Are Newsletters Spam or Real Content?

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newsletters spam or real content

E-mail Marketing, does it still works?

One of the things that I personally don’t like is e-mail marketing.

And some newsletters are good, but sometimes, the aim of companies to push sales or content through emails, I just don’t enjoy it.

When it comes to getting a free e-book, where companies try to get leads, it is a tactic that might work, but for me is a path to then unsuscribe.

When does it really worth to be subscribed to a newsletter?

When a company is actually delivering real content to a product that I already bought.

I do stick only to the e-mail lists of products or services that I already buy.

So I am more into an after-sales relationship. 

This way I could eventually buy another product that a company already offers.

Also another thing that anoys me is when companies try to look with “personalized e-mail marketing”, but when it goes wrong, you end up receiving an email with a strangers name. 

HELLO, I am not Marco!

So, does e-mail marketing or marketing automation really humanizing the interaction with the company.

Plenty of SaaS who are focusing on exponential growth somehow have to deal with the big amount of users.

Certainly, I do sometimes prefer to have 1 on 1 interactions, rather than mass interaction.

It brings up the opportunity to really get to know the customer or the person itself.

Of course, the dilema is there, few customers or high volume of customers.

It would depend on your business model, but I would recommend that properly written letters should be sent.

Letters with a real purpose or depth content.

I do prefer to receive email that have news about an update of a product, or even future plans of the company where they ask the audience to be involved on the decision.


How to improve the Customer Experience?

I do believe that sending surveys to have an overall overview of the mass won’t really help.

Customers are humans and have feelings.

And those feelings must be taken into consideration.

Are they happy with their purchase, are there still some pain points to solve from the customer and those problems are just creating more stress on the customer?

The focus should be to learn about what could cheer up the customer.

Do a simple email related about your product would be enough?

Get to know what emotion is your product bringing to your customer, and what it is solving and what other problem might be creating.

If you are going to keep sending emails, keep track of those problems that are still pending to be solve, and how you are solving each one step by step.

Or if you think that your product or service is not being used at full potential, teach your customers how to grow even more with it.

What are the opportunities to stick with your product.

E-mail should be real content, not just product oriented stating to buy more or read more.

E-mail is part of the customer experience, and it should not be taken as, “The customers can receive a weekly email, lets just keep sending emails.”

And then you must have an unsuscription rates to understand if your e-mail tactic is worth or not.

A well taught customer who wants more information from you would help their experience with you.


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