The importance of market segmentation in digital marketing

Know your customer! It is a phrase that you will hear often, because every company depends on its customers and therefore the importance of market segmentation in digital marketing as the main strategy that will help determine the niches you want to reach.

Learning to perform a correct segmentation of digital marketing, will give you the clarity to adapt your product or service according to the needs of your customers, their tastes and even according to the sites where they spend more time.

The importance of market segmentation in digital marketing
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What is market segmentation?

Market segmentation refers to the way in which you can divide the different types of potential customers into specific groups, allowing you to establish better strategies focused on the needs of each one.

Customer segmentation is the basis of any good digital marketing strategy.

If you want your company to succeed, the first step you must take is to really know the characteristics of the niche you want to reach.

To give you an idea, you can apply these examples of digital segmentation:

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Importance of market segmentation

The importance of market segmentation lies in the benefits that your company can obtain, some of them are:

Segmentation in digital marketing offers you many tools that allow you to capture the information you need to develop the perfect strategy, even more than the traditional market offers you. You have email marketing, automated marketing, retargeting, among other digital strategies.

Another point to consider in the importance of segmentation in advertising is that it will help you to sincerify the information that is of value. 

Nowadays, thanks to social networks and technology, we have at our disposal a lot of information that, if used correctly, will boost our company. For this we have to establish criteria that allow us to purify what we can use to our advantage and discard what is not useful.

If you are still wondering why segment the market, remember that when you know in greater detail what your target audience wants or needs, it is easier to create marketing strategies to achieve it.

In addition, through market segmentation in digital marketing, we can establish personalized content according to the sales funnel; for example, share a totally free e-book for a specific target of leads (followers) to encourage future purchases.

Types of segmentation in digital marketing

All digital marketing strategies start with a correct segmentation of the target audience, for this we can answer questions such as: What are their tastes? How old are they? Where do they live?

Let’s know the 4 main types of segmentation in digital marketing:

Geographic segmentation

Geographic segmentation refers to the physical space and environment where your target audience lives. These are the places where your company may be prepared to go.

The variables to consider here are:

⦁ Country or region of the world.
⦁ Size of the country
⦁ City
⦁ Region
⦁ Climate

Demographic segmentation

Through demographic segmentation we can take our target audience to a more specific point, this is one of the main and most widely used approaches.

Here, we must consider variables such as:

⦁ Age
⦁ Sex
⦁ Marital status
⦁ Profession
⦁ Educational level
⦁ Socio-economic status
⦁ Religion
⦁ Nationality
⦁ Culture

Psychographic segmentation

Psychographic segmentation considers the psychological aspects of the target audience.

Every successful company takes into account the bond that can be created with the customer, based on the following aspects:

⦁ Personality
⦁ Values
⦁ Lifestyle
⦁ Interests and preferences.

Behavioral segmentation

Through behavioral segmentation, you will be able to know even more about your target audience; in this way, the strategies you establish for your product or service will be better received.

The points that are studied here are:

⦁ Consumption patterns, what do customers look for when choosing a product or service? Quality, advice, payment facilities, fulfillment.
⦁ Frequency of purchase.
⦁ Brand loyalty.

Additionally, we can mention two other segmentations that can be made in order to be as specific as possible with the niche we want to reach.

The first is by the type of industry where our company will be operating and the other by the type of products, considering the specifications it has to offer to the public.

Spheres of Influence. Influencer Marketing.

What sources to use to learn more about digital marketing?

Finally, we recommend that you seek to go even deeper into market segmentation; for this you can use the following digital marketing authors as reference sources:

Seth Godin: he is considered one of the greatest theoretical exponents of marketing, he is the author of “The Purple Cow” and “Tribes: we need you to lead us”.

Tim Ash: Russian digital marketing consultant and advisor, author of “Landing Page Optimization”, betseller with more than 50,000 copies sold.

Neil Patel: creator of the 4 most popular SEO tools, author of the main marketing blogs and founder of digital tools such as: “Crazy Eggs”, “Hello Bar” and “Ubersuggest”.

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