5 Reasons to use Weglot for website multilingual translation

Reasons to use Weglot for website multilingual translation
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Weglot is a multilingual website translation plugin that is helping more and more websites to translate content.

Weglot has already quite some years in the market but is probably still less known as some other WordPress multilingual plugins like WPML or Polylang.

Nevertheless, it has gained its space to be one of the preferred plugins for multilingual sites for its advantages.

But some questions might arise for people who are analyzing the different alternatives to have a WordPress website in additional languages.

Does it really worth to have Weglot plugin to translate your WordPress website?

For a year, this website used Weglot to have a translated website, and Weglot helped a lot specially with its machine translation that was really accurate.

The translation was pretty fast, as if I had a team of translators doing the translation work.

The issue was that as I wanted to have my website in at least 5 languages, I reached fast the word count limit, and for a beginner, paying a higher plan was out of budget, so I changed back to WPML.

As we have mentioned in Weglot vs WPML, one of the main differences is the word count, and if you have a content website or aim for more than 3 languages than WPML would be a better solution, where Weglot will be better for e-commerce sites or webmasters who are seeking out for a fast and professional translation solution.

Furthermore, here we highlight the reasons why you should use Weglot among other WordPress translation plugins.

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Speed to translate your website

This is probably one of the main advantages of Weglot, and it is the speed of translation.

Weglot automatic translation starts to work as soon as a webpage is visited in the target language.

You don’t have to upload any translated content or do any extra work to have the content in multiple languages.

Weglot has a mix of neural machine translation engines that improve the quality of the translatons and it does the work at the moment.

This is perfect for all those webmasters who don’t have much time and want to translate their website in multiple languages.

Plus, in case that you want to do some corrections of the translation to translate with specific words, you can do it from their platform, or also you can do it directly from the visual editor, which will help you to find easily the word that you are looking for directly from the front end of your site.

Weglot API Key connection

The way that Weglot works is through an API key connection, meaning that the translation is ran by their servers.

This also means that the translated content doesn’t add to your hosting, keeping your site lighter, but also worth mentioning that if you cancel your Weglot plan, you don’t keep the translated content.

The set up of Weglot is really easy as it is basically a matter of copy pasting the API Key of the Weglot Dashboard to the WordPress environment.

Once the API connection is established, you can select the number of languages you want to have, where here we recommend to have maximum 2 languages, otherwise you could reach faster the word count limit.

Weglot has a free plan that helps out to test the tool in one language more, but if you want many languages on your WordPress site, then you might find youself on thinking if this will be the right solution for you, because once you reach the word count limit, you will have to jump to a higher plan with a higher number of words.

Use Weglot for E-commerce website translation

In my opinion, Weglot is a really great WordPress multilingual plugin, but specially it can be considered the best for Woocommerce, and some other E-commerce sites like Shopify and Bigcommerce.


Well, to create a multilingual online store there are several aspects to take care of when you want to translate all your content, but the main focus of any e-commerce store is to gain traffic, have conversions and grow in sales.

An online store owner and his or her team focus might be primarily to take care of the orders, stock, logistics, customer inquiries, and having the website running smoothly, so having to take care to manage your translations might also be adding more job to be done.

As mentioned, Weglot translate is a great multilingual solution because it is like hiring a team of professional translators to do the job automatically.

This will set up your time free for some other important tasks that need to be done.

As well, the least you want is that some plugin generates some compatibility issues between them, and since Weglot make your website multilingual via an API key, this reduces any issue.

International SEO friendly multilingual wordpress plugin

Some of the International SEO best practices for multilingual sites is to cover the following aspects such as the Hreflangs, translation of the Meta Data, URL slug translation, a sitemap with the corresponding international URLs and the optimized content for the target market language.

Weglot automatically supports with those aspects that will help you to rank internationally on search engines.

It is worth mentioning that for URL slug translation is only possible within the Weglot advanced plan.

Weglot compatibility with WordPress plugins

As well, Weglot doesn’t has a direct impact on your WordPress backend since the source code of your website gets almost intact, meaning that there will be barely some issues with some other plugins.

Weglot is compatible with plenty number of themes and plugins.

Weglot works well with WordPress page builder like Elementor and Divi.

So there are less worries with Weglot in terms of being compatible with other plugins.

Is Weglot among all the WordPress translation plugins the right one for you?

My principal website translation tips are that if you are looking to translate your entire site that is focused on content such as a Blog, News site or any site that has pleny of written text, plus you want to have more than 3 different language versions, then WPML might be a better option, as we have mentioned in the article of reasons to use WPML and WPML review.

But if you have an E-commerce store, don’t have time to really focus to translate your site and still want to have a good translation that is almost like human translation, as mentioned in our Weglot review, then this will be a better option to translate your WordPress site.

As well, if you have a small website that is generating revenue, it could be also a possibility to have Weglot in mind, and as you scale, Weglot gives the possibility to scale their plans.

Certainly, Weglot also offers the features that are added to a website when going multilingual, such a language switcher.

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