ThemeForest vs TemplateMonster: the best marketplaces for WordPress templates

If you are looking for the best WordPress templates, you have come to the right article, as we will help you to go to sites where all the products are a good choice.

Even if it is a ThemeForest vs TemplateMonster we are sure that the information in this article will be fully objective and, when you finish reading it, you will know which is the right platform for you.

ThemeForest vs TemplateMonster
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What are WordPress templates for?

First of all, let’s briefly touch on what WordPress templates are, since they are defined as page designs that are created so that they can work within a theme of this platform.

To clarify then, using them is not as simple as installing one after another, WordPress does not work this way.

When you have the desire to change it will also have to be installed a new theme. 

On the other hand, you have the possibility of creating custom templates in WordPress, although of course, through a much more complex process where it will be necessary that you have a good understanding of web design.

That is why many simply prefer to choose to get them in marketplaces.

Some of these templates are standard, this means that they have the ability to join the vast majority of themes that you have in WordPress.

However, there are others that can only offer you their full benefits if they are installed in a certain type of theme.

It is important to understand the difference between WordPress templates and themes, since many people believe that they are the same thing.

When we talk about a theme, we refer to a package with most of the things that are associated with web design.

So, we can differentiate it in a very simple way by clarifying that the theme will have to do with the entire design of your website, while a template is something much more specific, since it will be based on the design of a single page of what is your website.

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What is ThemeForest?

Although it may sound a bit cliché, for many ThereForest is the right Marketplace to find the template you need for your website, ecommerce, or your blog. Everything always pointing towards the need to create an optimized browsing experience, and very well structured.

So what is ThemeForest, it is nothing more than an online platform that is responsible for offering a lot of options to purchase WordPress themes and templates.

You may have heard of it before, since it was created in 2008 and has paved its way to the present day.

The proposal of this platform is very simple to understand, since they only intend to function as an honest base of templates and themes for every user who needs a great design in order to start their project, or is looking to redesign an existing one.

ThemeForest’s website could be defined as simple and practical, however, there are several category filters.

These could be categorized as fundamental tools when you have the need to facilitate the task of finding the ideal theme, or template.

We have talked about a Marketplace, because you will indeed have to buy what is offered there.

However, don’t panic. Prices start at $2, but if you know that, in some cases, the offers can reach $50, or a little more, depending on what you get.

Basically what you do is have your purchase, and it will be available for you to download. After that you will need to perform the installation in WordPress, all from the platform panel of the sites you normally use, to be able to enjoy your purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of ThemeForest

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As always, there will be positive and negative points.

That is why we have decided to touch on what are the advantages and disadvantages of ThemeForest taking into account the experience of a large number of users on the Internet, not just what one has been able to experience, and thus offer a more generalized opinion:

What is TemplateMonster?

The answer to what is TemplateMonster is easier to give at this point of the article: it is another of the great marketplaces that are dedicated to offering solutions to users who need themes and templates to use on their WordPress websites.

It has already been evidenced that this platform has thousands of themes and templates that can be added to WordPress, however, it is no surprise when we realize that it is operating since 2002 and since then, it has been the favorite of many.

But don’t let the number of themes and templates scare you at all, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend hours searching. TemplateMonster’s website has the right filters to narrow down all your options to what you are looking for, and optimize the purchasing process. 

In case you are one of those people who like to have free samples, one of the features of their website is the Live demo option, which gives you a look at all the details of the template, or theme, you select. 

As for the cost of TemplateMonster everything depends, you can find very good projects ranging from $10 to $150. However, it is a reality that many online users talk about the need to avoid as much as possible those products that turn out to be, in their own words, too cheap. 

If you want to get an idea of how much is the average that should be considered when shopping on this platform, you should know that most of their popular products are valued at around $70.

This is both for quality themes and for the case of templates.

Advantages and disadvantages of TemplateMonster

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ThemeForest vs TemplateMonster, which one? None!

So why don’t decide between ThemeForest vs TemplateMonster, well the answer is easy, there are alternatives that are btter than keep buying on this websites.

With the rise of the popularity of WordPress Page Builders such as Elementor, there is almost no need to buy new WordPress Themes.

Honestly, it is recommended to have on of the fastest WordPress Themes available out there just to have the core of your WordPress website, but for the rest, Elementor will do the work.

But also, it is worth mentioning that it is better to to choose between Envato Elements vs MonsterONE, since they also include WordPress Themes and mor digital assets on their plans.

Carlos used to pay $50 for each of one of the WordPress Themes, but with the use of Elementor and Envato Elements Templates it is way easier and he saves more money.


$ 47
  • Build your WordPress Website as you want.

Envato Elements

$ 16
50 Monthly
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Thousands of Digital Assets


$ 14
95 Monthly
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • Premium Designs

This is better and recommended option if you are planning to use multiple WordPress Themes.

Also by having a susbcription plan you can have access to more types of files and not only to WordPress Themes.

Also, the flexibility of Elementor makes really easy to build WordPress websites.

Now you know, if you were not sure about ThemeForest vs TemplateMonster, then you are sure to avoid this pages and take better one of their subscriptions.

Envato Elements has the advantage that it has a plugin for WordPress, so it makes easier to import WordPress Themes.

More about Digital Assets.