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10 Microsoft Teams Advantages

Microsoft Teams is a remote working tool that allows companies to involve employees with each of the tasks assigned in their work schedule.

In the following article we will recommend the 10 advantages of Microsoft Teams, that facilitate each of the functions and experiences that are developed remotely.

1. Private messaging to the work team.

As for the advantages we can mention, you can make private messaging to the work team, starting with a conversation where you can choose one or more users.

This application chat is very similar to those found on the platform of social networks such as WhatsApp, allowing in the case of Microsoft Teams advanced options where you share video calls, tabs and in turn share files with updated information.

For project conversations developed in the various work areas, you can organize each of the publications and relevant comments on different and specific topic.

It allows to expand the ability to generate urgent meetings and immediately access the contacts.

The files that are attached to the meeting will be stored in the cloud in SharePoint Online instead of in a private area such as OneDrive.

2. Quick Markers.

When you start the top browser its function is not only to find contacts, built-in equipment, or files, but it will also allow you to use a whole series of bookmarks by clicking on the “/” character and generate the required facility for its use, an example is the quick search of the last used files or the change of status to available.

3. Effective videoconferencing

Among the advantages of Microsoft Teams, it is highlighted the videoconferences that play a key role in any meeting and for this advanced features have been incorporated such as: sharing screens with other users, changes in the wallpaper to prevent them from dispersing and not take into account the central theme, video recordings stored in Microsoft Stream, start downloads and transcripts to text.

To join a videoconference, it is not necessary for the person to have office 365, they receive the invitation and join the meeting for this reason it is one of the advantages that most benefits users.

4. Multiple editing using OneDrive.

The editing is done through the use of OneDrive, which means that it can be shared to each work team, being modifiable by each of the users and edited to incorporate information that is relevant in decision making, this type of multiple editions can prevent any kind of loss of information, even if you have to make updates to its version.

5. Organization of projects by hiding elements.

By involving several areas of the company in the projects, it does not mean that all the information must be in the public domain; on the contrary, it can be hidden and adapted to the work team to be addressed in order to be more effective.

6. Customization of tabbed chats.

In the case of private chats, it can be customized through the tabs where you will add applications that are specific according to the users to whom the information will be directed, it is the easiest way to simplify the opening of multiple tabs in the browser or desktop applications.

Another advantage of Microsoft Teams is that it offers at your disposal, tabs with applications such as Planner or Trello facilitating the organization of each of the tasks, PowerPoint, OneNote or Wiki for sending documentation for processes and manuals, and even all kinds of online applications through the web component.

7. Withdrawal of data with private channels

When users are added to a Microsoft Teams team, they will be able to access files, conversations and information.

However, this does not mean that you cannot define private chats within a team, in this case you have private channels where you define which members of the group will have access to the information stored on the site.

8. Survey with Microsoft Forms

In a decision making process that takes place from a conversation, a form can be associated so that the members of the conversation can give their opinions and points of view in a more organized way using Microsoft Forms.

9. Advanced filtering via SharePoint

The files are going to allow to visualize the archives of registered conversations, if the quantity of files is very high it is not enough to be able to count on its storage completely.

For this reason it is necessary to make a copy in the url of a personalized library that will be through the web where the advanced filtering function and how to visualize it will be observed.

10. Video Streaming.

With video streaming you can create events where you can manage multiple sections of questions to each of the moderators that are also incorporating the translation to text instantly and each of the elements that are necessary to perform live.

Microsoft Teams Conclusions

We can say that Microsoft Teams is a very competent tool and we think that it should be given a chance because of its easy handling and access to each of the work teams that want to be informed day by day of the decisions that are executed within the departments that integrate it.

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