Envato Elements Vs MonsterOne

Envato Elements vs MonsterOne
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Envato Elements vs MonsterOne.

One of the things that I like about Envato Elements is the different amount of categories they have.

Envato Elements offers a variety of WordPress themes, audio, video, image stock, and also after effects templates, illustrator templates and so on.

I was contacted by MonsterOne, so that I can have a look to their tool.

For now I just have seen the free setup, but I can see that they offer almost the same digital assets as Envato Elements.

TemplateMonster has been another website that I knew when I think about WordPress Themes.

And as well as Envato, they created their own new subscription platfrom MonsterOne.

What could be a decision breaker between Envato Elements vs MonsterOne?

And as I can say, the decision will be based on the subscription plan and if you want the Envato Elements plugin.

The positive side I saw from MonsterOne is that they offer different types of plans. 

One of their plans is that they have one just for stock material like images, and photos, graphic design assets and presentations for for less than $8 per month.

This actually makes a difference between Envato Elements and MonsterOne.

If you are a content creator, and actually you are not aiming for WordPress themes, than it might not be worth for you to spend double that price for files that you won’t use. 

But if you want all the assets that MonsterOne has, then it might be a little bit higher than Envato Elements.

MonsterOne all-in-one plan costs $19 per month.

And if you are planning more like in a long them, MonsterOne has a one-time payment for $749 for unlimited access.

This I would recommend it if you want to stick with them and don’t worry about future file licensing.

As many different services, there are advantages and disadvantages.

As I have said, I enjoy Envato Elements because it has different categories that I actually use, and I find it as a good price. 

As well, there is the Envato Elements WordPress plugin that helps with templates and images, making easier the process of building a website.

Envato Elements vs MonsterOne.

We have already talked in many ways about how amazing Envato Elements can be, however, if you are just getting into this topic, you don’t have to worry, because in this article you will learn about this platform, and about one of its competencies in the market.

Envato Elements is a website that offers web page creation services, in addition to working with promotional videos, flyers, posters, logo creation, GIFs, infographics and everything that is visual material to give information or convey a message.

As well as Envato Elements, a huge number of online platforms have emerged to help people create and design web pages and thus facilitate their work in a way that does not affect the quality.

One of these tools is the online platform called MonsterOne, then, you will be given to know everything that is related to this platform, so you can make a comparison about this, if you need to create a website but do not have much knowledge about it … This article Envato Elements vs MonsterOne is for you!


What is MonsterOne?

MonsterOne is an online platform launched by TemplateMonster.

Its goal is to help people design web pages and content so that they can get a look based on the creator’s wishes, and in turn, position themselves in the user’s search.

This is how it is growing day by day. 

The site is mostly visited by people living in the United States, and at the same time, this is the country where most of its customers are located.

Translation is also available, and payments can be made through a credit or debit card

It offers different website templates such as WordPress and Shopify themes.

At the same time it offers plans in different prices that bring benefits for just content creation or also website creation.

MonsterOne offers hundreds of digital assets that can support to the content creation such as Images, Graphic designs and Stock Video.

MonsterOne also includes different resources like plugins.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

Next, we will show some of the advantages and disadvantages of MonsterOne.

Advantages of MonsterOne.

Different subscription plans that might fit to your needs.

Different categories of digital assets for web development.

Unlimited licenses.

Premium designs.

Disadvantages of MonsterOne.

Less amount of files in comparison with Envato Elements.

Envato Elements vs MonsterOne.

Envato Elements is priced at $14.50. And MonsterOne has different plans, the initial is $7.40. Both are billed per year.

Quality of the content seem to be at the same level.

Envato Elements has more files in comparison with MonsterOne.

MonsterOne one time payment plan might be a deal breaker if you don’t want to worry to much of future licensing. With Envato Elements, you must be subscribed to be able to keep licensing new projects.

In conclusion, both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, but if you are just starting in web design, if you want to have considerable savings, or the work will not have a monetary compensation at the time, it is best to consider the option with lower budget, but good quality, in this case, Envato Elements.

Envato Elements has a free plugin that you can use in combination with Elementor.

This combination is really good for starters.

Paying for the subscription of Envato Elements or MonsterOne is for those who one to start leveling up their content creation.

As a summary, I you want an easy website building support, then choose Envato Elements. 

If you are looking for a cheaper plan and just aiming for content creation, then consider the basic plan of MonsterOne.

If you just want a website where you can just download, cancel your subscription and then keep using the files, then try Storyblocks.

Increase your Content Creation
Income with MonsterOne.

If you are also looking for an extra income and looking to expand the reach of your created content, you can use MonsterOne as an exposure platform.

At MonsterOne you can start join as an affiliate and as an author.

If you are a creative person and want to bring more exposure to your work, MonsterOne is also on of the main platforms available to help you to grow.

With the affiliate program you can earn up to 30% commission for every new customer you refer to MonsterONE.

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