5 Amazing Microsoft Teams characteristics that will help you work.

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Microsoft Teams Characteristics

To know the 5 amazing Microsoft Teams characteristics that will help you work remotely, it is important to know what its work design consists of. Microsoft Teams, as previously metioned, is based on office chat that allows you to improve the interaction of the company.

In the following article we will explain the 5 amazing features of Microsoft Teams that will help you work that will allow you to incorporate each of the platforms within the cloud and be able to view the history log at any time you want.

How do I get into Microsoft Teams?

To use Microsoft Teams is necessary to create a Microsoft 365 account that will give you the license for use. For a small business, you can do it by your own, but for a bigger business, the area of technology makes the registration of the company, this requires the intervention of an expert to have the proper settings around the organization.

Innovation is needed currently due to the present changes where the crisis is evident worldwide, as well as changing to new approaches for companies and join the new technological tools that can facilitate the work without losing the objectives.

Microsoft Teams has become an important communication tool that allows many companies to join the technology of remote work and interaction between each of the employees and with real-time records that can be followed daily.

5 amazing Microsoft Teams
characteristics that will help your work.

Below are 5 amazing of Microsoft Teams characteristics that will help you on this journey of remote work, as well as improving the management of remote work in these times where technology is becoming increasingly dominant.

1. Digital billboards with Microsoft Whiteboard.

Are you used to working with billboards in web meetings from home?

It’s not a problem anymore, having this tool! Microsoft has made available an application for Office 365 known as Microsoft Whiteboard.

Microsoft Whiteboard will provide a digital whiteboard that will work as a bulletin board with an option that will allow the sharing of information with several users at the same time and maintain the information in real time.

In this way each of the users present at the meeting will offer their contributions on the board through their devices using the applications found in Windows 10, iOS and Android.

So when you are present online in a Microsoft Teams meeting, you will have the option to make your notes on the Microsoft Whiteboard at the time of the meeting.

While meeting attendees will be able to contribute to the whiteboard by logging into Microsoft Teams or through the Microsoft Whiteboard app.

2. Microsoft Teams for Firstline Workers.

Microsoft Teams among its most outstanding features can be found for the firstline workers.

In this case users can use this work tool and make their management and communication effective in their day. Being one of the most important features for firstline workers, being widely used in stores, among others that require its operation.

As for the shifts, a schedule is established for the shifts in which the employees must carry out their working day.

Each user will observe the shifts in which they were assigned, make any changes with their colleagues if necessary, or notify changes due to absences, vacations and retirements.

The newest thing is that it can be done on the PC or mobile device. These shifts will be completely displayed in Office 365 and enabled by means of the Microsoft Teams configuration assigned by the specialist. It is even possible to set it as part of the main application bar.

3. Connecting with outsiders

Usually, many meetings are held online with people who are not employees of the organization.

However, the calls are made through the Outlook on the Microsoft Teams platform, entering the internal and external email addresses at the time of inviting each of the members who will be present at the meeting.

For this reason, Microsoft Teams makes the sending of each of the invitations with each of the instructions and links so that they can join the meeting online.

Each one of the invited users will be able to join through the link, with their name and they will be able to join the meeting from a browser without having to install additional plugins or download the Microsoft Teams client.
It is important to have the technology specialist review the configuration of the Microsoft Teams mode of use and be sure to give permission to each guest to the online meeting.

4. Unification Criteria.

There is not yet a platform so advanced, Microsoft Teams, is implementing a new function that will allow to make a more specific work and where the criteria demanded by the organization is unified.

It is intended that each of the tasks offered by Office 365, in which there will be tasks of the services of To-Do, Project and Outlook.

For this, users will have access to the assigned tasks, priority level, start and end date of the task.

5. User Status.

Among the 5 amazing of Microsoft Teams characteristics, it offers a feature, very useful within its platform, as the ability to observe the availability status, where you can adapt according to the needs.

As example, you can customize in an open way so that other users can know when to interact on the occasions when you are not available, ir absent. 

As for the interface, it is handled in the same way as web applications, offering by displaying its menu of user options you can define which is the status message you want to place in public view.

In turn, the interface will allow you to indicate how long the status message will remain in view for other users. In some cases, this is a feature that is not widely used by some users due to lack of knowledge.

To conclude the above, it is very useful for each of the users at the time you want to make the conversation through the chat and know the status of the contact.

Improve your
digital collaboration
with Microsoft Teams.

I hope that this article, where you could know 5 amazing features of Microsoft Teams, will help you work, and that can help organizations in each of the functions that day by day will be implemented whit this wonderful collaboration tool.

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