What is a community manager and what are his/her activities?

Building up a community and nurture it with quality content is the primary function of a community manager.

It is not only about capturing the attention of those who frequent social networks, but also providing them with valuable content in order to increase the number of followers.

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What is a community manager and what are his activities
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What is a Community Manager?

A community manager is a professional with extensive experience in building and managing an online community, responsible for managing the image of a brand so that it is easily identified and at the same time providing content through which to maintain stable relationships with customers or fans within the different internet platforms.

To be a community manager you must have skills and competencies that you can acquire on your own or with the help of a special program for your professional training in this field.

You should like social networks, have creativity, ingenuity and a good dose of empathy, so that you can establish good relationships on the web.

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What is the role of the Community Manager in the Digital Marketing team?

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As a community manager you will be in charge of managing and managing an online community that will represent your company; whose function is to create and maintain contact with customers, users and fans in the long term, for which you require knowledge in strategy design, process and project evaluation, rapid crisis management, customer service, copywriting, web analytics and many other tools.

The role currently played by a community manager within the digital marketing team has evolved, especially by focusing on social networks, where it requires familiarity with the platforms of the company for which it works and the news that are launched in each of them.

Among its usual functions are the following:

Being a community manager is a demanding profession, as you must keep yourself prepared to adapt quickly to the various digital advertising strategies that arise within the highly competitive commercial market, in order to offer products or services that are attractive to consumers and that really allow them to meet their needs.

What is the difference between Digital Marketing Manager and Community Manager?

Social media are essential in online marketing, so every day new specializations appear that involve different roles and responsibilities, which are not always clear or precisely delimited. 

There are many professions involved in each of the stages of strategic and tactical development with which the positioning of a product or brand in the digital environment is carried out.

One of them is identified as digital marketing manager and its function is to develop and supervise the marketing strategies of a product or service.

In other words, he or she is responsible for ensuring that digital marketing campaigns run smoothly from start to finish, leading teams that establish contact with customers. 

However, a community manager is also a manager or administrator of a digital community, so they are similar professions but with different functions and responsibilities, whose difference lies in the roles of action before the audience, which are based on aspects such as the following:

In short, digital marketing managers create and program content, establish strategies and analyze their results, while community managers serve as brand ambassadors and interact with potential customers to keep them interested in a product or service offered.

Both professionals often work together both in content strategies and in responding to users’ concerns. It is valid to state, for example, that the vision of a digital marketing manager is very useful for the community manager to know what kind of content he or she can create. 

The key difference between the two professions is their role before the public. While one acts on behalf of a brand to promote it within a community, the other acts as an average user to encourage audience participation and support a company’s marketing campaigns. 

While the objectives of the community manager are broad and long-term, those of the digital marketing manager are specific, focused on sales or conversions and all those efforts whose results can be measured in a short period of time.

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