How to achieve perfect time management?

In the 21st century, many of us have realized how important a perfect time management can be for our lives. Read more about some time management tips.
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How to achieve perfect time management

Carlos' Opinion -
Planning Time Management.

If there is a resource that we all have counted, is time.

And time is a resource that we don’t know exactly how much we will have.

Time management could be a very subjective and complicated resource to have total control.

For sure, being in Germany had helped me to learn about a different cultural perspective about time.

If I compare between Mexico and Germany, time is a real significant difference between this two cultures.

Mexicans use the term “Ahorita”, which is a time adverb that can not specify actually at what time.

The normal adverb is “ahora”, which means right now, but saying “Ahorita” is were almost all foreigners will be confused, since there is no exact time to describe ahorita.

In contrast, german culture is more likely to be a more specific in time terms.

Although now different generations are having different aspects about time, specially in business, Germans are very good at planning their time.

I had plenty of german friends who actually had their Google Calendars fully scheduled, and sometimes setting up a get together with them had actually be considered with enough preparation.

Mexicans, and as well latin american cultures, might not be really specific when it comes out about time.

So is time a really crucial resource that countries like mine have to be more careful and really find a balance between the cultural “ahorita” and a specific agenda?

Personally, time management could be a useful skill to achieve any personal and professional goal.

Developing time management skills could be also a healthy aspect, to have the so called work-life balance, and know when to stop when you are a workaholic, or to know when to focus and be more productive if you are more of a distracted person. 

Planning the perfect future would be impossible, but certainly following steps towards the main goal, could get you closer to become an achiever.

What is Time Management?

Sometimes, the thought of having enough time to rest or simply do something we like may seem crazy, but thanks to the information you will find here we will show you that managing time to your benefit is not impossible.

Time management is known as all the actions that we apply when we have a backlog of tasks that must be done before a certain date.

Generally, time management is associated with work, but at home it is also extremely necessary to have a correct time management when we want to enjoy free time to enjoy what we like.

Time management requires practice aligned with techniques that must be applied to learn, make it a habit and obtain positive results.

Time management methods

As you well know, the key to improve time management lies in the strategies and methods we apply to keep up with the issues to be resolved.

Mainly, you can choose to apply these:

Make sure you prioritize pending activities appropriately.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Leaving a task to the last minute will only cause you stress and anxiety, plus it will detract from the quality of your work, due to the lack of time to review it.

Don't be afraid to delegate to others those tasks that are not so important.

How can you manage your time well?

What you must keep in mind is that in order to achieve perfect time management, you must be aware that it is a personal decision that will only yield positive results if you stick to the strategies and techniques that will help you achieve it.

Nowadays, there are countless distractions that can waste your time, even without you noticing it.

With a task routine that allows you to work in order and under a stipulated time, we guarantee that in less time than you think you will have all your issues resolved and up to date.

Above all, try to apply these strategies initially to manage your time and reduce the levels of pending tasks:

Plan ahead.

Educate yourself on the subject you want to solve.

Select those tasks that are proactive and reactive, so you know which ones you can work on simultaneously and which ones you can work on alone.

Remove overlapping or unnecessary tasks from the list.

Prioritize by order of importance and due date.

Try to spend less time than stipulated on each task. This will make you more proactive and allow you to redesign your action plan.

At least at the beginning, try to dedicate a few more hours to the pending tasks each day.

Qualities that define a time manager.

You don’t have to aim for a fancy degree in time management, but for sure you do have to put on the work on your skills of organization.

There are different time management skills that can be learned, and for sure you can become your own time manager.

Here are some qualities that can describe a time manager.

They are people who follow up on pending tasks and those they have already completed.

They focus on keeping track of the responsibilities they have pending and what they can delegate. This allows you to have information on results as well.

From the available options, they evaluate in order to choose the most appropriate one.

They think of strategic plans to obtain results not only in the present but also in the future.

They base the results of their objectives on the decisions made to execute a plan.

They are able to delegate with precision and fluidity, which denotes confidence.

They make sure to select all the information they need to execute a plan. In addition to accepting opinions and input from the team and subject matter experts.

