How long does the Dark Night of the Soul last?

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Short answer to how long does the Dark Night of the Soul last is 7 months.

Why? Because 7 is a common divine number, and the angel number 777 shows Divine Guidance.

Could it be divine guidance to a new life?

It doesn’t make sense to give a specific amount of time to such spiritual experience.

And I know, I know, one desperately wants to leave a painful time behind and the faster the better, but the personal transformation requires its own time.

Plus, time is a conceptual thing as we learn to live in the Now.

Each of us have a different life and spiritual path, and as some can get through the Dark Night of the Soul in days or weeks, for some others can take years or decades.

Following up, I share my experience and opinion about the duration period of the Dark Night of the Soul.

How long does the Dark Night of the Soul last
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40 days prior my Dark Night of the Soul experience

My whole spiritual awakening experience started around the beginning of the Lent of 2020.

There were several situations I was living that eventually lead me to follow “my call” and start a period of meditation and prayers.

Synchronicity or coincidence, I could say that this 40 day period of “boiling up” lasted the same 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert. 

And I could also say that the worldwide events of the Covid-19 built up deserts all around the world, including the city I was living at that time, Heilbronn.

For that Lent of 2020, in an almost desertic spot due to the worldwide situation, in a place in Heilbronn named “Liebespunkt”, I started to pray for love, family, friends, to question the meaning of life and to medidate in different aspects about this existential life.

The spiritual journey requires to do inner work, and in this spiritual awakening process, a deeper connection with the Divine emerges even more.

This deeper connection with the Divine happened for me as well, despite already considering myself as “christian catholic”. 

The Day I experienced a period of intense Kundalini Awakening and Dark Night of the Soul

I did not knew what the end result of such intense spiritual practice could look like.

With experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul, by accident or by divine guidance, I’ve learned what “being blind spiritually” actually meant.

Up to that moment, could I blame my environment, the church, or the society for not teaching about that dormant energy that we all have down the spine and when awakend it can move up and down the body, generating a Pineal Gland activation and bring a new level of consciousness?

I don’t think I can blame anyone, but me.

It is a personal duty and decision to develop oneself.

Certainly, the environment does have an impact, but the growth is personal. 

Either we stay on the same line, or move aside and walk our own path.

Part of this spiritual growth and awakening process includes an explosion of an existential crisis, otherwise, if it is not through the pain and darkness, how could we move towards seeing the light, a new light?

14th of April of 2020, the day I started experiencing an Altered State of Consciousness and my Dark Night of the Soul.

That night was an intense period of clash between the mind and the spirit.

Before that day, I have never experienced such thing.

I could summarize the symptoms of a Dark Night of the Soul as a spiritual depression with having a moment or moments of negative emotions like feeling unworthy, feeling lost with a sense of hopelessness, emptiness and disillusion of life. 

Like, there is nothing left to live for, and so in my mind or somewhere, it was generated the idea of a mission to shred the old identity and reach something higher. (Which the idea could sort of be the unblocking of the chakras up to the 7th Chakra, the Sahasrara Crown Chakra). 

It was like aiming for a spiritual bypass, and leave everything behind, family, friends, city, posessions, including life.

It was an internal fight between an ego and an alter ego to hide all those repressed negative emotions accumulated in years.

One side wanted to suppress, the other side wanted to liberate, but the ego inside had a fear of death, which turns out to be a symbolical first death.

This part could also be the “sacred marriage“, where the two polarities of my femenine and masculine energies were merging into one.

Having this spiritual experience sent me downward spiral to descend to the underworld.

My Altered State of Consciousness in the Dark Night of the Soul lasted 5-7 days

Another symbolical aspect of my experience was the descent into the underworld, which in my case was ending up in a mental health clinic for 9 weeks. 

In some cases, going through a Dark Night of the Soul ends up in such places.

Unfortunately, spiritual crisis are not fully recognized yet by the conventional medicine, and are treated as a mental illnesses.

For sure, with an Altered State of Consciousness one can feel completely disconnected of reality, but the ways these spiritual emergencies are managed, or at least in the place I was, are totally incorrect. 

The morning after my internation at the mental health clinic, I was tackled down, as if I had 3 american football players running after me. 

This happened because, in a moment of fear right after a call from my sister, which was rare for me to receive a call, plus I did not recognized her voice as I was still in the Altered State of Consciousness, the reaction I had was of fear, and my mind asked “What is this place and what are they gonna do to me?!”, so I attempted to escape the place.

Frightened, I went into the lab and take my recent blood test tube and I tried to escape. 

The male nurses ran after and tackled me.

Laying down almost like handcuffed in the floor, I said “OK, OK”.

I dropped the blood tube, but then the nurses injected me and put me down to sleep. 

As I remember, From the moment I stepped into the mental health clinic until the moment I “regained” conscious and ended the Altered State of Consciousness, around 5-7 days passed. 

And I remember the dates, because after I woke up, I had a newspaper at my bed that had the date of 21st or 22nd of April 2020. 

