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As more and more poeple are moving around the world, and partnering oversears, it is getting even more common that we are seeing more and more bilingual weddings.

Intercultural relationships have brought up this mix of languages, that when we think about wedding, the communication is now not only between the couple, but also with family and friends.

The thing is that not all the family and friends might speak the same language as the couple, so it brings up the challenge for the wedding planners how to have all the information in different languages.

If you’re planning a bilingual wedding, one of the best ways to communicate with guests is to create a bilingual wedding website, or multilingual, in the case that more than two languages are required.

With this guests can easily toggle between languages and access all the important information about your big day.

If you are a website developer or a beginner in terms of creating your wedding website, here we will share some tips that will help you create your site for the wedding.

The basics: Get a Domain and Hosting

If you’re looking to create a website, you’ll need to get a domain name and hosting.

A domain name is the address people will use to access your site, and hosting is where your website lives.

Many couples get a custom domain name registry that mix both name to make it easier to remember.

As a tip, we recommend it to keep it short and simple so that it doesn’t take too much space if you add it on the wedding invitation.

You can get your domain name at Namecheap, and select some web hosting companies like Bluehost, Cloudways, Vultr or Siteground Hosting.

Once you have a domain and hosting, you can create your website using a content management system like WordPress.

Create a wedding website with WordPress

To start creating a bilingual wedding website, start by choosing a platform that supports multiple languages, and WordPress is a perfect platform to customize it for an international wedding. 

WordPress is a popular content management system that can be used to create a variety of websites, including wedding websites.

While there are many WordPress themes available for weddings, you can also create a custom website using the WordPress platform.

Creating a custom website will allow you to add any features or functionality that you desire.

In addition, using WordPress will give you access to a large community of users and developers who can offer support and advice.

Most of the hosting platforms already have a one click install that can help you to set out the WordPress environment.

Where to find Wedding Website Templates

Once you have your WordPress environment, you can start out designing what will be the content that should be include on the site.

Mainly the information that it is included are the date, venue, reservations, available hotels and places to stay, dress code and contact.

Of course there are different wedding website needs which will include for a given category, but the main focus is to have the important information ready for the wedding guests.

Once you have the information, you can focus on using an already pre established templates to choose for your beautiful wedding website.

Since WordPress is one of the best platforms to create websites, you can use plugins like Elementor and Envato Elements to have an amazing design.

There are plenty of wedding website templates on Envato Elements.

You can just import your template even for free, and start building up the site.

Translation of the Bilingual Wedding Website or Multilingual

The bilingual wedding website or multilingual is a great way to communicate with your guests.

It can be used to provide information about the wedding, directions to the venue, ceremony and reception save the dates, and even RSVP in multiple languages.

In the case of WordPress, there are some plugins that can help out with this task, such as WPML, Translatepress, Weglot and Conveythis.

Translatepress can be a great option since it has a free plan that can set up your website in two languages.

If you want better control on the translations then WPML is a great option.

Or if you want fast automatic translation improved with artificial intelligence, then Weglot and Conveythis are the way to go.

You can check out our reviews to learn more about each plugin, Translatepress review, WPML review, Weglot Review and Conveythis review.

Regardless of the plugin you have chone, they will help you for example to have the website in english and spanish, and you can opt to have available in multiple languages more your page.

The plugins can incorporate both languages perfectly so that your information in spanish and english ready to be seen.

Include your Multilingual Wedding Website on your Invitations or Share it Through Whatsapp

Multicultural wedding planning takes time, and a digital wedding website can certainly have the important information in one place to keep guests up to date.

Once you have ready your website, you can add a note on your invitations with a link to your site, or you can start to share it through Whatsapp which now a days has been the most common way to inform digitally.

Let your guests know that they can choose their preferred language or change the language of the site.

Having a website on more than one language will make the guests feel included on the ceremony program planning process.

Planning a wedding party takes time, so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, therefore if it sounds complicated to build a website by your own, search for some web designers that can do the task for you.

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