They are people who handle the activities they are responsible for immediately and efficiently, even at times when they must delegate or eliminate some that do not require their constant attention.

Steps to Improve Time Management.

Take into account that time management refers to the effectiveness with which some people manage their daily activities so that, at the end of the day, none of them are left pending or incomplete.

Generally, these people apply certain steps to achieve perfect time management, and that is what we will talk about next:

1. Plan about your professional future.

Although we emphasize that time management should not only be applied in the work field, the truth is that applying it at work will help you to show yourself as a person capable of assuming responsibilities and making the right decisions, in addition to showing yourself as a competent professional.

2. Create strategies to get more done in less time.

If the key to time management is good organization, the goal is to get more done in less time.

That is why the approach should be aligned with a to-do list in which priorities reign, while studying which tasks can be done simultaneously, so that two or more can be completed at the same time.

3. Focus on efficiency and productivity.

By staying focused on the task at hand, they are able to execute the activities at hand much faster.

When this technique is applied in the workplace, the benefit is directly related to the work schedule, since you will not have to work overtime.

4. Practice emotional intelligence.

One goes hand in hand with the other, if you organize your time better when performing daily tasks, you will be less prone to suffer from stress episodes.

On the other side, you will see that by applying emotional intelligence when facing daily responsibilities, your mood and willingness to execute them will help them to be achieved more smoothly.

5. Do not be afraid to make decisions.

When it comes to managing time properly, one of the qualities that must predominate is decision making.

This ability is acquired and perfected as you better organize your to-do list.

Decision making will also help reduce the pressure levels of not having enough time.

6. Be confident in yourself.

A person who is self-confident is certain of the extent of his or her capabilities.

This quality allows them to organize activities based on their priority and difficulty, which allows them to respect the established deadlines.

7. Avoid procrastination.

Thanks to the order of tasks under which you manage your time, you can reach objectives more quickly.

People who manage their time leave nothing to surprises or to the last minute.

Easy access to distractors, like Social Media, can affect your performance.

It would be recommended to set a time so that you can actually have your spare time in between. 

Remember, is about balancing your life, not impeding it to live it. 

8. Trust the process.

When we put our ideas and daily tasks in order our quality of life increases, since we allow ourselves to dedicate time to what we like and that is not necessarily related to work or household chores.

This balance is what allows an individual to lead a more organized, flexible and enjoyable lifestyle.

Benefits of Time Management.

At this point, you will have already discovered a few of the benefits of time management, among which we highlight:

In the workplace, you will enjoy a better organizational climate and work environment.

Your stress levels will decrease, so your quality of life will increase both personally and professionally.

The image you will project to the world will be that of a trustworthy person.

You will be able to obtain better job opportunities.

You will learn to make better use of resources.

Your margin for error, as well as unforeseen events, will decrease considerably.

You will gain greater professional recognition, which will earn you a better reputation.

Your efficiency and production will also increase.

Importance of Time Management.

The main importance of perfect time management is that you will get the personal satisfaction of being able to perform efficiently, effectively and on time all the activities that concern you, both personally and professionally.

Learning to manage time gives us the experience of being able to do several tasks at the same time, which with practice ends up becoming a habit that in the end, leaves excellent results.

Also, we will become more aware of the commitments we have to face every day, which will help us to reduce the feelings of frustration and guilt that unpunctuality in the delivery or fulfillment of work and assigned activities could leave us in case we do not organize ourselves to do it.

In personal life.

As much as we are used to think that time management only applies when we work, the truth is that in our personal life it also has great benefits.

When it comes to attending commitments with our family and friends, time organization is the key to being able to fulfill all our tasks without them being affected by our lack of punctuality or attendance.

So, instead of prioritizing only work activities and giving them more weight when it comes to managing time to accomplish everything, let’s try to attend to personal commitments so that the balance in our life is harmonious.

At work.

Evidently, if you do a good time management to fully comply with personal tasks and commitments, when you do it with your work responsibilities you will have fabulous results.

When we work for an organization our routine revolves around functions and objectives that have a deadline, that is why organizing time will make you a more competitive and productive professional, making your profile stand out from others.

How to achieve perfect time management

Table of Contents

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