My 9 weeks of Death-Rebirth process at the Underworld

I had a legal order to remain at the mental health clinic for 6 weeks more due to the “escape attempt” and “pushing the nurse at the lab to grab the blood tube”.

(Which in reality did not happened, the nurse was in another table in front of where the tubes were. Not even close. “There are three sides to every story: Your Side, My Side, The Truth”).

At the moment I received the restriction order, I was already out of the “Altered State of Consciousness”, but certainly in a “What the f*ck did just happened” moment. 

One can barely rationalize the Spiritual Awakening experience immediately, and adding that either I could hire a lawyer or accept the legal order was just not helpful at all to understand.

So, it was the first week of the internation and the Altered State of Consciousness, plus the 6 weeks by law, which makes it 7 weeks, so where are the 2 weeks left to make it 9 weeks in total?

At the mental health clinic, I was in two different stations.

The first station is where they keep people with different levels of situations. 

Those first weeks of my sentence, I either could remain like a couch potato or be more active.

During breakfast, lunch and dinner, I volunteered to clean the tables and pick up all the dishes to help the nurses. 

I attended to the music and art classes offered at the first stage, and still in the spare time, I wrote.

But also, the doctors started to medicate me. 

Unfortunately, the side effects of psychiatric medication are terrible, such as one generates anxiety, loses mobility, have less thought clearity, the ability to sleep is gone, hand shaking and tremors, and in men, we can’t have an erection.

In my understanding, these effects are what actually could make men more violent, by supressing their instincts and emotions, instead of helping them to release them. 

Therefore, what is done by doctors is to give more pills to counter the side effects.

From what I saw, some patients ended up with more than 10 pills.

No wonder why some people come back to the underworld after being released, it is too much of withdrawal symptoms.

This is not the path towards healing.

Eventually, a “good behaviour”, or showing that one is more in “reality”, helped me to move to the second station at the clinic, an open cabin house. 

The time at the second station started to be more of a reflection period.

The surroundings of the clinic are so gorgeous, full of nature and with a close walk to the vineyards, which that of course helped.

I kept attending to art and music classes, plus I was given the choice to do some farm work.

It was a time of starting to listen to the inner voice.

After an Ego Death, these 9 weeks felt like a gestation period.

But, there was a point where it felt to be comfortable to be at the clinic, medicated, no worries, just a simple routine and with a fear of leaving the place.  

This could also resemble of how was my real gestation time as a baby in my mother’s womb, warm, being feed, just a simple routine, and it is also said that there is a psychological impact of the birth. 

Instead of bringing up the desire to go out to the world, for me, the place encouraged to remain there.  

It was another internal fight deep inside me.

I also used this time to medidate on the future of my life.

As I accomplished the 7 weeks, in one of the weekly 3-5 minutes short appointment with doctor, they wanted me to stay longer “due to Coronavirus”, but I wanted to leave.

In another, 3-5 minutes short appointment with the psychologist, she told me that it was better if I stay longer, and eventually I felt it like a threat, because she literally said that if I did not stay longer, I could have another psychotic episode. 

So the “people-pleaser” inside me, agreed to stay longer one week more. 

And it happened again, the doctor insisted to stay one more week.

I reached the 9th week, until I had the medical release order. 

I left the clinic the 10th of June 2020.

4 years after my Spiritual Awakening

In this almost for 4 years after the initiation of my spiritual awakening journey, what it was a moment of nightmare, I could name now as an inflection point.

As it is in the Chinese symbolism of “危机”, Crisis = “a turning point” + “danger”, my spiritual crisis was the turning point that eventually has lead me to where I am right now.

And yes, I can say that I am in a better position now.

As I say, since we also learn that the power of words are also manifested, I am more healthy, more rich, more handsome and more happy. 

My symptoms of Hashimoto Autoimmune Disorder are in complete remission and I do feel pretty good, sleeping my full 7-8 hours and waking up with energy most of the mornings. 

This spiritual awakening proccess unfolds itself day by day as we learn to have an unconditional love for the Higher Self.

Topics like Shadow Work come by, and we develop the integration with our higher selves and the repressed side of ourselves.

For me, there has been a resurge of the sense of joy, specially for the little things.

The scale of value has totally changed, and certainly I care more for the things that nurtures me, and less for the outside things.

This is a spiritual journey that eventually teach us to learn to surrender, let go and trust the divine.

My Body-Mind-Soul healing tips

Certainly, the time at that clinic is now part of my life story.

If I did not have experienced such spiritual emergency and Dark Night of the Soul, I could have not seen another reality that people live.

I believe and know that medicating people is not a real way of healing such cases, and we must build as a worldwide society, “Spiritual Protocols for Healing” that can merge into an holistic medicine. 

I might not have a degree in medicine, but the following these tips have helped me in my soul-mind-body healing journey.

The Dark Night of the Soull will last as much as one finally accept and decide to move forward on the spiritual and healing journey.

One day at a time.

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