance of corporate identity lies in the fact that one way to succeed is to know how to differentiate yourself from the competition, that your customers, employees and allies know who you are, what you offer and how you offer it, that you are not just one of the bunch.

Examples of Corporate Identity

As we know you refuse to leave this article without leaving with a couple of examples of corporate identity here we bring you one of the most popular ones that, even without realizing it, surely their strategy has influenced you and millions of other people around the world in the way they expected:


This is perhaps the most popular soft drink logo in history, and it was created in 1885 by the hand and creativity of the librarian Mason Robinson who, apart from placing the name of the brand, decided to go for the red color and cursive typography. As a curiosity of this, the red color that we see in this brand has been patented so that no other company can have access, legally, to that same tone. This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful examples of how to manage corporate identity.

Everything you see on the market is part of a corporate identity!

Now that you know what corporate identity is, what its importance is and also a couple of the most famous examples around the world, we invite you to reflect a little on what you see out there.

Everything you see, hear or know about a brand is part of its identity. Of course, they don’t tell you that they are building the way you perceive them, but it’s a behind-the-scenes job (so to speak) that contributes to their success.

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