What is intercultural awareness and how to develop it

Intercultural Awareness

Written by As the world becomes more interconected than ever, and societies have the ease of contacting people from all around the world in a matter of seconds, it is important to understand the similarities and differences that exist between cultures. Key values that are needed to be promoted are tolerance and respect, specially when […]

What means CFO? Chief Financial Officer Definition & Activities

What means CFO

Written by CFO stands for “Chief Financial Officer”. A CFO is part of the C-suite of a corporation as well as a CEO, CTO, COO and CMO. A CFO is responsible for the financial planning and management of a company. They oversee the financial department and make sure that the company’s finances are in order. […]

What means CTO? Chief Technology Officer Definition and Activities

What means CTO

Written by CTO definition stands for “Chief Technical Officer.” A CTO is responsible for the technical direction of a company and its products. They work with the CEO to determine the company’s overall direction and strategy, and they are responsible for executing that strategy. A CTO typically has a deep understanding of technology and how […]

What means CEO in business? Definition and Activities

What means CEO

Written by As it can be found in any dictionary, a CEO is the chief executive officer of a company. They are responsible for the overall management of the company and for making decisions on its strategic direction. The CEO position of a company is the highest ranking executive within the organization. The CEO is […]

5 Personal Finances Tips to start fixing your bank account

Personal Finances Tips to start fixing your bank account

Personal finances are a really important habit that people must develop in order to have a good financial life. It is not a matter of having too much or just a small amount of money, it is about having a proper management of it, learning and seeing more tips of finances. Personal finances are important […]

17 Work Experience ideas to start your career

Work Experience ideas

Written by These days, even if we’re just out of college, there will be companies that will ask you for work experience in order to join their payroll… and we’re not saying that’s fair! In this article you’ll find ideas for getting work experience that will help you before you go big.  How do I […]

5 Tips for getting a job in Canada

Tips for getting a job in Canada

Written by Canada has been for a long time one of the alternatives countries for those who want a different country from the USA. Canada also has different offerings in terms of quality life for those who are seeking to go abroad to have new work opportunities. It can either be the salary, the city, […]

What is intercultural competence and why is it important?

intercultural competence

Written by When was the last time you made a foreign acquaintance feel at home, and we’re not necessarily referring to trying to make him or her a citizen, but to genuinely getting to know who he or she is and giving him or her the space to be free to do so.Find out in […]

How to transcribe interviews automatically for qualitative research?

How to transcribe interviews automatically for qualitative research

Written by If you are wondering how to transcribe interviews automatically, you have come to the right article. Whether you are in the world of qualitative research, or you have any other reason, we bring you interesting proposals.  Learn about the best software to transcribe interviews automatically with artificial intelligence that will help you in […]

How to make a meeting minutes faster?

How to make a meeting minutes

Written by The meeting minutes are sometimes a necessary document, but the truth is that when our boss tells us that we should make it we have a bit of all the responsibility that falls on our shoulders.  Learn in this article how to write meeting minutes, why it should be done and the recommended […]